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Trump’s Nuclear Weapons Tweet, Translated and Explained - The New York Times
"Whether Mr. Trump knows it or not, nuclear weapons policy has a meticulous language all its own, meant to signal clearly to allies and adversaries. But his words fall outside that language, creating several possible interpretations with a wide range of meanings and ramifications for the world — as well as an uncertainty that is itself destabilizing, analysts warn."
language  war  donaldtrump  infographic 
december 2016 by alykat
The Most Popular Sea Creature in Cartography | Atlas Obscura
"The ominous octopus is a key figure on many propaganda maps."
maps  illustration  octopus  satire  history  war 
july 2016 by alykat
Not fit to print: When good design goes bad — AJ On the News — Medium
"A lesson from the New York Times on how to mislead with numbers"
datavis  ethics  war  mideast 
april 2015 by alykat
Russia’s Endgame in Ukraine -
Takes on a more swipey, card-based interface on mobile.
ukraine  russia  war  military  history  maps  interactive  rwd  scrollytelling 
march 2015 by alykat
Hayden vs. CIA records - Washington Post
Then-CIA Director Michael V. Hayden's testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on April 12, 2007, compared with CIA records, released on Tuesday.
transcript  diff  cia  war 
december 2014 by alykat
The Many Ways to Map the Islamic 'State' - The Atlantic
Does ISIS control huge swaths of land or a network of roads? It depends on your definition of 'control.'
maps  iraq  war 
august 2014 by alykat
Mapping the Spread of the Military’s Surplus Gear -
State and local police departments obtain some of their military-style equipment through a free Defense Department program created in the early 1990s. While the portion of their gear coming from the program is relatively small (most of it is paid for through department budgets and federal grants), detailed data from the Pentagon illustrates how ubiquitous such equipment has become. Highlighted counties have received guns, grenade launchers, vehicles, night vision or body armor through the program since 2006.
police  war  military  datavis 
august 2014 by alykat
A Rogue State Along Two Rivers -
The militant group called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria seemed to surprise many American and Iraqi officials with the recent gains it made in its violent campaign to create a new religious state. But the victories achieved in the past few weeks were built on months of maneuvering along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which define a region known as the cradle of civilization.
iraq  interactive  maps  war 
august 2014 by alykat
How Coffee Fueled the Civil War -
It was the greatest coffee run in American history. The Ohio boys had been fighting since morning, trapped in the raging battle of Antietam, in September 1862. Suddenly, a 19-year-old William McKinley appeared, under heavy fire, hauling vats of hot coffee. The men held out tin cups, gulped the brew and started firing again. “It was like putting a new regiment in the fight,” their officer recalled. Three decades later, McKinley ran for president in part on this singular act of caffeinated heroism.
coffee  civilwar  history  war 
july 2014 by alykat
Fallen from the skies: drone crashes database - Washington Post
More than 400 large U.S. military drones crashed in major accidents worldwide between Sept. 11, 2001, and December 2013. By reviewing military investigative reports and other records, The Washington Post was able to identify 194 drone crashes that fell into the most severe category: Class A accidents that destroyed the aircraft or caused (under current standards) at least $2 million in damage.
datavis  charts  interactive  military  war  drones 
june 2014 by alykat
How the VA calculates monthly payments for wounded soldiers - The Washington Post
The Veterans Administration’s method of compensating severely wounded veterans uses a grading system based on the person’s injuries. The higher the grade, the larger the amount per month.
infographic  military  war 
june 2014 by alykat
Chart: How Will Congress Vote on Syria? | Mother Jones
"Since President Obama announced that he'd seek Congressional approval before acting on his call for a limited military strike against Syria, the whip counts have been rolling in. Using live data from ThinkProgress, our vote tracker shows where House members stand on authorizing an attack, and how support and opposition in the lower chamber are changing over time. Stay tuned for updates."
datavis  politics  congress  interactive  mideast  war 
september 2013 by alykat
9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask | Washington Post
"If you found the above sentence kind of confusing, or aren’t exactly sure why Syria is fighting a civil war, or even where Syria is located, then this is the article for you. What’s happening in Syria is really important, but it can also be confusing and difficult to follow even for those of us glued to it."
history  syria  world  war 
august 2013 by alykat
Nadezhda Popova, WWII ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91 -
"The Nazis called them “Night Witches” because the whooshing noise their plywood and canvas airplanes made reminded the Germans of the sound of a witch’s broomstick. ... The Russian women who piloted those planes, onetime crop dusters, took it as a compliment. In 30,000 missions over four years, they dumped 23,000 tons of bombs on the German invaders, ultimately helping to chase them back to Berlin. Any German pilot who downed a “witch” was awarded an Iron Cross."
wwii  obituary  women  war 
august 2013 by alykat
There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Design Contour-Hugging Armor for Women | Smart News
"The army means armor that is neither too snug or too loose in certain places. Not the overly contoured, figure-hugging breast plates worn by Xena Warrior Princess and countless comic book heroines. That type of flatting, anatomically-correct armor may look good but ultimately would have been the women’s undoing. explores the science of why breast-shaped armor simply would not have worked..."
fashion  comics  war  military 
may 2013 by alykat
Iraq then and now – in pictures | World news |
The Associated Press photographer Maya Alleruzzo was based in Baghdad for more than four years, covering the 2007 troop surge and the end of combat operations. She has returned to see how the city has changed, visiting the scenes of photographs taken by colleagues over the past 10 years
beforeandafter  iraq  war  photography 
march 2013 by alykat
The First Google Maps War -
Frank Jacobs on "how a simple online map almost caused a violent conflict in Central America."
maps  war  world  googlemaps  google 
march 2012 by alykat
Day-by-day fatalities from the war in Iraq - The Washington Post
"After eight years, eight months and 25 days, the U.S. military closed Operation Iraqi Freedom on Thursday in Iraq. During the course of the war, 1.5 million troops served, with many returning for multiple tours. Nearly 4,500 died, and more than 32,000 were wounded. The chart below shows the number of fatalities by day since the first death on March 20, 2003."
iraq  war  statistics  datavis  charts 
december 2011 by alykat
Post-Conflict Potter - By Tom Malinowski, Sarah Holewinski, and Tammy Schultz | Foreign Policy
Voldemort's dead, but the struggle's not over. How Harry Potter and the magical world of J.K. Rowling might begin the long process of reconciliation and reform.
harrypotter  books  war  humor 
october 2011 by alykat
World War II: The Battle of Britain - Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic
Stunning photos, part of a larger WWII photographic retrospective.
photos  history  wwii  britain  war 
july 2011 by alykat
Selective Service System: History and Records
The numbers of men who entered military service through the Selective Service System during major 20th century conflicts in which the U.S. was engaged.
military  history  data  statistics  war 
june 2011 by alykat
American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics
Wars covered include the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, and the Persian Gulf War. Military operations covered include the Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission, Lebanon Peacekeeping, Urgent Fury in Grenada, Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Restore Hope in Somalia, Uphold Democracy in Haiti, and the ongoing Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
history  statistics  military  data  war 
june 2011 by alykat
The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers – interactive | Media | The Guardian
"Attacked by a Haitian mob, kidnapped by Gaddafi's troops, shot in Afghanistan… Who'd be a war photographer?"
photography  war  journalism  history 
june 2011 by alykat
Afghanistan Predator drones: Despite high-tech tools, a fatal error -
U.S. Predator teams and a special operations unit on the ground studying a suspicious convoy make a series of fateful missteps as they try to distinguish friend from foe.
war  technology  afghanistan 
may 2011 by alykat
Buy a Print or Make a Donation | Support Injured Photojournalist Joao Silva
"João Silva, 44, a South African photographer on contract with The New York Times, stepped on a mine while accompanying American soldiers patrolling an area near the town of Arghandab in southern Afghanistan on October 23rd, 2010. Despite immediate help from medics, both his legs were lost below the knees."
photography  war 
november 2010 by alykat
The blitz: an interactive timeline | World news |
"This interactive timeline tracks the German air force's bombing campaign as it devastated towns and cities across Britain during the second world war. By the end of the blitz, 60,000 people, half of them in London, had been killed by the attacks."
history  wwii  britain  war  photography 
september 2010 by alykat
We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint |
"It's dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control ... Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable." In General McMaster's view, PowerPoint's worst offense is not a chart like the spaghetti graphic, which was first uncovered by NBC's Richard Engel, but rigid lists of bullet points (in, say, a presentation on a conflict's causes) that take no account of interconnected political, economic and ethnic forces. "If you divorce war from all of that, it becomes a targeting exercise," General McMaster said.
military  business  design  war  communication 
april 2010 by alykat
Kilroy Was Here | Smithsonian Magazine
"En route to Vietnam in the 1960s, American G.I.s recorded their hopes and fears on the canvas undersides of troopship sleeping berths "
war  military  culture  art  history 
july 2008 by alykat
Frontline brings 'Bush's War' to life on the Web | Online Journalism Review
"The new PBS series is drawing viewers online, and paving the way for new initiatives in broadcast/online convergence."
journalism  onlinenews  video  iraq  war  television 
march 2008 by alykat
After Iraq | Cartophilia: Maps and Map Memorabilia
Discussion of a recent Atlantic Monthly cover story about Iraq and "the artificial nature in which Middle-Eastern borders were created following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire."
maps  mideast  history  iraq  war 
march 2008 by alykat
Grief Camp Helps Children Cope with War Losses | NPR
A powerful story about young kids learning to deal with the death of a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan.
iraq  war  children  death  military  via:poynter 
september 2007 by alykat
Baghdad: Mapping the violence | BBC NEWS
Animated map details Baghdad's key locations, ethnic divisions and major bomb attacks of the insurgency and sectarian violence.
bbc  interactive  maps  war  iraq  flash  via:dwillis 
march 2007 by alykat
Solemn Duty In Section 60 |
Every fourth Tuesday of the month, Jane Newman, an Army Arlington Lady, spends the day at Arlington National Cemetery, standing graveside, hand over heart, at up to six funerals a day.
arlingtonva  military  death  iraq  war  washingtondc 
january 2007 by alykat
Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq |
Once they were encouraged to study and work; now life is 'just like being in jail.'
iraq  culture  war 
december 2006 by alykat
Silly stuff in the States, lifesavers in Iraq | Newark Star-Ledger
It turns out Silly String is a great way to find the micro-thin tripwires that set off improvised explosive devices, a constant killer in Iraq.
war  iraq  via:core77 
december 2006 by alykat
Iraq and the Danger of Psychological Entrapment |
What is devilish about entrapment is not just that it can result in ever greater losses, but that those losses get you ever more entrapped, because now you have even more invested.
iraq  war  psychology 
december 2006 by alykat
Women Face Emotional Wounds of War |
The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has seen a far larger deployment of women with far more females exposed to ambushes, roadside bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and other deadly hazards. And they have been left with an increased risk of combat-like stress.
iraq  war  military  psychology 
december 2006 by alykat
Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs | Wired News
Some of the web's more popular "milblogs" -- blogs maintained by present or former active duty military personnel -- are going quiet following a renewed push by U.S. military officials to scan sites for security risks.
military  war  blogs 
october 2006 by alykat
Doonesbury's War |
Revealing more about himself than he ever has, Garry Trudeau gives us tantalizing clues about what's behind his venerable comic strip's recent burst of genius, and pain.
art  comics  culture  humor  iraq  journalism  politics  war 
october 2006 by alykat
Blogging Under The Radar (
As War Raged, Lebanese and Israelis Found Common Ground
lebanon  israel  blogs  culture  war  community 
august 2006 by alykat

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