Deeply Random Thoughts
Writings about gamedev, NPCs, MMORPGs, storytelling, interactive fiction
gamedev  oblivion  games 
3 days ago
Collection of 25,000 icons available for purchase or licensing
3 days ago
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
"The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary is a machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 125,000 words and their transcriptions."
language  programming 
3 days ago
Simn/ts2hx · GitHub
Reuse TypeScript external js definitions (e.g. DefinitelyTyped) with Haxe
haxe  typescript 
4 days ago
Crowds Control - AI Summit 2013
Summary of the AI Summit at the 2013 Game Developers Conference
algorithms  gamedev 
7 days ago
C10M: The C10M problem
15 years ago we had the "C10k" problem of handling 10,000 connections per server. Now the "C10M" problem looks at how to handle 10,000,000 connections per server.
networking  performance 
8 days ago
alfredxing/brick · GitHub
Brick claims their webfonts are better than the webfonts served by Google
8 days ago
An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning - Hybrid Pedagogy
Advantages of message boards, articles, twitter instead of online classes that are broadcast live, with chat.
13 days ago
novoid/Memacs · GitHub
Memacs imports email, photos, phone calls, sms, calendar, rss, git, subversion, newsgroups, and other notes into Emacs org-mode to build an augmented memory, searchable by time or tags.
emacs  orgmode  structure  history 
13 days ago
Řrřlog :: Improving the fast inverse square root
An even better fast inverse square root, by optimizing the constants in the famous one (as seen in Quake 3)
gamedev  programming  math 
14 days ago
Predator-prey model - Scholarpedia
Multiple predator-prey models, not only Lotka-Volterra
math  structure  simulation 
15 days ago
Importing OS X contacts to BBDB | Chris Barrett
Emacs package to use "contacts" command line tool to export data out of Mac OS X Contacts, then import them into Emacs BBDB
emacs  software 
16 days ago
Mac OS command line access to Mac Contacts database. Available in Homebrew also.
mac  software 
16 days ago
Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards
Spaced repetition for optimal learning — list of some topic sets available for Anki software
17 days ago
Secret Kindle commands
Things like turning off the screensaver image
18 days ago
El Nino Winter of '97 - ' - National Climatic Data Center - NOAA [PDF]
Report describing the record El Nino from 1997-1998. Includes Yosemite flooding for the first time since 1861.
18 days ago
Changed tag
I changed the tag #gameprogramming to #gamedev. If you've subscribed to the RSS, get a new feed at http://pinboard.in/u:amitp/t:gamedev/
gameprogramming  from notes
19 days ago
aki2o/auto-complete-nxml · GitHub
Emacs context-sensitive completion for nxml
19 days ago
A Better Way to Track JavaScript Errors | {Track:js}
Send js errors to a server that collects them all and provides reports
javascript  software 
19 days ago
D3 Map Starter Kit | TechSlides
World map kit using D3, for making your own map diagrams
maps  d3  javascript 
20 days ago
The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon • Damn Interesting
Phenomenon of noticing things repeatedly after noticing them once
21 days ago
Maze generation algorithms illustrated with lots of color
23 days ago
Applied Sciences Group: High Performance Touch
Microsoft research experimented with lag time of 100ms, 10ms, 1ms and found that people *could* tell the difference, at least with touch screens.
brain  performance 
25 days ago
Lindydancer/font-lock-studio · GitHub
Interactive debugger for Emacs font lock?! With breakpoints, single step, visualization, …
emacs  software 
26 days ago
Programmable e-ink tablet. Seems potentially cool for projects & hacking
projects  hardware 
26 days ago
Altcoin generator - just fill in the form and it makes an altcoin for you
27 days ago
Circular Harmonics
Like spherical harmonics, but in 2D. Could be used to encode any data that varies by angle in 2D, such as lighting.
math  gamedev 
6 weeks ago
Let's Talk for Greasemonkey
UserScript to read an h-card from a web page and display it
structure  web 
6 weeks ago
30 Python Language Features and Tricks You May Not Know About
Nice list of Python built-in features and convenient libraries. Also a reminder of the things I miss when writing Javascript.
python  programming 
6 weeks ago
Why do files exist?
Mobile OSes often don't expose files, but files are key for interopability — thinking about a music file independent of a music player
structure  technology 
7 weeks ago
What is FRP?
Elm uses functional reactive programming and compiles into javascript
javascript  programming 
7 weeks ago
belluzj/fantasque-sans · GitHub
"A programming font, designed with functionality in mind, and with some wibbly-wobbly handwriting-like fuzziness that makes it unassumingly cool."
7 weeks ago
Materials | Pavement Interactive
Site that describes different road materials
construction  transportation 
8 weeks ago
Association between body mass index and cardiovascular disease mortality in east Asians and south Asians: pooled analysis of prospective data from the Asia Cohort Consortium | BMJ
"South Asians had an increased risk of death observed for coronary heart disease only in individuals with a body mass index greater than 35 (hazard ratio 1.90, 95% confidence interval 1.15 to 3.12)."
8 weeks ago
Levels of Excellence | Azimuth
As you get better at something, you "level up", and start thinking in ways that might be incomprehensible to someone several levels earlier
structure  learning 
8 weeks ago
Panasonic GH4 Review: Hands-On Preview
More clever contrast-detect focusing system from Panasonic
photography  technology 
9 weeks ago
rSimulate/WebHexPlanet · GitHub
Hexagonal tiling of a sphere, source available
graphics  geometry  gamedev 
10 weeks ago
Jet Propulsion Laboratory HEALPix Home Page
Subdivision of a sphere into equal-area quadrilaterals
geometry  graphics 
10 weeks ago
dominictarr/crdt · GitHub
"a CRDT is a data type designed so that operations on it commute - give the same result indepent of the order in which they are applied.
CRDTs give you eventual consistency for free. it is not necessary to track concurrent changes and use complicated merge algorithms. this module is useful for collaborative/distributed/peer2peer (same things) applications."
javascript  programming  structure 
11 weeks ago
USB storage directories disappear - TomatoUSB
TomatoUSB configuration to make USB drives stay mounted
11 weeks ago
persistent.info: Finding Messages Explicitly Marked as Spam in Gmail
List of secret labels in gmail, like "was automatically flagged as spam", or "suspected phishing", or "has an unsubscribe link"
google  email 
11 weeks ago
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction
All about shoelace patterns and knots
12 weeks ago
Understanding Sharping in Adobe Lightroom 3
Sharp amount/radius/detail/masking settings in Lightroom
january 2014
Python Practice Projects
Practical projects in Python, like writing interpreters, parsers, templating engines, etc. The kinds of things I used to learn programming.
python  programming 
december 2013
WinFS | Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision
Series of blog posts about WinFS, the database+file combined filesystem that Microsoft worked on but never released
structure  windows  history 
december 2013
d3 visualization of quadtree selection
visualization  algorithms 
december 2013
EnergyAnalyst comments on Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels
Economics of solar rooftop installations on power companies, which have been charging variable costs to cover fixed costs
economics  environment 
december 2013
Improved Color Blending
Color blending in RGB doesn't preserve saturation; color blending in CIE doesn't preserve saturation; color blending in HSL doesn't preserve brightness; but you can blend in CIE-LCh space to get something nicer.
november 2013
Spelunky Generator Lessons
Random map generator in Spelunky
maps  gamedev 
october 2013
The Tech of Planetary Annihilation: ChronoCam | ForrestTheWoods
Rewind and replay camera in Planetary Annihilation - uses interpolatable state in protobuf messages
networking  gamedev 
october 2013
Spore: My View of the Elephant | DESIGNER NOTES
Post-mortem of Spore. Includes comments from other team members.
october 2013
alfred-workflows/README.md at master · zenorocha/alfred-workflows
Useful Alfred Workflows: open finder window as terminal, package managers, color conversion, kill process, time zones
mac  software 
october 2013
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