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GitHub - pubkey/rxdb
Reactive Offline-first Database with Sync, Schema, Mongo-Query, Encryption, LevelDown

Nice RxJS interface, JSON-Schema for defining your data, PouchDB interface for syncing (CouchDB on the server), React Native compatible.

So much good buzzword soup.
reactiveprogramming  offline  database  rxjs  couchdb  react  pouchdb 
december 2016 by andrewsardone
Functional reactive state, no boilerplate necessary, built on Rx

Collection APIs that expose changes as RxJS Observables.
rxjs  javascript  reactiveprogramming  reactive  github_repo 
january 2016 by andrewsardone
Improving UX with RxJava — Medium
Well written example of using switchMap() to cancel out previous requests.
via:androidweekly  RxJava  reactiveprogramming  java  android 
november 2015 by andrewsardone
ReactiveSocket is an application protocol providing Reactive Stream semantics over an asynchronous, binary boundary.

It enables the following symmetric interaction models via async message passing over a single connection:

- request/response (stream of 1)
- request/stream (finite stream of many)
- fire-and-forget (no response)
- event subscription (infinite stream of many)
- channel (bi-directional streams)
websocket  http2  http  reactiveprogramming  reactive  streams  github_repo 
october 2015 by andrewsardone
"Streams: The data structure we need" by Pam Selle - YouTube
Fun and quirky introduction to streams as a data structure with a proper shoutout to reactive programming.
There's a data structure that essentially makes you a wizard and that data structure is streams. In this talk, you'll learn more about the best data structure you didn't know enough about. There will be history, there will be a real-world demo, and there will be examples of how to leverage this power in JavaScript. Expect walk away having learned about IO streams, ES6 generators, current developments, and being really excited about this awesome data structure.
strange_loop_conf  presentation  rxjs  reactiveprogramming  reactive  streams  javascript  nodejs  es7  observer_pattern 
october 2015 by andrewsardone
[RFC] Improve support for auto-unsubscribing observables and newer language/API levels · Issue #12 · ReactiveX/RxAndroid
Good discussion and outbound links on some of the gotchas around non-completing RxJava subscriptions, Activity/Fragment lifecycles, and potential links.
reactiveprogramming  rx  RxJava  android  fragments 
october 2015 by andrewsardone
Why React Native Matters · joshaber
Right now we write UIs by poking at them, manually mutating their properties when something changes, adding and removing views, etc. This is fragile and error-prone. Some tools exist to lessen the pain, but they can only go so far. UIs are big, messy, mutable, stateful bags of sadness.

React let us describe our entire UI for a given state, and then it does the hard work of figuring out what needs to change. It abstracts all the fragile, error-prone code out away from us. We describe what we want, React figures out how to accomplish it.

UIs become composable, immutable, stateless value types. React Native is fantastic news.
reactiveprogramming  reactjs  ReactNative  ui  mutability  functionalprogramming 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
Proof-of-concept for implementing Rx primitives in Swift
swiftlang  reactive  reactiveprogramming  ReactiveCocoa 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
RACSignal with Animation · Issue #1248 · ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa
An example of extracting some simple behavior from [ReactiveCocoaLayout][rcl] that binds a property within an animation block. The idea is that you can use the regular RAC() macro on some animatable UIView property and chain it to a -[RACSignal animateWithDuration:options:] operation:

RAC(view, alpha) = [signalThatEmitsVariousAlphas animateWithDuration:0.3 options:NULL];

It works by -map'ing the next events from the signal ito a +[UIView animateWithDuration:options:animations:completion:] that delegates to a RACSubscriber.

For these animations, it's neat how simple it is to bridge into the reactive world. I’m curious to see how it would have helped me with some [UILabel animation trickiness][uil] I was having.

ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  uikit  animation  UIView 
april 2014 by andrewsardone
Top 7 Tips for RxJava on Android | Futurice blog
Good tips, including a clear explanation of hot vs. cold signals.
reactiveprogramming  frp  android  RxJava  java 
february 2014 by andrewsardone
CUFP 2013: Jafar Husain: End to end Reactive Programming at Netflix - YouTube
A presentation on Netflix's use of Reactive programming as a unifying abstraction between cloud and UI engineers.

I enjoyed the presenter's ability to build up Rx in a clear manner from the foundation of linking the Iterator and Observer patterns from the Gang of Four book. The canonical paper on this thought-process is [Deprecating the Observer Pattern][dop] by Maier, Rompf, and Odersky, but this presentation is more approachable.

The various middle-tier architecture used by Netflix's various API consumers was also interesting.

reactiveprogramming  frp  functionalprogramming  ui 
january 2014 by andrewsardone
ReactiveCocoa essentials: Understanding and using RACCommand - SHAPE Code Blog
A good walkthrough of how to use RACCommand to send a network request and bind your UI to the various executing, completed, and error states.
reactiveprogramming  objective-c  ReactiveCocoa  frp  MVVM  RACCommand 
december 2013 by andrewsardone
Deprecating the Observer Pattern
A good paper by Ingo Maier, Tiark Rompf, and Martin Odersky (creator of Scala) on reactive programming and its advantages over the classic observer design pattern. I appreciated the iterative process of how to build a reactive system (scala.React) with an observer foundation.
scala  reactiveprogramming  frp  observer_pattern  designpattern 
november 2013 by andrewsardone
A demonstration of how to use FRP with ReactiveCocoa in an iOS context using the 500px API.
frp  reactiveprogramming  ReactiveCocoa  iOS  github_repo 
november 2013 by andrewsardone
ReactiveCocoa GitHub issue thread on using rac_lift to clarify one's intent
We prefer the more declarative style (selector lifting), because it makes the intention extremely clear.
ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  declarativeprogramming  objective-c 
may 2013 by andrewsardone
andrewsardone/RACMobiDevDay · GitHub
Example code and slides from the MobiDevDay 2013 presentation on ReactiveCocoa
ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  frp  ios  cocoa 
may 2013 by andrewsardone
Twitter / joshaber: One of the great things about ...
One of the great things about ReactiveCocoa is that it forces you to consider and make explicit all the things that effect a value.
ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  frp  cocoa 
may 2013 by andrewsardone
FRiPpery on Vimeo
Re-recording of a talk on functional reactive programming in Ruby, at Ruby Manor in April 2013.
frp  reactiveprogramming  ruby 
april 2013 by andrewsardone
raimohanska/bacon.js · GitHub
FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript
javascript  reactive  reactiveprogramming  frp  via:github  github_repo 
april 2013 by andrewsardone

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