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Augmenting Artworks: AR at Artsy - Artsy Engineering
Remember, React Native is native, so you can write chunks of your app without ever touching RN's toolchain:
React Native is really great for nearly every screen we deal with typically. We tend to basically build pretty screens of JSON. This experience is far from that. It requires constantly changing states between two very separate but linked worlds. One of the biggest advantages to doing it in React Native would have been using it for cross-platform work, but that’s speculative as only ARKit supports vertical plane detection today. We’d have had to either use a dependency, or build our own simpler bridge from ARKit to JS and maintain that. It just felt like a lot of work for a one-off section of the app.
react  ReactNative  reactjs  iOS  uikit  arkit  native  development 
april 2018 by andrewsardone
Ask HN: Companies who adopted React Native over a year ago, do you regret it? | Hacker News
Some good discussion on Hacker News about adopting React Native. So good points against at, lots of terrible points against it, but mostly a strong :thumbsup: from those that have used it.
react  ReactNative  javascript  iOS  mobile  development  via:chriscain 
october 2017 by andrewsardone
iOS 11 Sucks
One of my sources at Apple recently told me the reason why things don’t seem to click the way they did in Steve Jobs’s era. It’s just a matter of scale: “We have been growing so fast so much that it is impossible to hire people that are excellent and obsessed with detail all the time.” There are so many teams and so much middle management and so much design by committee that it is impossible for them to keep the consistency they need to make not just a good OS, but the perfect OS that an obsessive Steve Jobs would have demanded back in the day.
ios  design  apple  entropy  scale  ios11 
september 2017 by andrewsardone
Multitouch is a Red Herring
After all this time, after all this waiting and lying to myself, I think multi-touch has been a big red herring. I’ve always looked at it and seen potential, like, this is the year of the multitouch desktop but it’s never materialized.
productivity  multitasking  computing  ios  multitouch 
december 2016 by andrewsardone
JavaScript Glossary for 2017 - Artsy Engineering
Good overview of concepts and terms. Also, glad to see an iOS dev thought leader shop (Artsy) doubling down on React Native.
ReactNative  ios  javascript  react 
december 2016 by andrewsardone
Andy Matuschak tweet on React Native
Most exciting thing about React Native to me is the impact on organizations. Reduce siloing, increase collaboration, unify release cycles…

Former UIKit engineer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ReactNative  javascript  iOS  react  uikit 
february 2016 by andrewsardone
> A simple React Native View component that resizes composite children views inside itself when the keyboard appears. You can implement your own ScrollView, ListView, Multiple Views etc... inside the View and set your own view to 'flex: 1'.
ReactNative  ios  UIKit  javascript  react  reactjs 
january 2016 by andrewsardone
A simple database base on react-native AsyncStorage.

Building off of [AsyncStorage], this adds a nicer record-centric querying and filtering API.

storage  ReactNative  database  javascript  ios  android 
january 2016 by andrewsardone
A lightweight, one line setup, network debugging library that provides a quick look on all executed network requests performed by your app.
ios  networking  debugging  github_repo  via:cdzombak 
november 2015 by andrewsardone
How Apple could improve Their Developer Tools
Lots of correct critiques of Apple's developer tools in this article.

In particular, regarding Auto Layout and UI in general:
The fact that both content and styles can be managed by plain text files should have inspired Apple to introduce something based on the same principle. … With current native tools you cannot succeed in management of complex auto layout: we neither have visual tools that would allow us to set up constraints for complex views nor we have fine-grained DSLs developed by Apple officially.

**This is why so many Open Source solutions appear to compensate that lack of native support for semantics of UI …. It is worth mentioning that so far AFAIK nobody ever tried to create alternative to Interface Builder because nobody wants to compensate THAT mouse-driven thing.**

Nobody is trying to build a better Interface Builder because it's a dead end. WWDC-talk-driven-development, not scalable for real world development.
apple  ios  xcode  development  tools  autolayout  interfacebuilder  storyboard  via:iosgoodies 
november 2015 by andrewsardone
Sam Soffes / Just removed tons of Auto Layout code with UIStackView :D
Just removed tons of Auto Layout code with UIStackView :D

Auto Layout is not the right abstraction for a lot of app UIs. UIStackView will hopefully shake many iOS devs of their toiling Stockholm syndrome.
layout  ui  iOS  UIStackView  autolayout  ios9 
september 2015 by andrewsardone
gistblog - iPad Multitasking Size Classes
A good reference for the various size classes that are rendered in different scenarios of iPad multitasking UIs
reference  UIKit  ios9  autolayout  ios  ipad 
june 2015 by andrewsardone
NYT Now: A Murky Road Ahead for Android, Despite Market Dominance
For Google, this may not be terrible news in the short run. If Google already makes more from ads on iOS than Android, growth in iOS might actually be good for Google’s bottom line. Still, in the long run, the rise of Android switching sets up a terrible path for Google — losing the high-end of the smartphone market to the iPhone, while the low end is under greater threat from noncooperative Android players like Xiaomi and Cyanogen.
android  google  iOS 
may 2015 by andrewsardone
ios - UITableViewCell skipped in responder chain - Stack Overflow
There’s some trickery involved to get a UITableViewCell or a UICollectionViewCell to intercept actions forwarded up the responder chain for one of its subviews.

After discussing things with, I think we determined that the best way to implement the intercept-action-and-forward-along-with-cell-as-sender is the following:

// Seemingly required for this UICollectionViewCell to opt-in as a next responder
// for actions without the UICollectionView running the show.
- (BOOL)canPerformAction:(SEL)action withSender:(id)sender {
return (sender != self) ? [self respondsToSelector:action] : NO;

- (IBAction)didSelectCardActionCall:(id)sender {
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] sendAction:@selector(didSelectCardActionCall:)

- (IBAction)didSelectCardActionEmail:(id)sender {
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] sendAction:@selector(didSelectCardActionEmail:)
responder_chain  cocoa  UITableViewCell  UICollectionViewCell  iOS 
may 2015 by andrewsardone
A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods to make your iOS/OSX development life easier.
via:KevinVitale  iOS  design  color  github_repo 
march 2015 by andrewsardone
MailCore 2 provide a simple and asynchronous API to work with e-mail protocols IMAP, POP and SMTP. The API has been redesigned from ground up.

An impressive library for mail communication, used by popular apps like Sparrow (originally) and Dispatch.

It's build-able for iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and Windoes, so that in and of itself is awesome. Cross-platform code done right.
ios  email  c++  android  imap  cross-platform  objective-c 
march 2015 by andrewsardone
Easily adopt Handoff for different types of activities.
ios  ios8  Handoff 
march 2015 by andrewsardone
Make any UIView a full fledged notification center

A nice badging/notification count API for any UIView.
github_repo  UIView  ios  notification 
march 2015 by andrewsardone
Setting Jenkins up to run XCTool and Xcode Simulator Tests - Developing on Staxmanade
The tip that *finally* got Jenkins to work with Xcode 6:

- Start it up as a LaunchAgent
- Remove the `SessionCreate` key from the LaunchAgent plist
ios  jenkins  xcode  ci 
february 2015 by andrewsardone
Easily convert between dictionaries and [HTTP] query strings in iOS and OS X.
objective-c  ios  cocoa  http  NSDictionary  swift 
february 2015 by andrewsardone
Flexbox in Swift, using Facebook's css-layout.
javascript  facebook  swift_lang  ui  ios  css  flexbox 
february 2015 by andrewsardone
Majd Taby on Twitter re: React
Really glad that ReactNative is out. Super cool, super powerful. Can't wait to put it to use.
reactjs  ReactNative  ios 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
React.js Conf 2015 Keynote 2 - A Deep Dive into React Native - YouTube
A more in-depth (but still minimal) demo of React Native. It’s exciting, but still not enough info.
reactjs  ReactNative  facebook  ios  video  cocoa 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
The easiest way to marshall and unmarshall Dictionary representations such as JSON representation.

It seemingly does more than [KZPropertyMapper][1] while still remaining conceptually simple.

- No subclassing required, but it can be used that way. One advantage to subclassing has to do with efficiently fetching managed objects
- Serializing and deserializing transformations, i.e., bi-directional like Mantle
- Simple declarative mapping, or more manual block-based mapping a
- Seemingly handles recursive relationships

via:mattb  github_repo  objective-c  iOS  mapper  swift  model  json 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
Vertically stack views using Auto Layout, with an order specific subclass that uses view tags for ordering.

A nice alternative to overloading UITableVew/UICollection view when all you want is simple vertical block layout
ios  github_repo  autolayout  UIView  UIKit  UITableView  UICollectionView 
january 2015 by andrewsardone
UIApplicationDelegate class that separates the different responsibilities into more more reusable classes.
UIApplicationDelegate  ios  uikit  github_repo  srp 
december 2014 by andrewsardone
A lint tool for UIStoryboard to find wrong classes and wrong storyboard/segue/reuse identifiers.
bestpractices  lint  xcode  iOS  tool  storyboard 
november 2014 by andrewsardone
The iOS Design Guidelines - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer
The most complete iOS design guidelines I've come across. An essential read.
design  reference  ios  typography  via:designcode 
november 2014 by andrewsardone
David Fried on iOS’s back button
> When's the back button moving to the bottom left corner?

Defining our terms, Fried is talking about the top-left softewre button that’s practically omnipresent on iOS because of UINavigationController’s ubiquity.

While not the same, it should be noted that [Android’s *Back* button][abb] (distinct from the *Up* button) has always been in the lower left corner.

Instapaper has for as long as I can remember has placed the [nav stack’s back button in the lower left corner][iss].

ios  iphone6  android  UINavigationController 
september 2014 by andrewsardone
Facebook's iOS Infrastructure - @Scale 2014 Mobile - YouTube
Facebook talks about their immutable model and view layers.

It sounds really awesome, but there's a lot of hand waving – so much of the actual *work* is handled by their private libraries.
ios  mutability  immutability  reactjs  objective-c  objective-c++  coredata 
september 2014 by andrewsardone
A key value store for storing environment and application keys

Key values are stored in a keychain, and an ObjC class is generated for access of these keys in code.
ios  tools  xcode  cocoapods 
september 2014 by andrewsardone
Tweet by DHH on iPhone scrolling
There's something strangely appealing about scrolling a really long page on the iPhone. Like a challenge of how fast you can make it go.

It's tooling and community dedication to hitting 60fps for smooth scrolling
iOS  performance 
september 2014 by andrewsardone
Manages blocks of code that only need to run once on version updates in iOS apps.
objective-c  cocoa  ios  github_repo 
august 2014 by andrewsardone
Automating testing of iOS apps with Appium and Ruby
Introductory blog post on – a Ruby proxy to the UIAutomation interface for testing iOS apps using Appium
appium  UIAutomation  selenium  integration_testing  ios  cucumber 
august 2014 by andrewsardone
Configurable morphing transitions between text values of a label.

Some good animations and a decent API around UILabel transitions, a common and tricky problem to do right.
github_repo  cocoapod  animation  ios  UILabel  via:iosdevweekly 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
Example project for implementing a Tweetbot-style parallax blurred and scrolling profile cover image.


I haven’t thoroughly looked at the code, but putting aside to hopefully learn some auto layout tricks
UIViewController  ios  UIView  autolayout  github_repo 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
A Swift implementation of Flappy Bird.
swiftlang  ios  github_repo 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
Twitter / benadida: There is little point in arguing language features…
There is little point in arguing language features of Swift vs. Go vs. Rust vs. Hack. Only one of them will let you easily build iOS apps.
swiftlang  rust_lang  golang  ios 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
Did Bret Victor work with Apple on the design of Swift Playground? - Quora
Lots of talk about Swift, the Swift playground, and the work of Bret Victor and what he’s presented on regarding the future of our tooling. There are similarities, and Victor did work at Apple, but it looks like (according to him) he did not work on Swift playground.

This isn’t a shocker, as so far I haven’t discovered any *new* ideas in Swift playground. I think Bret Victor would also be the first to say that most of his ideas and desires around tooling are not completely original, either. This is where you queue up the Smalltalk-ers and the Light Table users with their quips about being first in this area. While it’s true, Swift playground is still impressive: it’s (from what I’ve seen) one of the best executed interactive programming environments for a mainstream platform.
swiftlang  Bret_Victor  programming  tools  apple  ios 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
New Skepticism About the Old iOS Inter-App Communication Problem
Are more productive apps being held back by a lack of good APIs from Apple, or has the platform just evolved into a read-only content-consumption device, despite our protests to the contrary?
ios  ios8  apple 
june 2014 by andrewsardone
What's New in Editorial 1.1
I was seriously impressed when Editorial first landed on the iPad, and now I'm blown away with this latest release. It's well polished, and a prime example of a power user app.

Three main features for 1.1:

- iPhone and iOS 7 UI
- TaskPaper support
- Custom workflow UIs
markdown  ios  apps  editor 
may 2014 by andrewsardone
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