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The Bodgenator - a prototyping tool for Adobe Illustrator
A shamelessly slapdash approach for UX and interaction designers creating rapid prototypes in code.
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august 2014 by andrewn
Specctr | Blueprints for the Web
More time to create
Supply accurate specs to developers and team mates without delay or affecting your creativity.
spec  tool  plugin  design  comp  illustrator  documentation 
july 2013 by andrewn
MIX Online:Ai to Canvas Plug-In
The Ai->Canvas plug-in enables Adobe® Illustrator® to export vector and bitmap artwork directly to an HTML5 canvas element that can be rendered in a canvas-enabled browser. The plug-in provides drawing, animation and coding options such as events so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based web apps.
ai  illustrator  convert  html5  canvas 
march 2011 by andrewn

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