Research with DEVONthink, Zotero and Dropbox
Dropbox integration through the Zotfile plugin Zotfile enables me to simply keep the bibliographic information in Zotero, along with a link to the file in its Dropbox folder. The plugin also has other cool features such as automagically renaming files etc. using the bibliographic data. As a consequence, my files are not synched to the Zotero service either.
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november 2016
How Did Our Politics Go Insane? - Online Library of Law & Liberty
Jonathan Rauch of the Brookings Institution, a dear friend and one of the nation’s most insightful and thoughtful political observers, explains in a provocative…
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august 2016
Students Say Free Speech Is Alive, With One Big Exception - The New York Times
Students were more optimistic than other adults in the security of their rights. While 73 percent of students said their freedom of speech was secure, just 56 percent of adults did. (And 64 percent of adults said they believed that press freedoms were safe.)
wesleyan  free_speech  polling  2016 
april 2016
The Decorous Demise of the ‘Establishment’
Illustration by Javier Jaén. Shirt: blackred, via iStock/Getty Images. Roots: Valentina Razumova, via Shutterstock. We have a multicar pileup on Establishment…
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march 2016
Hazlett's Occasional Reverberator

The Future and its Enemies, you might say (nodding to Virginia Postrel)
IFTTT  Hazlett's  Occasional  Reverberator  Andrew  Hazlett 
december 2015
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