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Jeremy Corbyn promises to force nationalised railways to sell the Daily Mail
I mean, I can't really think of another way of interpreting it, seeing as they weren't banned from selling it before - they just made a choice not to. So if he wants to reverse the current policy then presumably it's because he wants to force them to sell it.

Either that or they have no idea what they're talking about...
DailyMail  labour  wtf 
january 2018 by andrewducker
The Daily Mail & Sun are outraged at a BBC children's animation featuring 'Isis toast'
It's not like children's animation has a history of slapstick violence. Or that children love it.
funny  food  OhForFucksSake  DailyMail  animation  viaJennieRigg 
december 2015 by andrewducker
On the whole Dr Who/Racism kerfuffle
I just love the word kerfuffle. It's awesome.
racism  drwho  DailyMail 
may 2013 by andrewducker
Can anyone better this headline?
"Cannibal who ate head of former lover proposes to Satan-worshipping vampire girlfriend behind bars of psychiatric unit."

I mean, _really_.
DailyMail  news 
february 2012 by andrewducker

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