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How Apple could improve Their Developer Tools
Lots of correct critiques of Apple's developer tools in this article.

In particular, regarding Auto Layout and UI in general:
The fact that both content and styles can be managed by plain text files should have inspired Apple to introduce something based on the same principle. … With current native tools you cannot succeed in management of complex auto layout: we neither have visual tools that would allow us to set up constraints for complex views nor we have fine-grained DSLs developed by Apple officially.

**This is why so many Open Source solutions appear to compensate that lack of native support for semantics of UI …. It is worth mentioning that so far AFAIK nobody ever tried to create alternative to Interface Builder because nobody wants to compensate THAT mouse-driven thing.**

Nobody is trying to build a better Interface Builder because it's a dead end. WWDC-talk-driven-development, not scalable for real world development.
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november 2015 by andrewsardone
Sam Soffes / Just removed tons of Auto Layout code with UIStackView :D
Just removed tons of Auto Layout code with UIStackView :D

Auto Layout is not the right abstraction for a lot of app UIs. UIStackView will hopefully shake many iOS devs of their toiling Stockholm syndrome.
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september 2015 by andrewsardone
gistblog - iPad Multitasking Size Classes
A good reference for the various size classes that are rendered in different scenarios of iPad multitasking UIs
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june 2015 by andrewsardone
Vertically stack views using Auto Layout, with an order specific subclass that uses view tags for ordering.

A nice alternative to overloading UITableVew/UICollection view when all you want is simple vertical block layout
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january 2015 by andrewsardone
Example project for implementing a Tweetbot-style parallax blurred and scrolling profile cover image.


I haven’t thoroughly looked at the code, but putting aside to hopefully learn some auto layout tricks
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june 2014 by andrewsardone
AutoLayout Myths, Table View Performance, and Side-by-Side iPad App Multi-tasking
A quick read that scratches the surface of how height & size calculations and dynamic content/layout can hurt scrolling performance.
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may 2014 by andrewsardone
Smart, modern table views on iOS.

Yes, god damn it, this is the way it should be:
Use of UIViewControllers in table view cells and runtime generation of cell classes for specific view controllers

This is useful because table cells aren’t usable outside of tables. By hosting content inside a view controller and then hosting that view controller inside a cell you can reuse that UI in other parts of your app very easily. This is often handy.</blockquote
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december 2013 by andrewsardone

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