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[all variants] Connecting to computer by hostname over LAN. - Ubuntu Forums
use for Raspberry Pi & NAS to configure hostnames and/or static IPs for those devices.

What you basically need is to setup a more powerful
DHCP server and a DNS server in your network.
This might run on your linux server or on a
router that supports it (like linux routers).

What you would do is this:
For machines with known MAC address you can tell the DHCP
router to provide a fixed IP address (and therefore also
a fixed DNS name).
So the MAC of your laptop is mapped to a fixed IP which
is then fixed to a fixed name:
laptop MAC -> ->
netbook MAC -> ->
vcr MAC -> ->

Unknown machines will get IPs from a second pool of addresses:
1st unknown MAC -> ->
2nd unknown MAC -> ->

As your DHCP/DNS server also tells all machines in the network
to use the DNS, all machines in the local network should be
able to understand hostnames like the long
or the short version netbook now!
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june 2012 by amkelly
Editing Content, Stacey
guide to editing content in the Stacey CMS, on which I am currently running
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august 2011 by amkelly
Instapaper - kindle
Instapaper Kindle management.
auto sending of stuff to Kindle
need kindle dev key.
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march 2011 by amkelly
The Pragmatic Bookshelf Kindle
.mobe files, from pragmatic programmer
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march 2011 by amkelly

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