The Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in General Elections: Evidence from 49 Field Experiments | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Not a lot of evidence that spending money on a campaign brings more votes. (This can be seen as a good thing)
3 days ago
Google's physically based rendering library, with nice documentation
3d  graphics 
6 days ago
Exploring Histograms
Interactive page showing how histogram bin widths, offsets, etc. affect output
7 days ago
Eigengrau's Essential Establishment Generator
Generates weapons, adventures, adventurers, trinkets, rumors, nightmares, weather, towns
procgen  software 
14 days ago
Google Calendar Spam thread
Google doesn't seem to be able to figure this out
14 days ago
Uniform points on disc, circle, sphere and caps
Easy to pick points uniformly in a square or on a line segment. This page shows how to pick points uniformly on a circle or sphere.
15 days ago
The Lambert cylindrical projection pt. 1
"Suppose we need to generate a number of random points on a sphere. There are several methods that ensure that the point density is constant across the surface. One of them relies on the Lambert cylindrical equal area projection which maps the rectangle [0 .. 𝜏, -1 .. 1] onto a unit sphere…"
math  geometry 
15 days ago
Drawing points properly in WebGL
Clever trick. Normally when drawing sprites in GL I send a lot of data 4 times in indexed mode, or 6 times in regular mode. With this trick they are able to send it only 1 time per sprite.
15 days ago
Whose line is it, anyway?
New transit-oriented-development tends to be expensive and raise prices near the train station, while reducing prices elsewhere. And if people move into those areas but don't use transit much, the transit agencies cut service, so then it gets used even less. It's complicated. Blog post argues that instead of focusing on shiny high density, we need to legalize medium density, and let it build up slowly.
16 days ago
Purkinje effect - Wikipedia
“The Purkinje effect (sometimes called the Purkinje shift) is the tendency for the peak luminance sensitivity of the human eye to shift toward the blue end of the color spectrum at low illumination levels as part of dark adaptation.”
25 days ago
It doesn't seem like WebAssembly should have a GC · Issue #36 · WebAssembly/gc · GitHub
Lots of people want garbage collection for WebAssembly but there are lots of tradeoffs involved, and it's not even clear it should provide one
26 days ago
Building the Google Photos Web UI – Google Design – Medium
This also reminds me why google interviews ask algorithm questions
algorithms  ui 
28 days ago
Deep Laziness
“Structure preserving transforms”
wisdom  structure 
4 weeks ago
Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers | Ars Technica
Realm of the Mad God has a lot of players, showing up on the top played list on Steam, ahead of Civ 6 and many other games. Not a great comparison though as it's free to play but still, an indie game having more players than Civ 6 is pretty cool. But https://www.realmeye.com/number-of-active-players-by-rank suggests that there are fewer than 100k active players.
games  rotmg 
5 weeks ago
Home · kennytilton/cells Wiki · GitHub
A spreadsheet style automatic dependency updating system for Common Lisp
software  structure 
5 weeks ago
The Real Story Behind ECMAScript 4
ECMAscript 4 turned into ActionScript (Flash), but the rest of the community abandoned it, leaving Flash by itself.
history  javascript  actionscript 
6 weeks ago
Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work
For explorable explanations, what happens when you have explorables without explanations?
interactive  education 
6 weeks ago
Eric Heitz's Research Page
"We propose a new by-example noise algorithm that takes as input a small example of a stochastic texture and synthesizes an infinite output with the same appearance. It works on any kind of random-phase inputs as well as on many non-random-phase inputs that are stochastic and non-periodic, typically natural textures such as moss, granite, sand, bark, etc. Our algorithm achieves high-quality results comparable to state-of-the-art procedural-noise techniques but is more than 20 times faster."
procgen  graphics 
6 weeks ago
Iliyan Georgiev: Projective Blue-noise Sampling
"We propose projective blue-noise patterns that retain their blue-noise characteristics when undergoing one or multiple projections onto lower-dimensional subspaces. These patterns are produced by extending existing methods, such as dart throwing and Lloyd relaxation, and have a range of applications. For numerical integration, our patterns often outperform state-of-the-art stochastic and low-discrepancy patterns, which have been specifically designed only for this purpose. For image reconstruct...
6 weeks ago
Updating UIs: value comparison VS mutation tracking
Comparison of the structure of React.js's approach (immutable values, test for changes) and Vue.js's approach (mutable values, track changes in setters). Vue's approach can be more precise.
dhtml  structure 
7 weeks ago
Static v. dynamic languages
Lot a lot of evidence to favor static vs dynamically typed languages. Lots of strong opinions though!
7 weeks ago
Anders Riggelsen - Visual glBlendFunc and glBlendEquation Tool
Interactive demo showing all the glBlendFunc and glEquationFunc options
7 weeks ago
D3 zoom — the missing manual – freeCodeCamp
Deconstructing d3-zoom into translate, scale, even handling, zoom targets
d3  visualization 
8 weeks ago
What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?
A flowchart showing the various ways someone could become a legal U.S. citizen.
8 weeks ago
Seen any recent old vs new pictures like this? Love a good size comparison!
Pictures showing how much larger new cars are than the old cars they mimic
8 weeks ago
Building Calendars
Video explaining how to build calendars for your new planet - solar, lunar, day length, intercalation, month length, weeks, etc.
time  procgen 
9 weeks ago
Dinosaur maps
Maps of the earth back when dinosaurs roamed it
9 weeks ago
Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Saga of Frustration: Developing (and Abandoning) a Lightroom Plugin for 500px
Lightroom has no 500px plugin. The 500px people stopped supporting theirs, and Jeffrey Freidl has had no cooperation from 500px.
9 weeks ago
Neural networks for rap lyrics
neuralnetworks  language 
9 weeks ago
An Algorithm for Compressing Space and Time
HashLife optimizes Conway's Game of Life "astronomically" with memoization
11 weeks ago
Caves of Qud history generation
This paper is normally behind a paywall but the authors have made it available
gamedev  procgen 
11 weeks ago
Overview — fmt
C++ string formatting library. Much more convenient than cout and safer and more powerful than printf.
c++  software 
11 weeks ago
Welcome to Hextml
Online simple hex map editor
games  maps 
11 weeks ago
Simple tools for understanding risks: from innumeracy to insight
Finding: it's not just about whether someone "understands" statistical results. It's also about how well you present it. In particular, present frequencies ("3 out of 10") is more effective than presenting probabilities ("30%").
12 weeks ago
Paper about topic/event detection from tweets
12 weeks ago
Smarter brains run on sparsely connected neurons -- ScienceDaily
"the more intelligent a person, the fewer dendrites there are in their cerebral cortex"
brain  biology 
12 weeks ago
Rvalues redefined | Andrzej's C++ blog
C++17 changes how rvalues work; you can now do many new interesting things with them. And as usual, it complicates the language further…
may 2018
Toolkit for making your website available over *.onion links
may 2018
CGA in 1024 Colors - a New Mode: the Illustrated Guide
IBM PC color + TV system artifacts allowed for far more than the usual CGA color palettes.
color  history  technology 
may 2018
Does Pixel Size Matter Clarkvision.com
Although people generally believe that smaller camera sensor pixels have worse quality, this site says it's not necessarily true anymore, because sensor technology has improved. They still recommend 4+ micron, and suggest 5 micron has the best image quality. This rules out the point and shoot cameras with 1-2 micron spacing, but it means number of megapixels is NOT a problem for DSLRs.
may 2018
Style transfer for procedurally generated maps
Use the style of real maps, apply to generated maps
maps  neuralnetworks  procgen 
april 2018
Two spaces
Two spaces after a period ending a sentence is easier to read
april 2018
(A Bit of) Biological Neural Networks - Part I, Spiking Neurons
Introduction to biological neurons, and the mathematical models for them. Dynamical systems. Mildly interactive page.
biology  math 
april 2018
Hurst exponent - Wikipedia
“A value H in the range 0.5–1 indicates a time series with long-term positive autocorrelation, meaning both that a high value in the series will probably be followed by another high value and that the values a long time into the future will also tend to be high. A value in the range 0 – 0.5 indicates a time series with long-term switching between high and low values in adjacent pairs, meaning that a single high value will probably be followed by a low value and that the value after that will ten...
math  structure 
april 2018
Does Talking to Attractive Women Make Men Dumber? | Psychology Today
“Cognitive performance was assessed both before and after the interactions using demanding working memory and attention tasks. Men’s performance on these tasks declined significantly after interacting with a woman (relative to the same-sex condition), and even more so after interacting with an attractive woman. Women’s cognitive performance stayed consistent regardless of whether they interacted with a same or other sex individual—and regardless of the attractiveness of the other individual.”
biology  weird 
april 2018
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