Looks like a wiki+docs+trello service
3 days ago
Immediate mode GUIs | Lambda the Ultimate
Discussion of immediate mode GUIs, functional reactive programming, etc.
17 days ago
Improving Open Source with Amalgamation – Dev Curious
C++ open source libraries are often distributed in a way that makes them hard to integrate into your own program. "Header only" libraries tend to be easier to integrate but have some disadvantages. "Amalgamated" libraries have one h and one cpp file, keeping them easy to integrate without the limitations of header-only.
c++  software 
20 days ago
Seam Carving demo that runs in the browser
Put in an image and resize it, and it will use seam carving to resize
photography  algorithms 
21 days ago
Beginner's guide to PID controllers
List of things that are needed in practice: initialization, windup mitigation, derivative kick, …
algorithms  math 
22 days ago
Cozy Games - report
Fulfilling higher level needs, rewards, stimulus, lots more. Long report, interesting.
27 days ago
Group Report: Ethical Video Game Monetization
List of rules to follow, and types of monetization
27 days ago
Settlers of Catan and the Invasion of the German Board Games - The Atlantic
“This mode of play is pleasant on multiple levels. There is an enormous amount of fussy micromanagerial satisfaction that comes from amassing A so you can invest in B, so you can trade for C, so you can build a D, which in turn pumps out more A. To outsiders, this churn of wood, brick, sheep, ore, and wheat always makes Eurogames seem overly complicated. (In Friedemann Friese’s masterpiece Power Grid, there is even a step called the “bureaucracy” phase.) But in practice, all the busywork keeps p...
4 weeks ago
Gamasutra: A Adonaac's Blog - Procedural Dungeon Generation Algorithm
Use physics forces to push rooms apart, then subset of delaunay graph to decide on connectivity
procedural  gamedev 
4 weeks ago
Ultima Online’s influence – Raph's Website
So many amazing things happened in Ultima Online. The Smalltalk of MMOs
4 weeks ago
WebGL issues
List of things that makes WebGL slower than OpenGL
4 weeks ago
Reality has a surprising amount of detail
Good essay about how the details aren't always apparent
4 weeks ago
Map to Globe
Draw a 2d map and it will project onto a globe
5 weeks ago
GitHub - vvanders/wasm_lua: Lua VM running in a WASM environment
~400k to run lua inside the browser, via emscripten+wasm
6 weeks ago
Quantic Foundry - The Science of Gamer Motivation
300,000 gamers --> motivation model: Action, Social, Mastery, Achievement, Immersion, Creativity
6 weeks ago
Pleistocene Park - The Atlantic
"In Arctic Siberia, Russian scientists are trying to stave off catastrophic climate change—by resurrecting an Ice Age biome complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths."
environment  engineering 
6 weeks ago
Why Raspberry Pi isn't vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown - Raspberry Pi
Great explanation of speculative execution, out of order execution, etc
technology  compilers 
6 weeks ago
The Genetics of Alcohol Metabolism: Role of Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Variants
Different people have different types of alcohol metabolism that can affect alcoholism and weight gain/loss
6 weeks ago
Best blue blockers in style and light filter specs | GLARminY
Spectrum diagrams for various eyeglass coatings that block or reflect blue light
6 weeks ago
Peppers Cone hack
iPad + plastic cone + nickel --> 3d imagery
cool  hacks  3d  photography 
7 weeks ago
Radiator Blog: Lol we're all poor
Most game developers will be like most sculptors, novelists, singers, painters, etc. in that they're not going to make enough money to pay the bills.
7 weeks ago
Retirement Project
Tom O'Haver's "retirement project" is his website — maybe I should be thinking about it that way too
wisdom  writing 
7 weeks ago
Open-endedness: The last grand challenge you’ve never heard of - O'Reilly Media
Our machine learning algorithms find solutions to specific problems but none of them are "open ended" like evolution or general intelligence are
7 weeks ago
About | Asuswrt-Merlin
Asuswrt is based on … Tomato? For newer Asus routers
8 weeks ago
Blockchain Graveyard
List of cryptocurrency hacks
8 weeks ago
air quality sensor summary reports
The R^2 values for how well various air quality sensors correlate with the reference values
9 weeks ago
Do air purifiers remove PM2.5?
Air purifiers removing PM2.5 usually remove PM0.5 too, and also smaller particles
9 weeks ago
Real Engineering - Calculating Battery Capacity required for Electric Vehicles
How much battery does the Tesla Semi-Truck need, and how much will it cost?
9 weeks ago
Overworld map generation | Age of Transcendence
Rough continent shapes intersected with noise form detailed continents; humidity based on noise + close-to-water; temperature adjusted for water and elevation
procedural  maps  gamedev 
9 weeks ago
Math Says You're Driving Wrong and It's Slowing Us All Down | WIRED
Keep the same distance behind you and in front of you to smooth out traffic waves
structure  transportation 
9 weeks ago
A New Cure!? – Color Blindness
Viral therapy can fix color blindness
biology  future 
9 weeks ago
Another list of monospaced fonts for programming. Screenshots and ttf files included, except for a handful of fonts that don't allow redistribution.
11 weeks ago
Normalization of deviance in software: how broken practices become standard
People get used to things in cultures; outsiders are shocked by it but as they get absorbed into the culture they will start thinking those things are okay
culture  wisdom 
11 weeks ago
Return of the Obra Dinn [GDC 2016 Demo Build]
Dithering in screen space vs texture space vs other alternatives
11 weeks ago
Deep Image Prior
Many image problems can be solved by a random neural network, which suggests it's the *structure* of the neural network (convolution layers etc) rather than the neural network training
11 weeks ago
CTAN: Package microtype
TeX already does some nice hyphenation and other features, but there's more:

“Margin kerning is the adjustments of the characters at the margins of a typeset text. A simplified employment of margin kerning is hanging punctuation. Margin kerning is needed for optical alignment of the margins of a typeset text, because mechanical justification of the margins makes them look ather ragged. Some characters can make a line appear shorter to the human eye than others. Shifting such characters by an ...
11 weeks ago
Laws - A Tale in the Desert 7
A Tale in the Desert is an unusual MMO in that it allows players to propose new game rules. If the other players vote to pass the new rule, the developers will implement it.
games  legal 
12 weeks ago
Random Dungeon
Step by step visualization of a dungeon generator
gamedev  procedural 
november 2017
Toxic Tone problem
Engineers especially communicate poorly, criticizing in ways that aren't effective
communication  wisdom 
november 2017
Hjson, a user interface for JSON
Variant of JSON that's easier for humans to read and write
november 2017
GitHub - anvaka/ngraph.path: Path finding in a graph
Fast graph A*, Dijkstra, bidirectional A* library in Javascript
javascript  software  pathfinding 
november 2017
The RLTiles
Free (CC0) tiles for roguelike dungeon games
art  gamedev 
november 2017
Banner Ads Considered Harmful (Here)
“9 months of daily A/B-testing of Google AdSense banner ads on gwern.net indicates banner ads decrease total traffic substantially, possibly due to spillover effects in reader engagement and resharing.”
november 2017
VisionSketch | junkato.jp
Example-based sketching of image processing. Neat!
november 2017
Gaussian Blur « The blog at the bottom of the sea
Gaussian blur in shaders (previous post is box blur in shaders)
graphics  math 
november 2017
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