PantoProbe – Amplify your precision
Would be good to make one of these for the electronics workbench at DoES Liverpool sometime
tool  electronics  hardware  pcb 
19 hours ago
WaterAid - Hackster.io
Project to measure water pH, turbidity and temperature, with links to sensors to use.
water  sensor  opensource  arduino 
3 days ago
A Pattern Language - Menu of Patterns
Useful set of patterns to apply when designing the built environment
pattern  language  buildings  urbanism 
10 days ago
hyOzd / serialplot — Bitbucket
Handy-looking tool for plotting serial data. The Arduino IDE has one built-in, but this could be (a) more flexible and (b) standalone
serial  debugging  graph  utilities 
21 days ago
The Measure of Things - API Guide
API to give descriptive equivalents to measurements
datawrangling  data  api 
5 weeks ago
Introduction - The Embedded Rust Book
At some point I expect we'll be moving to Rust from C/C++, so this might come in handy then.
rust  embedded  programming 
7 weeks ago
An open source email campaign management tool for nonprofits
mailing  list  email  marketing  opensource 
7 weeks ago
IWOC Technology Policy | Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
Useful set of criteria to judge any technology against when deciding what to use
techforgood  ethics  policy 
7 weeks ago
Module for FreeCAD to import Kicad boards/modules so you can create 3D models for the Kicad 3D viewer
kicad  pcb  electronics  FreeCAD  CAD 
7 weeks ago
Contextual Electronics - YouTube
Excellent YouTube channel from Chris Gammell with lots of tutorials on how to use parts of Kicad and design circuits
electronics  pcb  kicad  tutorials  video 
8 weeks ago
AliceVision | Meshroom - 3D Reconstruction Software
Good to see something coming through from the open source world for this sort of stitching photos into 3D models
opensource  photogrammetry  3dprinting 
9 weeks ago
Electric Book: Home
Useful-looking workflow for generating ebooks.

(Being used by Richard Pope)
book  ebook  opensource 
9 weeks ago
The Ticket Trap: Front to Back — ProPublica
Interesting dive into how to build a static site that fetches data from a Postgres back-end, using React, make and Hasura
data  datawrangling  webdev 
10 weeks ago
How To Get Tech Help From Strangers On The Internet
Good advice from Paul Stoffregen about getting help on tech forums.
help  community  web 
11 weeks ago
Common wire-to-board, wire-to-wire connectors, and crimp tools | Matt's Tech Pages
Good primer on all manner of wire-to-board connector types and which tools to use to crimp them.
electronics  reference  connectors 
february 2019
Conference Diversity 101
Excellent guide on improving diversity in your conference (or community)
conduct  diversity  community  conference 
february 2019
Alasdair Rae - GIS resources
Good set of map and map-related resources.
gis  mapping  data  dataset 
february 2019
Leeway – Public Strategist
Good arguments in favour of some flexibility in systems of rules.
algorithmic_appeals_court  leeway  flexibility  rules 
february 2019
Anna Shipman : Finding the next level tech job
Some decent advice and a bunch of good questions to ask and be asked in interviews
recruiting  career  interview  jobs 
february 2019
Tool to convert from Inkscape ito Kicad
kicad  pcb  electronics  tool  svg  art 
february 2019
Questions for a new technology. | Kellan Elliott-McCrea
Good list of questions to ask when someone proposes using new-shiny-thing-X...
adopting  tech  management 
february 2019
The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained
Detailed look at how a TLS connection is brought up and exchanges data.
networking  tcp  http  ssl  security  guide  encryption 
january 2019
Details of the SpaceX API to get data about their programme
dataset  api  space 
january 2019
ANTALIFE's BLOG: PROJECT: Solar LED Heart Ornament
Detailed look at how to build a solar-powered electronics circuit with a supercapacitor
solar  electronics 
january 2019
OneDev - Git Management and Code Review
Interesting-looking open source alternative to Github and Gitlab.
git  source_control  tool  opensource 
january 2019
Modular SMD feeders by stanoba - Thingiverse
Handy system for organising your SMD tapes while hand-assembling
pcb  pcba  surfacemount  manufacturing 
january 2019
an evolutionary cyclic approach to data-sharing | MetaFilter
"87% of the U.S. Population are uniquely identified by {date of birth, gender, ZIP}."

Anonymizing data is hard, or is it maybe impossible?
anonymizing  privacy 
january 2019
Why Data Is Never Raw - The New Atlantis
Good explainer on how data is always opinionated.
data  bigdata 
january 2019
Organize outside Facebook - Foodsaving Today
Handy list of alternatives, and arguments for them, to Facebook for communities
facebook  alternatives  opensource 
december 2018
Introducing Locator Maps in Datawrapper | Chartable
Nice locator maps to make it easier to show where things are.
mapping  openstreetmap  tool  howto 
december 2018
switching.social – Ethical alternatives to popular sites and apps
Good list of alternatives to the usual suspects for all manner of web services
alternatives  socialmedia  web 
november 2018
Leak Mitigation Checklist
Handy cheatsheet for when you accidentally commit a secret key to a public code repository
webdev  howto  security 
november 2018
6 core falsehoods about the digital sphere
Great explanation of lots of a load of the water in which we technologists swim.
algorithmic_appeals_court  tech  politics 
november 2018
How to Fit Large Neural Networks on the Edge – Heartbeat
Decent overview of techniques for making machine learning algorithms lighter in footprint
machine_learning  iot 
november 2018
Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Detailed look at how they create auth tokens to use rather than sending passwords
encryption  privacy  security  howto  algorithm 
november 2018
Improve your circuit toolbox – Simple designs that will save your next product
Great collection of handy circuits for things like circuit protection, latching push switches, etc.
hardware  pcb  circuit  design  howto 
november 2018
Awful AI
"Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness to its misuses in society"
list  ai  machine_learning  algorithmic_appeals_court 
november 2018
Assembling a kit of standard parts for 3D printing projects - desiquintans.com
Good round-up of nuts, bolts, etc. to have to hand when working on things (with links to cheap Aliexpress suppliers of them)
parts  hardware 
october 2018
Good rules of thumb for working out if the people you're talking to are /actually/ running with agile project management techniques or not. Would be good to write some more of these for other bits of Liverpool "dark matter"
management  methodology  bullshit  cheatsheet 
october 2018
Nice way of distributing the profits more equitably to staff (as well as shareholders). (And they do get beyond £1m in profits, it was £1.33m in 2015)

1st £400k of profit gets reinvested in the company
£400k-£1m of profit is split 50/50 between staff and shareholders
Anything over £1m is distributed to staff

"staff" is anyone who's worked there for 2+ years
october 2018
Interview with Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founder of Zingerman’s Food Empire - Eater
Good interview on how Zingerman's is a collection of unique, different businesses (in order to get bigger) rather than a (small) chain
october 2018
Useful links | Bloggy notes
Some good links to geometric algorithms (among other things)
generative  art  links  algorithm 
october 2018
Bitsbox, Electronic Components
Good source of bits and pieces for electronics components (e.g. control knobs, etc.). Sort of a halfway house between somewhere like Pimoroni and Farnell(/Aliexpress)
electronics  hardware  parts  shop 
october 2018
Search | Catalogue | Sainsbury Archive
Ace collection of old designs, etc. from Sainsburys
design  graphics  supermarket  packaging 
october 2018
The first Festival of Maintenance – Maker Assembly
A review of the Festival of Maintenance from one of the organisers Laura James.
DoESLiverpool  tphsaow  ntphsaow 
october 2018
Enron Email Dataset
I bet this would make for useful art...
dataset  datawrangling 
october 2018
Doing Presentations
Excellent advice on preparing and presenting talks.
presentations  advice  howto  speaking  conferences 
september 2018
Adactio: Journal—Preparing a conference talk
Good explanation of how to prep a talk. I don't follow this completely, blurring the work out the narrative and the write the slides parts, but the general principles are all sound.
presentations  advice  howto 
september 2018
Alternative to Google docs and Etherpad
collaboration  writing 
september 2018
Javascript library to draw nice transit/underground maps
mapping  maps  transport  JavaScript  webdev  webdesign  subway  underground  transit 
september 2018
What do the people do? – hello.
Good things-to-think-about from Tom Igoe when building interactive artworks
interaction  design  techniques  guidelines 
september 2018
Expressive temperature
Some examples of playing with SampleRNN to generate audio tracks
generative  sound  audio  machine_learning  neural_networks 
august 2018
Pixelblaze — Ben Hencke
ESP8266-based RGB LED driver board and software.
electronics  LED  neopixel  dotstar  hardware  lights 
august 2018
Data to Viz | A collection of graphic pitfalls
Good set of dos and don'ts for different dataviz approaches
dataviz  data  visualization  tips 
august 2018
Museum In A Box – Smithsonian Libraries Unbound
The Smithsonian Libraries' blog writes about the project we did with them, delivering 11 boxes into classrooms across the US.
tphsaow  ibal151 
august 2018
The 12 Best RSS Reader Apps to Follow Your Favorite Blogs, Sites, and Feeds
Round up of RSS readers, saved for next time I want to recommend some to someone.
rss  review 
july 2018
OpenWhateverMap :: An Open Awsumnez Map
Excellent way to explore the variety of map styles available for OpenStreetMap
opensource  map  openstreetmap  design  webdev 
july 2018
For hardware startups, the road to success in retail is tough.
Some good tips from Hardware Club on selling products in retail.
indiemfg  hardware  business  Retail 
july 2018
Get Together
Open source, federated alternative to meetup.com
meetings  calendar  community  opensource 
july 2018
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