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Why People With Mental Illness Are Able to Obtain Guns - The New York Times
On Tuesday, President Obama included mental health care in addressing new steps to curb gun deaths. Currently, a major background check loophole, variation in state laws and incomplete record-sharing leave openings for people with mental illness to purchase guns.
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How to Prevent Gun Deaths?</br> Where Experts and the Public Agree - The New York Times
We conducted a survey on 29 gun control ideas, looking for the intersection of effectiveness and popularity.
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Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local. | US news | The Guardian
The Guardian’s new geographic analysis is the first time that gun homicides nationwide have been mapped down to the census tract level, researchers said. This new approach was made possible with the geocoded data collected since 2014 by the not-for-profit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings and gun deaths using media reports. The FBI’s national crime data only provides gun murder statistics down to the city level, which masks the clustering of violence within neighborhoods.
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