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New vaccine for nicotine addiction.
And then they suggest giving it to children. I do not approve.
vaccination  addiction  nicotine 
june 2012 by andrewducker
China finds the cure for net addiction!
Beat addicts to death. It's the only way to be sure!
internet  china  addiction  EpicFail 
august 2009 by andrewducker
BBC NEWS | Technology | Compulsive gamers 'not addicts'
Using traditional abstinence-based treatment models the clinic has had very high success rates treating people who also show other addictive behaviours such as drug taking and excessive drinking.

But Mr Bakker believes that this kind of cross-addiction affects only 10% of gamers. For the other 90% who may spend four hours a day or more playing games such as World of Warcraft, he no longer thinks addiction counselling is the way to treat these people.

"This gaming problem is a result of the society we live in today," Mr Bakker told BBC News. "Eighty per cent of the young people we see have been bullied at school and feel isolated. Many of the symptoms they have can be solved by going back to good old fashioned communication."
social  psychology  gaming  addiction 
november 2008 by andrewducker
Boffin finds gene for coke addiction
A German researcher has found a gene linked to cocaine addiction - coke addicts were 25 per cent more likely to have the gene than those who do not use the drug.
genetics  drugs  addiction 
november 2008 by andrewducker
Drug policy and the "Rat Park" study
Discussion of what rat studies actually tell us about drug addiction - i.e. largely that it's down to the environment of the people, not the drug itself...
drugs  addiction  psychology 
february 2008 by andrewducker
The gene that makes us once bitten, twice shy : Nature News
Drug addicts, alcoholics and compulsive gamblers are known to be more likely than other people to have this genetic mutation, which leaves them with fewer receptors of a certain type in the brain. These receptors — called D2 receptors — are activated
addiction  behaviour  biology  brain  genetics  neuroscience  psychology  learning 
december 2007 by andrewducker
The View From the Top
In which a heavy World of Warcraft player who gave up talks about the toll it took on his life, and how the game design encourages it. Fascinating stuff.
addiction  drugs  games  gaming  geek  psychology  WorldOfWarcraft  game 
october 2006 by andrewducker
Drug May Help Women Stop Smoking
Interestingly it seems to lower the difference that exists normally between men and women
gender  brain  addiction 
october 2006 by andrewducker
Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
Interesting article on how the tools you use affect the way you think about things
addiction  computers  development  psychology  software  technology  tools  windows 
june 2006 by andrewducker
'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving
The "click" of comprehension triggers a biochemical cascade that rewards the brain with a shot of natural opium-like substances
addiction  biology  drugs  education  medicine  neuroscience  psychology  science  brain 
june 2006 by andrewducker

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