Overview | AdGuard Knowledgebase
How to put Adguard DNS on the router.
Ad-blocking  DNS 
25 days ago
Amazon.com: Q UP - Tonearm Lifter: Home Audio & Theater
Automatic tone arm lifter. Not compatible with optional Q lever on U-Turn table.
Audio  Turntable 
4 weeks ago
U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable Review | Audio Advice
Modular - can choose what components I want, and upgrade later. I'd say this versus Pro-Ject Debut Carbon would be top choices.
Audio  Turntable 
4 weeks ago
Debut Line – Pro-Ject Audio Systems
$340-380. Main advantage over U-Turn is carbon fiber tone arm. No automatic tone-arm return.
Audio  Turntable 
4 weeks ago
ADB Android Device Unauthorized - Stack Overflow
Another fix for the abd unauthorized error - revoke usb debugging on phone, restart server and reconnect device - it will then give you the option to authorize.
root  Android  adb 
8 weeks ago
Oneplus launcher Problem - OnePlus Forums
Fix for launcher problem - requires data deletion.
root  Android 
8 weeks ago
[TOOL] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|… | Android Development and Hacking
Interesting all in one tool for managing phone from windows - need to read comment to see if it works.
8 weeks ago
Obesity Algorithm | AACE
Recommend in obesity talk at ACP local conference October 2018
Obesity  CME 
9 weeks ago
Home | Academy Program
For high school students - basically College Credit Plus - but requires application by April 1 for following school year.
OSU  Non-Degree 
10 weeks ago
Extended Education | Office of Distance Education and eLearning
Doesn't seem to be an option for Jane - applicants must be over age 23.
OSU  Non-Degree 
10 weeks ago
Adult Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support – ECC Guidelines
American Heart Association online CPR and ECG Guidelines - ACLS section.
september 2018
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