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Controlling Complexity in Swift by Andy Matuschak (Video) — Realm: a mobile database that replaces Core Data & SQLite
People tell you that you’re supposed to avoid mutable state, but how can anything happen if you never call a setter? People tell you that you’re supposed to write unit tests, but how can you test a user interaction? People tell you that you’re supposed to make your code reusable, but how can you factor it out of your enormous view controllers?

Andy Matuschak is an iOS Developer at Khan Academy, and previously helped build iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team. In this talk, he presents a pragmatic approach to managing complexity in inherently stateful systems.
swiftlang  value_types  designpatterns  types  state  mutability 
february 2015 by andrewsardone
Why React Native Matters · joshaber
Right now we write UIs by poking at them, manually mutating their properties when something changes, adding and removing views, etc. This is fragile and error-prone. Some tools exist to lessen the pain, but they can only go so far. UIs are big, messy, mutable, stateful bags of sadness.

React let us describe our entire UI for a given state, and then it does the hard work of figuring out what needs to change. It abstracts all the fragile, error-prone code out away from us. We describe what we want, React figures out how to accomplish it.

UIs become composable, immutable, stateless value types. React Native is fantastic news.
reactiveprogramming  reactjs  ReactNative  ui  mutability  functionalprogramming 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
Facebook's iOS Infrastructure - @Scale 2014 Mobile - YouTube
Facebook talks about their immutable model and view layers.

It sounds really awesome, but there's a lot of hand waving – so much of the actual *work* is handled by their private libraries.
ios  mutability  immutability  reactjs  objective-c  objective-c++  coredata 
september 2014 by andrewsardone
PHP: DateTimeImmutable::modify - Manual
Like DateTime::modify() but works with DateTimeImmutable.
php  worseisbetter  immutability  mutability  wat 
july 2014 by andrewsardone

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