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Top 7 Tips for RxJava on Android | Futurice blog
Good tips, including a clear explanation of hot vs. cold signals.
reactiveprogramming  frp  android  RxJava  java 
february 2014 by andrewsardone
CUFP 2013: Jafar Husain: End to end Reactive Programming at Netflix - YouTube
A presentation on Netflix's use of Reactive programming as a unifying abstraction between cloud and UI engineers.

I enjoyed the presenter's ability to build up Rx in a clear manner from the foundation of linking the Iterator and Observer patterns from the Gang of Four book. The canonical paper on this thought-process is [Deprecating the Observer Pattern][dop] by Maier, Rompf, and Odersky, but this presentation is more approachable.

The various middle-tier architecture used by Netflix's various API consumers was also interesting.

reactiveprogramming  frp  functionalprogramming  ui 
january 2014 by andrewsardone
ReactiveCocoa essentials: Understanding and using RACCommand - SHAPE Code Blog
A good walkthrough of how to use RACCommand to send a network request and bind your UI to the various executing, completed, and error states.
reactiveprogramming  objective-c  ReactiveCocoa  frp  MVVM  RACCommand 
december 2013 by andrewsardone
Deprecating the Observer Pattern
A good paper by Ingo Maier, Tiark Rompf, and Martin Odersky (creator of Scala) on reactive programming and its advantages over the classic observer design pattern. I appreciated the iterative process of how to build a reactive system (scala.React) with an observer foundation.
scala  reactiveprogramming  frp  observer_pattern  designpattern 
november 2013 by andrewsardone
A demonstration of how to use FRP with ReactiveCocoa in an iOS context using the 500px API.
frp  reactiveprogramming  ReactiveCocoa  iOS  github_repo 
november 2013 by andrewsardone
ReactiveLessons - Tony Arnold
If you're only interested in using ReactiveCocoa as a simple replacement for KVO, there you go. "Bam" said the lady.
kvo  ReactiveCocoa  frp 
november 2013 by andrewsardone
andrewsardone/RACMobiDevDay · GitHub
Example code and slides from the MobiDevDay 2013 presentation on ReactiveCocoa
ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  frp  ios  cocoa 
may 2013 by andrewsardone
Twitter / joshaber: One of the great things about ...
One of the great things about ReactiveCocoa is that it forces you to consider and make explicit all the things that effect a value.
ReactiveCocoa  reactiveprogramming  frp  cocoa 
may 2013 by andrewsardone
FRiPpery on Vimeo
Re-recording of a talk on functional reactive programming in Ruby, at Ruby Manor in April 2013.
frp  reactiveprogramming  ruby 
april 2013 by andrewsardone
raimohanska/bacon.js · GitHub
FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript
javascript  reactive  reactiveprogramming  frp  via:github  github_repo 
april 2013 by andrewsardone

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