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An Introduction to Scrollama.js
Scrollama is a modern and lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events. Using IntersectionObserver abstracts element-in-view detection and removes the need to monitor scroll events, which contribute towards a sluggish experience. It offers three main features:
javascript  scrollytelling  webdev 
september 2018 by alykat
Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox
Welcome to Flexbox Froggy, a game where you help Froggy and friends by writing CSS code! Guide this frog to the lilypad on the right by using the justify-content property
webdev  webdesign  css3  flexbox  tutorial  howto  game 
june 2017 by alykat
With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment - anybody can build a web app on Glitch, for free.
webdev  education  programming 
march 2017 by alykat
Introducing Solid — BuzzFeed Design — Medium
After eight months of hard work, we’re so excited to announce that we’ve recently launched Solid, BuzzFeed’s CSS and component library. It’s been an amazing journey of collaborating, negotiating, experimenting, and “roadshow-ing” with what has become the fundamental design patterns for BuzzFeed products across the web.
designpatterns  styleguide  onlinenews  webdev  css  grid 
december 2015 by alykat
canvid is a tiny dependency free library for playback of relatively short videos on canvas elements. Why not just use HTML5 video? Because you can't embed and autoplay HTML5 videos on iOS! Yeah, that sucks.
video  webdev  javascript  canvas  animation 
october 2015 by alykat
The @font-face dilemma | Viget
Basic @font-face usage can frustrate your users and keep you from hitting more aggressive performance goals. I’ll go over @font-face and how it can be problematic, different ways to improve font loading performance, and the prospects for better font loading in the near future.
webdev  webfonts 
august 2015 by alykat
lunr.js - A bit like Solr, but much smaller and not as bright
lunr.js is a simple full text search engine for your client side applications. It is designed to be small, yet full featured, enabling you to provide a great search experience without the need for external, server side, search services.
javascript  search  webdev 
july 2015 by alykat
Hack day report: Using Amazon Machine Learning to predict trolling | Info | The Guardian
Our hack was an experiment in helping our discussion moderators to find content that is likely to attract abusive or offensive comments.
webdev  community  language 
july 2015 by alykat
The Book of Shaders
This is a gentle step-by-step guide through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders.
webdev  animation  reference  howto 
may 2015 by alykat
Lara Hogan | Design for Performance
The above slides and links are from my presentation about how to design for page load time, including optimizations to images, fonts, and markup, as well as responsive web design.
webdev  webdesign  rwd 
april 2015 by alykat
Snap.svg - Home
SVG is an excellent way to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. And the Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM.
svg  javascript  webdev  animation 
april 2015 by alykat
What Does My Site Cost?
Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world.
webdev  tools  mobile 
march 2015 by alykat
Color Safe - accessible web color combinations
Enter a background color, and determine the styling of your text. Accessible text colors are generated with WCAG Guidelines recommend contrast ratio of 4.5 for small text or 3.1 for large text
tools  color  palette  webdev  webdesign  accessibility 
march 2015 by alykat
Quantity Queries for CSS · An A List Apart Article
In responsive design, we think a lot about space, especially in the context of screen sizes. But the amount of content or the number of elements is bound to affect space, too, just as unpredictably—and if we don’t want our designs to dictate our content, we need new ways to make our design aware of changing content quantities. Heydon Pickering walks us through a new idea for creating style breakpoints for quantities of HTML elements.
css  rwd  webdev  webdesign 
march 2015 by alykat
Animated icons, symbols and buttons using SVG and CSS
icons  svg  webdesign  webdev  animation 
march 2015 by alykat
A jQuery wrapper for ProPublica's Stateline library, adding some no-fuss tooltips, legends and source lines.
datavis  maps  webdev  tools  javascript  jquery 
february 2015 by alykat
WTF, forms?
Friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic. Designed for IE9+, as well as the latest Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
webdev  forms  css  webdesign 
february 2015 by alykat
D3 and jQuery Interoperability | Jason Graves
D3 and jQuery utilize distinctly different approaches to node manipulation and internal array storage. However, there are mechanisms available for converting between D3 and jQuery, and vice versa.
webdev  d3  datavis  javascript  jquery 
january 2015 by alykat
Fetch and parse the American Presidency Project's press-briefing and presidential-news-conference transcripts.
transcript  whitehouse  webdev  tools  python 
december 2014 by alykat
Git Pretty — justin hileman dot info
Flowchart: How to handle a messy Git situation
webdev  github  git  flowchart 
september 2014 by alykat
GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub
Ranking programming language usage / popularity on Github
datavis  bumpchart  charts  webdev  github 
september 2014 by alykat
a flexible JavaScript library that provides a strong foundation for building robust typeaheads
plugin  jquery  search  interactive  webdev 
august 2014 by alykat
Newsbound Blog
This is a story about publishing a piece of digital content, studying the analytics, seeing that something is tripping readers up, and fixing it on the fly. The piece in question was “Scraping By,” a 1,000-word explainer written and designed by my studio Newsbound and commissioned by The Lowdown, KQED’s news education blog.  “Scraping By” is a stack: a click-through reading experience in which you advance paragraph-by-paragraph, with photographs, data visualizations, or illustrations accompanying each chunk of text.
storytelling  pubmedia  jobs  finance  politics  webdesign  webdev  ux 
july 2014 by alykat
tweet about anonymous Wikipedia edits from particular IP address ranges
webdev  congress  socialmedia  tools  twitter 
july 2014 by alykat
JS NICE: Statistical renaming, Type inference and Deobfuscation
"JSNice is a very impressive JavaScript deobfuscator. It even renames variables and parameters quite accurately."
javascript  tools  webdev 
june 2014 by alykat
Multi-Screen Resources – Google
Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions
ux  usability  webdesign  mobile  webdev  google 
june 2014 by alykat
Easing Functions Cheat Sheet
Easing functions specify the rate of change of a parameter over time. Objects in real life don’t just start and stop instantly, and almost never move at a constant speed. When we open a drawer, we first move it quickly, and slow it down as it comes out. Drop something on the floor, and it will first accelerate downwards, and then bounce back up after hitting the floor. This page helps you choose the right easing function.
javascript  animation  jquery  webdev  reference 
february 2014 by alykat
How Journalists At The Guardian Built That Epic NSA Story ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code community
A behind-the-scenes look at how the paper’s HTML5 mega-feature was conceived and built.
theguardian  nsa  webdesign  webdev  storytelling  storytemplate 
january 2014 by alykat
The ZeroClipboard library provides an easy way to copy text to the clipboard using an invisible Adobe Flash movie and a JavaScript interface.
webdev  javascript  flash 
january 2014 by alykat
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