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Patreon Is Suspending Adult Content Creators Because of Its Payment Partners
This is actually the main reason I think Bitcoin is useful. Banks are very prudish.
(See also, legal marijuana businesses)
Banks  censorship 
july 2018 by andrewducker
No-frills savings plans outlined by the UK Treasury.
Can't see them being popular, myself. If the government wants a
good baseline savings product it could do them itself, via the Post
banks  savings  uk 
august 2012 by andrewducker
Why ‘encumbrance’ and ‘forbearance’ are crippling banks and the economy. (Anyone fancy singing a few rounds of The Doom Song?)
The general approach seems to be "If we just prop up all the
banks eventually everything will be fine." and I'm just not seeing that
as being sustainable indefinitely.
banks  europe  EpicFail 
june 2012 by andrewducker

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