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The World Might Actually Run Out of People
Large swathes of the world are already well below replenishment rates of reproduction. It's only a matter of time.
population  thefuture  viaSwampers 
18 days ago by andrewducker
Laziness Does Not Exist
When I was first working here I'd spend _weeks_ being avoidant, get myself into a complete mess, and then have to go to a senior dev/mentor and say I was completely stuck. And then they'd help me to unpick it and talk it through to the point where I was ready to go, and suddenly it was (fairly) easy.
Without that help I'd have really suffered, and quite possibly lost my job. Instead, I am now a senior developer, mentoring and supporting others, and a massive asset who's appreciated by the people around me.
That's why it annoys me when people are written off as being lazy, rather than helped to be better and do better (or decide that they're in the wrong job and should go do something which suits them better).
procrastination  psychology  viaSwampers 
june 2018 by andrewducker
Japanese couple apologise for ignoring work pregnancy timetable by conceiving ‘before their turn’
There are a lot of things I've heard about Japanese business practices that make me sure I wouldn't want to live there
Japan  pregnancy  OhForFucksSake  work  viaSwampers 
april 2018 by andrewducker
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