Which Unicode character should represent the English apostrophe? (And why the Unicode committee is very wrong.) | Ted's Blog
We use U+2019 for apostrophes but it's actually a closing quote mark. Should we be using U+02BC instead? Or maybe plain old U+0027?
unicode  typography 
3 days ago
A gentle introduction to shaders in Unity3D | Alan Zucconi
Your blog is awesome! It really inspired me to start doing tutorials for gamedevs! <3
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5 days ago
Magnolia TLP Oil Platform - The World's Tallest Structure?
Nearly a mile tall to reach the sea floor, and then three miles more to reach oil.
5 days ago
Modern Design Tools: Using Real Data — Design Insights from Bridge — Medium
What if our design tools let us read in real data? Insights from real data would be more useful than the ideal mockups we make in photoshop
5 days ago
Dalek Relaxation Tape - YouTube
Also, remiss in that last tweet not to point to the Dalek relaxation tape:
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5 days ago
San Francisco’s Central Subway: Part I – The Roots of Tunneling | Robin Chiang & Co
San Francisco Central Subway - more details than I've seen anywhere else. Part II (http://designbythebay.com/sf-central-subway-underground-stations/) goes back to Ancient Roman and Babylonian construction techniques.
6 days ago
Best LED TVs by Size
TV comparison site. via nelson
getting  reviews 
9 days ago
The Economics of Superstars
Economics paper: why, in certain fields, a small number of people get the majority of the rewards. Examples: authors, comedians, singers, movie stars, football players. It can happen when the scope of output is large (consider a movie star's global reach vs a carpenter's local reach) and reputation matters (once you learn that you like Tom Hanks movies you might watch more)
economics  structure 
10 days ago
Traffic Jams in Javascript | bit-player
Simulation of roads for Braess's Paradox, plus explanation
simulation  transportation  education  visualization 
12 days ago
Euclidean tilings of regular polygons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
has all the usual candidates but penrose tiles and tiling on hyperbolic surfaces could be cool too
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14 days ago
Grid Pathfinding competition results
Descriptions of various algorithsm for optimizing pathfinding on grids
gamedev  algorithms 
15 days ago
Untitled (http://movingai.com/GPPC/GPPC2014.pdf)
RT : A presentation detailing the latest competition results in grid pathfinding is now available:
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16 days ago
OpenRCT2 Home - OpenRCT
Reverse engineered version of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
18 days ago
PDO Index
Climate index: Pacific Decadal Oscillation -- since 1900!
19 days ago
Improved Heuristics for Optimal Pathfinding on Game Maps - AIIDE06-006.pdf
Dead-end heuristic uses a high level map representation to determine areas that will never be needed for a particular path search. Gateway heuristic uses a high level map representation to find waypoints. Both of these could be done with a hierarchical approach but this paper tries using the hierarchy to build the heuristic for the low level pathfinder.
gamedev  algorithms  pathfinding 
21 days ago
D3plus Largest rectangle in a polygon
Interactive control of symbolic abstraction and graphical example, but you must remember the static narrative text!
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22 days ago
FAQ Friday #13: Geometry : roguelikedev
Forum discussion of grid and turn systems in roguelike games
23 days ago
ECO - Strange Loop Games
Love ECO's ambitious multiplayer design. Building, cooperation, rhetoric, politics, shared resources.
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26 days ago
An Industry Lifecycle » Raph's Website
If you missed it yesterday, my musings about how the game industry has been here before.
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27 days ago
Speaking the Common Language – Why Auro Needs Quest Mode |
It doesn't matter what you have to say if you're not speaking the common language.
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28 days ago
Kung Fury on Steam
I'm so glad I live in a world where things like Kung Fury exist.
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4 weeks ago
Math videos
Set of math videos — circle subdivision problem, euler's formula
math  videos 
4 weeks ago
Untitled (http://worrydream.com/refs/Aspray%20-%20JCR%20Licklider%20Interview.pdf)
Creating a new field, don't look for people interested in it, but people "interestable" in it.
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4 weeks ago
Cool! I like "guess and test" for learning — is another line-drawing example (but not much explanation)
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4 weeks ago
Genome Biology | Full text | Serendipitous discovery of Wolbachiagenomes in multiple Drosophilaspecies
Incredible: a fruit fly's genome contains the _entire_ genome for another species of bacteria! via
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4 weeks ago
You can find the phd model of my colleague : ; There is a phd chapter about :
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4 weeks ago
(500) https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-01077891
You can find the phd model of my colleague : ; There is a phd chapter about :
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4 weeks ago
Display technology explained: A-Si, LTPS, amorphous IGZO, and beyond | AndroidAuthority
How display technologies TFT, OLED, A-Si, LTPS, IGZO, CBRITE, AMNR are related
4 weeks ago
PRI #294 Background: Emoji Glyph/Annotation Recommendations
Confusion over emoji — Apple, Android, Windows use different icons which end up being interpreted differently from what was originally intended.
5 weeks ago
New in Package.el in Emacs 25.1: User-selected packages · Endless Parentheses
User-selected packages 25.1:
This series is going to be a bit long, so I'll try to post these twice a week.
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5 weeks ago
Food transportation issues and reducing carbon footprint [PDF]
"Buy local" can lead to increased carbon usage by encouraging food to be grown in places and times when it's not optimal
environment  food 
5 weeks ago
Making Abstraction More Concrete — Medium
★ Making Abstraction More Concrete: Learning to express your intent in code

Thanks reviewer
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5 weeks ago
The Mastering Emacs eBook
I'm pleased to announce that my ebook, Mastering Emacs, is now out!
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5 weeks ago
WSDOT - Quieter Pavement Photos
Different types of road surfaces - asphalt, open graded asphalt, textured concrete, etc. pros and cons, noise levels
transportation  manufacturing 
5 weeks ago
The Unicode Blog: Unicode 9.0 Candidate Emoji
List of new emoji proposed for Unicode 9 (summer 2016)
5 weeks ago
The Role of Mechanics in Games : Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress's game mechanics are generic — the actions taken by each creature depends on properties of objects and not on objects. Instead of setting up a game mechanic where a fox eats a rabbit, the game sets up a mechanic where a fox eats anything smaller than itself that produces meat.
gamedev  structure 
5 weeks ago
4 Ways Elevators Will Get Totally Insane In 2016
Maglev elevators, multiple elevators per shaft, sideways moving elevators, elevators that can attach to each other …
transportation  construction 
5 weeks ago
Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos
Construct time-lapses by using photos taken by different people at different times.
graphics  video  photography 
5 weeks ago
peppermint-kiss comments on Why do people hate baby boomers?
(Discussion) Strauss-Howe generational theory: Hero, Artist, Prophet, Nomad generations, then the cycle repeats
structure  society  people 
5 weeks ago
General Morphological Analysis
Problem-solving method that looks at the matrix of possibilities, eliminates the ones that are logically inconsistent, then says to go through every possibility, one by one.
5 weeks ago
You may not need D3
DOM equivalents of D3 functions; also useful to understand what D3 is doing under the hood.
d3  javascript 
6 weeks ago
An Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of JavaScript Programs
Large scale study of actual behavior of Javascript programs: how much do they actually use dynamic features, especially those that impact optimization? Some of the findings: most call sites are monomorphic, eval is surprisingly common, fields are added to objects after the constructor finishes.
javascript  programming 
6 weeks ago
Found it! Been looking for this comic a while... How human brains deal with negative feedback:
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6 weeks ago
Mac app that lets you pick any color on the screen, then see #rrggbb or hsl() or rgb() or other formats
color  mac  software 
6 weeks ago
I Made a Game | The Rodeo
Inspired by your videos (which I showed my kids), I made a game completely unlike yours!

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6 weeks ago
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