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PubGrub: Next-Generation Version Solving
This is the kind of math/logic puzzle solving which I find fascinating while also getting a headache from it.
software  algorithms 
april 2018 by andrewducker
The Coming Software Apocalypse
I'm not completely sold by this. There are areas where it definitely makes sense, but I'm not sure how it would fit into a lot of the work I see. But I'm prepared to be convinced.
software  design  complexity 
september 2017 by andrewducker
Have Software Developers Given Up?
Of course, I'm fairly sure it was this bad twenty years ago too.
software  fail 
april 2016 by andrewducker
Sound Volume Hotkeys - Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys.
Because I just spent fifteen minutes looking for this, to install on my new laptop.
software  sound  Windows 
march 2015 by andrewducker
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