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Social Service or Social Change? by Paul Kivel
"Social service work addresses the needs of individuals reeling from the personal
and devastating impact of institutional systems of exploitation and violence. Social
change work challenges the root causes of the exploitation and violence. "
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june 2017 by amkelly
Philippines president calls Barack Obama 'son of a whore' | World news | The Guardian
Asked about the possible consequences of his comments, he said: “What is ... repercussions? I don’t give a shit to them.”
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september 2016 by amkelly
The cycle of fear that drives assault weapon sales | David Altheide | Comment is free |
According to author James Barr, in many countries, "The Kalashnikov index is effectively a futures market for violence." More than 80m AK-47s circulate between countries in predictable patterns that are associated with social instability.
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march 2013 by amkelly

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