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A visual introduction to machine learning
In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. Keep scrolling. Using a data set about homes, we will create a machine learning model to distinguish homes in New York from homes in San Francisco.
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july 2017 by alykat
Mapping “The Hunger Games”: Using location quotients to find the Districts of Panem : Career Outlook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
In The Hunger Games, author Suzanne Collins never reveals the exact locations of the Districts of Panem. What if you could map them by using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)?
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july 2017 by alykat
Live Senate Model -
"On election night, knowing who is ahead isn’t enough. To provide a better gauge of results than the raw vote count, The Upshot is adjusting Senate returns, based on where those returns come from and which parts of a state have not yet reported their votes. If we know the vote from a Democratic-leaning city is outstanding, for example, we will adjust the count toward the Democrat."
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november 2014 by alykat
Wizard: Easy Data Analysis For Mac. Statistics Just Got Sexy.
Wizard is a new Mac app that makes analyzing data easier than ever. No programming, no typing. Just click and explore.
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august 2013 by alykat
First Street by CQ Press - Where People and Policy Intersect
First Street® is a pioneering political intelligence platform built to help you understand the relationships influencing policy and shape the course of action in Washington. Washington insiders rely on political intelligence networks - now you can too. Explore First Street to discover the relationships and connections that
can help you.
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may 2012 by alykat

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