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20kw Power Pallets - ALL Power Labs
$30-40,000 for installed kit.
"It is a compact, integrated system – from biomass in, to power out – delivered at the breakthrough price of $1-$2/watt."
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january 2015 by amkelly
Getting There Together — Changeist
"What we do today, and the tools, infrastructure, models and rules we lay down today, or decide to lay down tomorrow, will become a nutrient, or a poison, to what comes next and next and next.

And since we are talking about sustainable futures, he added this cheery framing: “The quest for a sustainable world may succeed or it may fail. If it fails, the world will become unthinkable. If it works, the world will become unimaginable.

In practice, people will experience mixed success. So, tomorrow’s world will be partially unthinkable and partially unimaginable. Effective actors will be poised between these two conditions with plans and crowbars.”

Plans and crowbars. That’s what we’re here to discuss, to be blunt. Which plans, and crowbars held by whom? This is what I think is critical for us at this crossroads in the sustainability debate."
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september 2014 by amkelly
Worldchanging | Evaluation + Tools + Best Practices: The Last Viridian Note
You will need to divide your current possessions into four major categories.

Beautiful things.
Emotionally important things.
Tools, devices, and appliances that efficiently perform a useful function.
Everything else.

"Everything else" will be by far the largest category. Anything you have not touched, or seen, or thought about in a year – this very likely belongs in "everything else."

You should document these things. Take their pictures, their identifying makers' marks, barcodes, whatever, so that you can get them off eBay or Amazon if, for some weird reason, you ever need them again. Store those digital pictures somewhere safe – along with all your other increasingly valuable, life-central digital data. Back them up both onsite and offsite.

Then remove them from your time and space. "Everything else" should not be in your immediate environment, sucking up your energy and reducing your opportunities. It should become a fond memory, or become reduced to data.

It may belong to you, but it does not belong with you. You weren't born with it. You won't be buried with it. It needs to be out of the space-time vicinity. You are not its archivist or quartermaster. Stop serving that unpaid role.
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november 2013 by amkelly

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