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Functional reactive state, no boilerplate necessary, built on Rx

Collection APIs that expose changes as RxJS Observables.
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january 2016 by andrewsardone
ReactiveSocket is an application protocol providing Reactive Stream semantics over an asynchronous, binary boundary.

It enables the following symmetric interaction models via async message passing over a single connection:

- request/response (stream of 1)
- request/stream (finite stream of many)
- fire-and-forget (no response)
- event subscription (infinite stream of many)
- channel (bi-directional streams)
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october 2015 by andrewsardone
"Streams: The data structure we need" by Pam Selle - YouTube
Fun and quirky introduction to streams as a data structure with a proper shoutout to reactive programming.
There's a data structure that essentially makes you a wizard and that data structure is streams. In this talk, you'll learn more about the best data structure you didn't know enough about. There will be history, there will be a real-world demo, and there will be examples of how to leverage this power in JavaScript. Expect walk away having learned about IO streams, ES6 generators, current developments, and being really excited about this awesome data structure.
strange_loop_conf  presentation  rxjs  reactiveprogramming  reactive  streams  javascript  nodejs  es7  observer_pattern 
october 2015 by andrewsardone
Streaming with RxJava and OkHttp
RxJava  android  OkHttp  http  reactive 
august 2014 by andrewsardone
Proof-of-concept for implementing Rx primitives in Swift
swiftlang  reactive  reactiveprogramming  ReactiveCocoa 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
raimohanska/bacon.js · GitHub
FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript
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april 2013 by andrewsardone
Active Markdown: an experiment
A (hopefully) straightforward notation for adding interactivity to Markdown documents, using the document’s own code blocks to provide the logic and define the relationships between the variables.
markdown  documents  interactive  coffeescript  reactive 
march 2013 by andrewsardone

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