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How To Win A Trade War | FiveThirtyEight
We’ve simplified trade dramatically: You’re engaging in 100 rounds of trade with a randomly chosen FiveThirtyEight reader. In each round, you and your trade partner can either cooperate (allow free trade) or defect (impose a tariff). Your goal is to pick a strategy that earns you as much as possible.
interactive  game  simulation  economics  business 
8 days ago by alykat
Opinion | How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over Thanksgiving - The New York Times
So how can you talk with people who disagree with you without setting off this fight-or-flight response? Drawing on extensive online dialogues with conservatives and my own background in psychiatry and political psychology, I developed a five-step method to help people have difficult conversations.

Across the country, members of my nonprofit group, Smart Politics, are using this process to heal relationships damaged in the wake of the 2016 election. Many report being able to discuss politics with family members for the first time in years.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for you to give it a try. Before the big day, practice discussing a couple of difficult topics with Angry Uncle Bot, a chat program created to help teach you the techniques.
bot  interactive  relationships  storytelling  politics 
24 days ago by alykat
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? - The New York Times
In the millions of ties on Facebook that connect relatives, co-workers, classmates and friends, Americans are far more likely to know people nearby than in distant communities that share their politics or mirror their demographics. The dominant picture in data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton and New York University is not that like-minded places are linked; rather, people in counties close to one another are.
datavis  socialmedia  socialnetwork  facebook  maps  interactive 
28 days ago by alykat
2017 was California’s largest and most destructive fire season in a decade - Washington Post
Nice data illustration (showing boundaries of various fires next to outline of DC) at the top, and a nicely-executed "see the boundaries of the Thomas fire over your hometown" interactive
interactive  map  california  wildfire  datavis  mapping 
4 weeks ago by alykat
How to register to vote in 2018 midterm elections by state - Washington Post
Really nicely-done. Geolocation, useful information from a variety of sources, comparison of your state vs. others, good focus
voting  election2018  interactive  geolocation 
11 weeks ago by alykat
110 N.F.L Brains | The New York Times
A neuropathologist has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players — and 110 were found to have C.T.E., the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head.
interactive  health  football  science  parallax  scrollytelling  datavis 
july 2017 by alykat
Exploring Histograms
Histograms are a way to summarize a numeric variable. They use counts to aggregate similar values together and show you the overall distribution. However, they can be sensitive to parameter choices! We're going to take you step by step through the considerations with lots of data visualizations.
datavis  histogram  howto  ethics  charts  interactive 
july 2017 by alykat
Donald Trump Jr. Russia meeting - Washington Post
Shortly after the 2016 election, the Trump campaign insisted none of its officials had interacted with Russians during the campaign. Over time, they have released more and more information about contacts, including a series of misleading statements about a meeting with a Russian lawyer on June 9, 2016. Scroll through to see how the story developed.
scrollytelling  donaldtrump  timeline  interactive  politics  russia 
july 2017 by alykat
Like Christmas lights gently floating in midair, fireflies always add a little bit of magic to the forests they live in. But some firefly species add even more magic. In Southeast Asia, if you go out to the riverbank deep in the night, you'll be treated to this stunning lightshow – courtesy of the Thailand firefly.
simulation  nature  interactive 
may 2017 by alykat
The Trump effect | Reuters
The poll split respondents into two groups: each received nearly identical questions related to statements that Trump made during the campaign, with the only difference being that one group did not know that the statements came from Trump.
polling  datavis  interactive  charts  politics  donaldtrump 
april 2017 by alykat
How would the Republican health care plan affect you? - Vox
To create this calculator, we worked with Urban Institute researcher Linda Blumberg, who extrapolated how much insurance premiums would cost on average for all people under 64. She used the Congressional Budget Office’s projections of how much premiums would be in 2020 under current law and under the Republican replacement plan.
ahca  healthcare  calculator  interactive 
march 2017 by alykat
How the Republican plans to replace Obamacare could affect you - Washington Post
Below are four of the most prominent replacement plans introduced during the 2015-2016 term. Though it is unlikely any would be passed in their current form — some haven’t even been formalized into bills — they provide the best available insight into the directions the Republican Party could take.
interactive  simulation  health  insurance  congress 
january 2017 by alykat
Do you know what police think? | Pew Research Center
How close can you come to estimating the share of police officers who say they have ever fired their service weapon while on duty? Think you know how police view a ban on assault weapons? First, tell us how you think police would answer each of the five questions below. Then we’ll tell you how officers actually answered each question in a Pew Research Center nationwide survey of 7,917 police officers in departments with at least 100 officers conducted by the National Police Research Platform.
polling  police  quiz  interactive 
january 2017 by alykat
To Build a Better Ballot | Nicky Case
Simulation explainer / exercise about different kinds of voting systems.
voting  simulation  interactive  elections 
december 2016 by alykat
Missed the final presidential debate? We've mapped it out for you | US news | The Guardian
Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: all the clashes, questions, interruptions and flashpoints of the showdown in Las Vegas
debates  election2016  interactive  transcript  datavis 
october 2016 by alykat
Road to 270 - Associated Press Interactive
"You decide: Start with the latest AP analysis, click a state to modify it, or choose from the choices in the menu below to draw your own conclusions."
cartogram  electoralcollege  election2016  interactive  game  elections  maps 
september 2016 by alykat
Are You Good Enough to Be a Tennis Line Judge? -
Watch a series of shots at full speed and decide whether each was in or out. Some will be traveling upwards of 100 miles per hour and you only get one chance to make the call. Good luck!
tennis  sports  interactive  video  animation  game 
august 2015 by alykat
The Electoral Map - Presidential Race Ratings and Swing States - Election 2012 -
Cartogram w/ squares sized proportionally by electoral votes. (Also a smaller geo map for reference.)
election2012  election  electoralcollege  cartogram  maps  interactive 
may 2015 by alykat
Letter: What We’ve Learned -
The Upshot at one year: "When done right, photo essays, maps, charts, videos and interactive calculators can be smarter than paragraphs."
onlinenews  newsdesign  multimedia  journalism  interactive  datavis  newspapers 
april 2015 by alykat
Workers’ Compensation Benefits: How Much is a Limb Worth?
If you suffer a permanent injury on the job, you’re typically entitled to compensation for the damage to your body and your future lost wages. But depending on the state, benefits for the same body part can differ dramatically.
interactive  datavis  illustration  smallmultiples  health  notamap 
april 2015 by alykat
Scaling Mt. Everest: A scroll up the icy path - Washington Post
Hundreds of climbers are gathering in Nepal to begin a months-long odyssey up the world’s highest mountain in hopes of spending a few extraordinary moments on its peak. Scroll along the icy path to see what climbers will experience on Everest's South Col, the most popular route up the mountain.
infographic  interactive  audio  scale  scrollytelling 
april 2015 by alykat
Russia’s Endgame in Ukraine -
Takes on a more swipey, card-based interface on mobile.
ukraine  russia  war  military  history  maps  interactive  rwd  scrollytelling 
march 2015 by alykat
Who Needs a GPS? A New York Geography Quiz -
Drivers applying for a license to operate a New York City yellow cab are no longer being tested on their knowledge of local geography. Take this opportunity to prove that you know more than your cellphone, or at least more than other readers.
interactive  maps  quiz  game  nyc 
march 2015 by alykat
Is an Emoji Worth 1,000 Words? | The Marshall Project
RANDOMIZE the movie quotes. Then change the EMOJI to see how it changes the meaning of each sentence.
interactive  language  emoji 
february 2015 by alykat
2014 in graphics - Los Angeles Times
The last year has been fruitful for information visualization at the Los Angeles Times. We’ve had some hits and a few misses, and tried some things we’ve never seen before. Our best work is collected below, including drought and earthquake coverage, statistical looks at crime, healthcare, pollution and transportation, and illustrations of events in science and technology.
newsdesign  datavis  newsapp  portfolio  2014  interactive  charts  maps 
december 2014 by alykat
HondaVideo - YouTube
Use the "r" key to toggle between night/day views (and stories) of the same running video.
video  advertising  storytelling  interactive 
november 2014 by alykat
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