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This is a simple app that uses SoundCloud API to authenticate and fetch user's affiliated tracks. Track names & waveforms are displayed in table view.

A decent MVVM example using Reactive Cocoa of showing a paginated feed
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april 2014 by andrewsardone
Model-View-ViewModel for iOS | Teehan+Lax
The more I work with it the more I'm all about MVVM. When I gave my ‘Fixing your MVC’ talk, a lot of the principles were based on a sort of view-model-like setup.

These similarities and nuances on where you draw the line are important because we're all just trying to build better software. W'hat I do find annoying, though, is this common sleight of hand used by iOS developers with large UIViewControllers *and* proponents of MVC:
Under MVC, all objects are classified as either a model, a view, or a controller. Models hold data, views present an interactive interface to the user, and view controllers mediate the interaction between the model and the view.

There's this conflation that controller equals ‘view controller’, but that doesn't have to be the case! What's an NSFetchedResultsController? What's your APIClient class? They're all just controllers, it's just that too many developers just equate controller with UIViewController.
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january 2014 by andrewsardone
ReactiveCocoa essentials: Understanding and using RACCommand - SHAPE Code Blog
A good walkthrough of how to use RACCommand to send a network request and bind your UI to the various executing, completed, and error states.
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december 2013 by andrewsardone

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