Excerpt | "Auto Biography," tracking a classic
A classic car. An outlaw motorhead. A book based on a story that first ran in The Virginian-Pilot. Welcome to "Auto Biography," the latest nonfiction work from…
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october 2018
AWP: Writer's Chronicle Features Archive
The Pleasures & Peculiar Status of the Historical Novel: The Voyages of Patrick O'Brian D.W. Fenza | October/November 2003 Patrick O'Brian "Outside the exact…
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october 2018
ISAR - African American Racism in the Academic Community
Barry Mehler, "African American Racism in the Academic Community." First published in The Review of Education 15 # 3/4 (Fall 1993). Revised and republished as "Addressing the Problem of African-American Racism in Academia," in Martyrdom and Resistance (Nov.-Dec. 1993). Slightly revised for posting.
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september 2018
James-T-Hargest - User Trees - Genealogy.com
ore before October, 1804. (Also, Hannah's brother, Thomas Evans, emigrated to Baltimore with the couple.)James and Hannah Hargest had nine children; John (1805-1823), James (1807-1828), Mary (1808-1880), Elizabeth (1811-1832), Hannah Ann (1813-1854), Jane(1814-1847), William Evans (1820-1871), Ann M. (abt.1818-before 1843) and Thomas (1823-1905).James Hargest had a family farm in Baltimore, Maryland located at North Avenue and Harford Ro
baltimore  history 
may 2018
The Shaggs Reunion Concert Was Unsettling, Beautiful, Eerie, and Will Probably Never Happen Again | The New Yorker
It doesn’t matter where you go
It doesn’t matter who you see
There will always be
Someone who disagrees
We do our best
We try to please
But we’re like the rest
We are never at ease
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november 2017
Book review: ‘There Was and There Was Not: A Journey Through Hate and Possibility in Turkey, Armenia, and Beyond’ by Meline Toumani - The Boston Globe
ood, Toumani was keenly aware of her world’s hatred of all things Turkish. “As the diaspora evolved and assimilated, the only thing that everybody agreed on was that the Turks hated us and we hated the Turks. This trumped everything.”
october 2017
The Wesleyan Argus | Sex at Wesleyan: What Vanessa Grigoriadis ’95 Got Wrong
e, she seems to suggest that discussions of verbal consent cater to a need for comfort presumably bred into our generation through doting helicopter parents and childhoods filled with participation trophies. To the contrary, these conversations represent communication that is laughably uncomfortable at best and impedingly cringe-worthy at worst. A desire for explicitly negotiating pre-coital understandings reflects a loss of innocence and ignorance, not, as she claims, naivete. Indeed, these conversations are happening between us kids precisely because we have become more aware than ever of the consequences for both perpetrator and victim when communication around consent is unclear. For a generation known for our supposed laziness and slacktivism, this impulse to lean into hard conversations surrounding sex is something that should be commended rather than ridiculed.
Wesleyan  grigoriadis 
september 2017
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