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What signs are we seeing of a financial crash?
Anyone got any opinions about how far away the next crash is?
finance  banking  investment  economics 
november 2017 by andrewducker
Borussia Dortmund bombs: Rogue capitalist to blame
Now, I'm not saying all capitalists are to blame, but why have the leaders of the capitalist community not condemned this action by one of their members?
capitalism  finance  murder  germany 
april 2017 by andrewducker
Arcane culture rules were locking working-class candidates out of City jobs.
You'd think that you could, say, train people in the right clothes after you hired them?
society  finance  jobs  clothing 
september 2016 by andrewducker
RBS replace 550 financial advisers with automated systems
First they came for the financial advisers, and I said nothing...
(Okay, first they came for the assembly-line workers, but they weren't middle class, so it wasn't considered very important.)
automation  advice  finance 
march 2016 by andrewducker
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