CBT Author Engine
SimExams.com introduces offline Computer Based Test software author engine,The author engine is free to download and use. Any number of tests may be created using author engine. There is no limit on the number of questions in a particular test.

The Author Engine enables an author to perform several activities including Creating, editing, and/or deleting a test/Groups and Candidate profiles, Questions.
SimExams  CBT  Software  Authour  Engine  Offline  Tests 
march 2019
Free Security+ exam cram
Check out free security+ exam cram for Comptia Sec+ exam. Useful for final preparation.
security  plus  secplus  securityplus  comptia  examguides  security+ 
august 2018
Free CCENT exam app - questions and answers
Check out free CCENT exam app for ios/iphone/ipad with 60 questions and answers. Flash card answers provided.
ccent  app  exam  sim  cisco  ccna  itunes  iphone 
august 2018
CCNA Security exam app for ios
Check out the ccna security practice exams for ios or iphone consisting of several hundreds of questions with flash cards.
ccna  security  ccnasec  app  ios  sec  certexams.com 
august 2018
CCNA app for practice tests
The CCNA app is suitable for iphones and other iOS mobiles. Consisting of 100s of questions and flash cards, ideal for studying on the move.
ios  app  ccna  mobile  cisco  swregn.com 
august 2018
A+ Exam Cram Notes
Comptia A+ Cert exam cram notes provides quick review of important concepts and useful for final preparation.
aplus  cram  exam  comptia  swregn  cert  swregn.com 
august 2018
Comptia a+ essentials practice tests for apple ios phones
Comptia A+ exam app is suitable for users preparing for A+ cert exam. The practice tests consist of 300+ questions with answers. Flash card explanation is available for all questions.
comptia  aplus  swregn  practice  tests  iphone  ios  app  a+  exam 
august 2018
Comptia A+ Essentials Practice Exam App for android mobiles
Comptia A+ Essentials app provides 3 tests with flash card explanations and various features such as exam and learn modes, night mode, etc.
comptia  aplus  cert  exam  netplus  swregn.com 
august 2018
PMP exam simulator for android phones
The app offers practice tests for PMP cert with 100s of questions, each question having flash card explanation. Check out the free version.
pmp  app  practice  test  swregn.com 
august 2018
CCNA Exam Sim with Netsim
The product CCNA Exsim with Netsim offers practice tests along with virtual network simulator for hands on practice.
netsim  ccna  exsim  virtual  lab  ccnalab  swregn.com 
august 2018
Network+ Exam Cram Notes
Comptia Network+ exam cram offers up to date cram notes for candidates preparing for Net+ certification. Objectives covered include networking fundamentals, wireless networking, network troubleshooting, and network security.
networking  network  security  plus  net  troubleshooting  examguides.com 
august 2018
Wireless LAN Controller
A wireless LAN (WLAN) controller is used in combination with the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) to manage light-weight access points in large numbers by the network operations center.
wlc  wireless  lan  controller  examguides 
july 2018
VLAN Configuration using Cisco IOS and VTP
The article is about configuring VLANs using Cisco switches in an organizational network spanning multiple buildings. VTP explained.
vlan  vtp  cisco  switches  examguides  ios  cram  notes  ccent  ccna 
july 2018
A+ Practical Apps - moblile app
The android apps for A+ Essentials, A+ Practical Application, Security+, and Server+ are available. The apps come in two versions, one is the free app, which is limited to 60 questions; and the other is full version of the software and will have 300+ questions with flash card explanation.
aplus  practical  application  iphone  app 
july 2018
A+ Essentials practice tests
A+ Certification is the most widely recognized certification in the field of computer hardware and Operating Systems. A+ exam is targeted for computer service technicians with at least 6 months on-the-job experience. One needs to pass A+ Essentials exam (220-901), and A+ Practical Application (220-902).
aplus  practce  tests  certfication  exam  notes 
july 2018
Comptia Network+ practice tests for ios apps and iphones
Comptia net+ provides 400+ questions with answers and explanations. The software is compatible with ios iphones and ipads.
comptia  netplus  network  plus  iphone  apps  simulationexams.com 
july 2018
Comptia A+ Essentials practice tests for iphone and ipad
Comptia practice tests for mobile devices, iphone and ipad.
comptia  aplus  app  a+  essentials  quesitons 
july 2018
PMP exam app
PMP exam app for android phones. Include multiple choice questions and answers.
pmp  exam  certexams.com 
july 2018
Comptia Security+ exam app on GooglePlay Store
Download and install comptia security plus app from google play store.
comptia  security  plus  google  play  secplus  certexams.com 
july 2018
JNCIA Exam App for Android Phones
Juniper JNCIA android app for certification preparation.
juniper  jncia  android  app  cert  certexams.com 
july 2018
CCENT practice exam app for Android
The android app offfers CCENT exam preparation in mobile mode. Provides flash cards, stats and more.
ccent  cisco  exam  app  simullationexams 
july 2018
Comptia Server+ exam
The practice exam for Comptia Server+ consists of 300+ questions with exam like environment.
server+  comptia  server  exam  practice  test 
july 2018
CCNP Route Exam - GooglePlay
Cisco CCNP Route exam with 300+ most relevant questions on google play offers exam lin=ke environment.
ccnp  route  cisco  ccna  simulationexams.com 
july 2018
Comptia A+ Essentials practice exam
Comptia A+ Essentials practice exam consists of 300+ questions with explanations.
aplus  essentials  exam  comptia 
july 2018
CCDA Exam app
Cisco CCDA exam app consists of 200+ questions with flash card answers.
ccda  exam  cisco  design  associate  simulationexams 
july 2018
Simulation Exams bookmarks
Provides book marks for various certs available with simulationexams
june 2018
Network Address Translation Explained for CCNA
Network Address Translation (NAT) is a method of mapping one IP address space into another by modifying network address information in the IP header of packets while they are in transit. i.e. Basically, for an IP packet in transit, the IP address is changed from one to another in a pre-determined manner.
nat  network  address  translation  inside  outside  global  pat  simulationexams 
may 2018
A+ Labsim with Examsim
Comptia A+ labsim with network sim consists of 300 questions with dozens of labs.
comptia  aplus  a+  labs  nlabsim 
may 2018
BibSo bookmarks of Anand Software
Provides important book marks at Bib Sonomy, a leading bookmarking website and publisher.
anandsoft  bookmarks  bibsonomy 
may 2018
Simulationexams.com Twitter
Simulationexams.com on Twitter for CCNA CCENT A+, and Network+
simulation  exams 
may 2018
CCNA Simulation - RIP Routing configuration exercise
CCNA Simulation - RIP Routing configuration exercise for hands on practice. Performance based questions
ccna  simulation 
may 2018
CCNA - Frame Relay configuration on an interface
CCNA Simulations - Frame Relay configuration on an interface
may 2018
CCNA IGRP routing configuration exercise
CCNA Simulationexams - IGRP routing configuration exercise
may 2018
Interface configuration exercise
CCNA Simulations - Interface configuration exercise
may 2018
Hostname motd banner exercise
CCNA Simulationexa - Hostname motd banner exercise
may 2018
CCNA Exam Cram
CCNA cram notes for 200-125
ccna  exam  cram  notes 
may 2018
MCSE Blog - Resources and Articles
he Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) designation is designed for current IT professionals. To be eligible to sit for the exam, individuals must have previously earned a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential, and Microsoft also recommends professional experience with the specialized technologies and tools covered on the exam. The blog offers resources for MCSE cert preparation.
mcse  blog  question  microsoft  certified 
april 2018
Oracle Java Certification Blog
Getting certified by Oracle Inc., is a great way to invest in your professional development and to help boost your career potential. IT managers know that the skills verified during the certification process are the same skills that can lead to increased productivity and enhanced staff credibility.
SCJP  Oracle  certified  OCPJP  OCP  java  certification  questions  OCPblog 
april 2018
Juniper JNCIA Cert Blog
Juniper JNCIA certification is the entry level cert offered by Juniper Systems. Juniper is one of the leading manufacturers of networking devices such as routers and switches with high throughputs, primarily used for high speed Internet. JNCIA is useful for candidates who want to make a career in wide area networks such as Internet.
jncia  juniper  cert  junos  certification  questions  practice  exam  test 
april 2018
PMP Certification Blog
The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is an industry-recognized certification for project managers. The PMP cert blog offers resources on practice tests and course materials for preparation. Practice tests from various vendors and books have been given. PMP
pmp  blog  project  management  cert  practice  test  questions 
april 2018
CAPM Preparation Blog
Provides articles and practice tests on CAPM. the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working with project teams. The blog offers practice questions and resources for passing CAPM.
capm  blog  project  management  pmi 
april 2018
Swregn.com Software Registration Site Blog
Swregn.com, a software registration and support site, offers software downloads, app registration, and support ticket services. Check it out.
swregn  swregn.com  blog  software  registration  support 
april 2018
Comptia Security+ Blog
The Comptia Security plus blog offers up to date information on comptia security+ exam and links to practice tests, articles, and secplus questions.
comptia  secplus  security+  exam  sec+  security  blog 
april 2018
CCNP Blog - Practice tests and questions, articles on networking
CCNP Blog offers practice tests on CCNP - Route, CCNP Switch, and CCNP TShoot. The blog also offers articles on networking and computer communications. CCNP Routing and Switching is the most widely taken course among networking engineers. CCNA is a required per-qualification for taking CCNP exam.
CCNP  cisco  certified  network  professional  blog  questions  exam 
april 2018
ICND2 Blog - Practice Questions, Articles, and Network Simulator
ICND2 blog offers various resources and up to date information on Cisco CCNA ICND2 exam. These include practice tests, articles on networking, netsim products for virtual networking experience, and other tools.
icnd2  ccna  icnd  blog  questions  exam  cisco 
april 2018
CCNA Blog offering articles, practice questions, and network simulators for CCNA preparation.
CCNA Blog offers practice test questions, networking lab scenarios, and articles for candidates preparing for Cisco CCNA (short for Cisco Certified Network Associate).
ccna  blog  exam  questions  ccnp  cisco  article  notes  associate 
april 2018
CCENT Blog - Resources on study material, nesims, and exam sims
CCENT blog provides resources on practice exams, network simulators, and other prep material. Check out the blog for various free tools that help prepare for CCENT (short for Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician).
ccent  blog  cisco  ccna  icnd1  questions  netsim  exam 
april 2018
CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate Blog
CCNA, short for Cisco Certified Design Associate, is a well known cert offered by Cisco Systems, in the area of networking using Cisco devices. Check out the blog for up to date information on CCDA exam, practice questions, and prep material.
ccna  cisco  ccda  exam  design  associate  blog 
april 2018
Comptia A+ tests, labs, and aritcles Blog
The blog provides information on practice tests for comptia a+ cert, labs, and various articles on the same. With the introduction of PBQs (Performance Based Questions) by comptia, candidates are required to answer scenario like questions in virtual networks and systems. Labsim provides the ability to work with simulations in a virtual environment.
comptia  lab  aplus  blog  pbq  a+  exam  test  questions 
april 2018
Juniper JNCIA Exam Blog
The blog provides articles on Juniper JNCIA exam and JUNOS netsim. Articles are provided in the blog for understanding the concepts involved in LAN WAN networking using switches and routers.
jncia  juniper  exam  junos  simulator  junper  practice  tests  netsim 
april 2018
Comptia Network+ Certification Blog
Comptia network plus certification blog provides practice tests, labsims, and PBQs for network+ certification exam preparation.
network+  exam  net+  comptia  network  plus  blog 
april 2018
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) in Local Area Networks (LANs)
Spanning Tree Protocol STP is used for preventing loops within a local area network.
stp  spanning  tree  protocol  ccna  simulationexams 
april 2018
Feed Fury Feed of Anand Software
Anand Software and Traiing subscribed to feedfury blog feed!
march 2018
AnandSoft on Reddit
Provides resources related to anand software and training, and blog urls.
anandsoft  anand  software  blog  ccna  reddit  profile  page 
march 2018
Certexams.com Scoopit Articles
cERTEXAMS.COM, a leading practice tests developer, offers network sims and exam sims for CCNA, CCENT, CCNP, and Comptia A+/
ccna  ccnp  comptia  aplus  netplus  certexams.com 
march 2018
IOS Apps for Compai A+ and Cisco CCNA
Provides iPhone IOS apps for Cisco CCNA, CCENT, ICND, Comptia Aplus, Netplus, and Secplus.
ccna  ios  ccent 
march 2018
Simulationexams Labsim for A+ and Network+
Offers lab simulators for Comptia A+ and Comptia Network+ for virtual networking practice.
labsim  aplus  netplus 
march 2018
Network Simulators for Cisco and Juniper Networks
The page provides details about the network sims available for Juniper Jncia and Cisco ccna.
march 2018
Juniper certifications - JNCIA
Explains verious juniper certs available at Associate, Pro, and Expert levels.
juniper  certs 
march 2018
Comptia Certs - Explained
Comptia certs such as A+, Network+, Security+, and Server+ have been explained here.
comptia  certs 
march 2018
Cisco certs explained
The article explains several Cisco certs available for candidates at various levels, viz Associate, Professional, and Expert.
Cisco  certs 
march 2018
Top 10 certs in 2018
The article provides top 10 certs in the year 2018. Check it out and see which cert ranks high.
top  certs 
march 2018
Juniper Netsim for JNCIA Junos
Juniper Junos Netsim provides sample labs and network designer for candidates preparing for Juniper certification exams.
juniper  netsim 
march 2018
CCNA Netsim
Certexams.com CCNA netsim is a useful tool for candidates preparing for CCNA exam. It provides handson experience in configuring and troubleshooting cisco networks
ccna  netsim 
march 2018
CCNA Examsim
Certexams CCNA examsim is useful for candidtes preparing for CCNA exam. It includes 500+ questions with answers.
ccna  examsim 
march 2018
CCNA Network Simulator Software
Certexams.com updated CCNA Netsim and redesigned the network design module. Check out the free download version.
CCNA  netsim 
march 2018
CCNA Practice Tests - Update
Certexams.com recently updated CCNA practice tests to include better navigation and fixed a couple of bugs.
ccna  practice  tests 
march 2018
VPN Technologies and Providers
The articles describes various VPN providers and the advantages of using VPN Virtual Private Networks
vpn  virtual  networks  providers 
march 2018
PRLog Press Releases - Anand Software
The link provides various press releases submitted on prlog.org over the past 10 years. The products include ccna, ccent, comptia a+, network+, pmp, and others.
anand  software  anandsoft 
february 2018
Anand Software Press Release Room
The link provides Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd. press releases pertaining to various key developments on companies products and services.
anand  software 
february 2018
Anand Software
Provides recent press releases of Anand Software and Training.
anand  software  anandsoft 
january 2018
Comptoia Network+ exam app on google play
Download and install Comptia Net+ exam app on your android phone. 300+ questions with answers.
network  plus  net  netplus  comptia  network+  certexams.com 
january 2018
CertForumz.com - Product Announcements
Announce software products and services news here. Publishers and authors may submit their product news free of charge. The product categories include all non-sexual content suitable for all ages.
software  product  news 
january 2018
Bookmarks on web design and certification
Provides a list of important bookmarks on folked.com on various subjects including certification, practice tests, tutorials, and web design and development.
web  design  certification 
january 2018
ISO OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Tutorial
ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is one of the most widely read about topic in the area of systems connectivity. The OSI layer consists of 7 layers, viz Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Datalink, and Physical. Each of these layers have been explained in detail. Relationship between OSI model and network devices has been given.
osi  tutorial  article  iso 
january 2018
Computer Network Tutorial
This section provides various tutorials on computer networking, a domain that spans various geographies, on which the Internet is born. The articles include ISO OSI model, computer network planning and implementation, RFID standards, spread spectrum communications, IPv6 and many more.
computer  networking  tutorial  on  networks 
january 2018
Coax Cables Assembly
The article provides a detailed procedure in the assembly of rf coax cables for use in rf and microwave communications. The connection assembly and the transmission and reflection coefficients become very important at these frequencies.
coax  cable  assembly 
january 2018
Time and Frequency Standards - A tutorial
The article provides an in-depth view of keeping time and frequencies in case of satellite chain. When communicating over satellite system, it becomes important to keep the communication coherent as the space segment is usually above 36,000 Kilometers and there is a few seconds of delay between transmission and reception of the signals. By knowing exactly how much delay has happened, we can compensate for the same.
frequency  standards  time  and  tutorial 
january 2018
Noise Figure Measurement - A Tutorial
The article provides a detailed procedure for noise figure measurements. Noise figure measurement is one of the most important parameter in the receive chain of the satellite - to - ground station link. The signals received at the antenna are very weak and requires a low noise amplifier to keep the noise below the threshold level.
noise  figure  measurement  article  tutorial 
january 2018
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