How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? - The New York Times
In the millions of ties on Facebook that connect relatives, co-workers, classmates and friends, Americans are far more likely to know people nearby than in distant communities that share their politics or mirror their demographics. The dominant picture in data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton and New York University is not that like-minded places are linked; rather, people in counties close to one another are.
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1 hour ago
2017 was California’s largest and most destructive fire season in a decade - Washington Post
Nice data illustration (showing boundaries of various fires next to outline of DC) at the top, and a nicely-executed "see the boundaries of the Thomas fire over your hometown" interactive
interactive  map  california  wildfire  datavis  mapping 
Expected Voter Turnout 2018 Midterms: Here’s Who Votes in America
Overall, the U.S. is rapidly becoming more diverse, with the country projected to become majority non-white by 2045. Still, the 2014 midterm electorate was nearly 76 percent white and about 17 years older than the median of the U.S. population. Here’s how that happens.
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9 days ago
Did I Make a Mistake Selling Del.icio.us to Yahoo? | Intelligencer | NY Mag
Joshua Schachter’s groundbreaking social-bookmarking site Del.icio.us, founded in 2003, popularized the idea of “tags” — organizing bookmarks by appending just a word or two. At its height, Del.icio.us was the toast of budding social sites known as Web 2.0, had millions of users, and served as a direct inspiration for sites like Reddit and Pinterest. Schachter talked to Intelligencer about his decision sell Del.icio.us to Yahoo in 2005 — and how it felt to watch as the company was mismanaged and sold off to a series of buyers before being permanently shut down in 2017.
socialnetwork  delicious  yahoo  business 
11 days ago
Ask the Question, Visualize the Answer | FlowingData
A practical example for how asking and answering questions helps guide you towards more focused data graphics.
datavia  tutorial  howto  census 
29 days ago
Hurricane Maria was a partly manmade disaster. Hundreds of families told us what really happened
Investigation by Quartz, Puerto Rico's Center for Investigative Journalism and the Associated Press
datavis  scrollytelling  hurricane  puertorico  storytelling 
7 weeks ago
How to register to vote in 2018 midterm elections by state - Washington Post
Really nicely-done. Geolocation, useful information from a variety of sources, comparison of your state vs. others, good focus
voting  election2018  interactive  geolocation 
7 weeks ago
How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? - The New York Times
In the millions of ties on Facebook that connect relatives, co-workers, classmates and friends, Americans are far more likely to know people nearby than in distant communities that share their politics or mirror their demographics. The dominant picture in data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton and New York University is not that like-minded places are linked; rather, people in counties close to one another are.
datavis  maps  facebook  socialmedia  relationships 
8 weeks ago
An Introduction to Scrollama.js
Scrollama is a modern and lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events. Using IntersectionObserver abstracts element-in-view detection and removes the need to monitor scroll events, which contribute towards a sluggish experience. It offers three main features:
javascript  scrollytelling  webdev 
9 weeks ago
Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News - The Atlantic
"Young people can see the president’s tweets as jokes, but they still often share his negative feelings about the press."
journalism  news  politics  donaldtrump  socialmedia  teens 
10 weeks ago
Political Bubbles and Hidden Diversity: Highlights From a Very Detailed Map of the 2016 Election - The New York Times
Today The New York Times published an interactive map that lets you explore the 2016 presidential election at the highest level of detail available: by voting precinct.

This map, although nearly two years old, continues to define American politics. The vast majority of people who voted for Donald J. Trump say they approve of his job performance today, while the vast majority of Hillary Clinton voters say they disapprove.

On the neighborhood level, many of us really do live in an electoral bubble, this map shows: More than one in five voters lived in a precinct where 80 percent of the two-party vote went to Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton. But the map also reveals surprising diversity.
electionresults  election2016  precincts  president  datavis  map  mapbox  politics 
july 2018
ASMAD - Amtrak Status Maps Archive Database - Home
This website (ASMAD) contains the Amtrak Status Maps archived data. The status maps show the last-reported departure or arrival time for stations along each of Amtrak's train routes, and are an easy way to see how closely a train is running to its published timetable.
amtrak  data 
july 2018
Pressure Cooker Thai Green Chicken Curry With Eggplant and Kabocha Squash Recipe | Serious Eats
This fragrant, hearty Thai-style chicken curry tastes like it took hours to prepare, but it cooks in a pressure cooker in just 20 minutes. Pieces of sweet kabocha squash and eggplant break down into the coconut-milk-based sauce, thickening it and adding layers of flavor.
recipe  thai  curry  chicken  instantpot 
april 2018
Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken and Black Bean Stew Recipe | Serious Eats
The pressure cooker is an amazing device for making flavor-packed stews in very short order. In this version, black beans are stewed together with spicy Hatch chilies, smoky Andouille sausage, and fall-off-the-bone tender chicken legs. It all cooks in under an hour start-to-finish.
recipe  soup  stew  chicken  instantpot 
april 2018
Pressure Cooker Black Bean Soup With Sausage and Cumin-Lime Sour Cream Recipe | Serious Eats
This easy black bean soup with smoky andouille sausage and diced mushrooms tastes like it cooked for hours, but thanks to the pressure cooker, it's ready in just one. A bright cumin-lime sour cream tops it off.
recipe  soup  instantpot 
april 2018
The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich Chicken Chile Verde in Under 30 Minutes | Serious Eats
It's a tough call, but I'm almost inclined to say that I like green chili made with tomatillos and a mix of fresh green peppers even more than I like a bowl of Texas red. This version is packed with moist, tender chunks of braised chicken thighs in a balanced sauce that is rich with umami depth and green chili flavor, but still plenty bright and fresh. And the best part: You can make it in under half an hour. All it takes is a pressure cooker and some dumping skills.
recipe  dinner  chicken  instantpot 
april 2018
Viz Palette
Test how a list of hex colors will look in a viz context. Also includes color-blindness filters.
datavis  color  palette  tools  accessibility 
april 2018
It Might As Well Be Spring - Topic
"It could be nice to fall in love during springtime in New York. On second thought, it could also be awful." Whimsical illustrations on top of photos by Liana Finck
illustration  photography  storytelling  humor  whimsy 
april 2018
Huge MIT Study of ‘Fake News’: Falsehoods Win on Twitter - The Atlantic
Falsehoods almost always beat out the truth on Twitter, penetrating further, faster, and deeper into the social network than accurate information.
march 2018
The Needle’s Back. Maybe This Time, It Will Really Be Wrong. - The New York Times
"And yes, it could be wrong. Or “wrong.” To understand why, it’s important to understand how our forecast works."
datavis  uncertainty  elections  electionresults 
march 2018
Virginia precinct analysis – Polarization by race, education - Washington Post
Ralph Northam (D) beat Ed Gillespie (R) in the Virginia governor's race by almost nine points. He outperformed his predecessor, Terry McAuliffe, as well as Hillary Clinton, pushing Virginia toward a reliable blue.
datavis  politics  polarization  election2017  virginia 
january 2018
Areas cut out of Utah monuments are rich in oil, coal, uranium - Washington Post
"President Trump drastically reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah on Monday, potentially opening about 2 million acres of public land to mineral extraction and other activities in a state in which about 65 percent of all land is federally owned. The sites, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments, contain rich troves of archaeological and paleontological finds in addition to large deposits of coal, uranium, oil and gas."
nps  utah  energy  maps  datavis 
december 2017
InciWeb | National Wildfire Coordinating Group
"InciWeb is an interagency all-risk incident information management system. The web-based program provides information for wildland fire emergencies and prescribed fires, but can also be used for other natural disasters and emergency incidents such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc."
wildfire  data 
december 2017
Tracking the Russia investigations - CNN.com
Special counsel Robert Mueller and multiple committees on Capitol Hill are investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether anyone from President Donald Trump’s campaign was involved. Investigators have interviewed witnesses, secured search warrants, issued subpoenas, and requested documents from dozens of people and entities. The investigations are supposed to be conducted in secret, so many details are not publicly available. This interactive tracks the publicly known developments of the sprawling investigations into Trump and Russia – and probably represents a slice of what has actually taken place.
russia  timeline  donaldtrump  politics  law 
november 2017
Active Fire Data | Earthdata | NASA
Download active fire products from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) (MCD14DL) and the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) 375 m (VNP14IMGTDL_NRT) for the last 24, 48 hours and 7 days in shapefile, KML, WMS or text file formats. The VIIRS 375 m active fire product is the latest product to be added to the Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS). VIIRS data complement the MODIS fire detections but the improved spatial resolution of the 375 m data provides a greater response over fires of relatively small areas.
data  wildfire  gis  mapping 
october 2017
After Maria, Puerto Rico’s electricity grid is still recovering - Washington Post
"How the island’s troubled finances, weak electrical infrastructure and a Category 4 hurricane plunged 3.4 million people into an ongoing power blackout."
puertorico  datavis  maps  hurricane 
october 2017
Long live the group chat | The Outline
A look at the beauty, ubiquity, and therapy of group chats for black and brown people.
newsdesign  storytelling  socialmedia 
september 2017
The insane news cycle of Trump's presidency in 1 chart - Axios
If it feels like the Trump presidency has been hit by non-stop scandals and crises from day one, it's probably because it has been. The Google News Lab looked at the search trends for stories about 40 of the biggest news events of Trump's presidency from Jan. 20 until Sept. 1. You can see how we've all jumped from one four-alarm news fire to another:
datavis  google  donaldtrump  politics  search  joyplot 
september 2017
Superman’s best special effect didn’t require any technology - Polygon
"The amazing part of this performance is how clearly you can see Christopher Reeve shift his body from Clark Kent to Superman. His voice changes a bit, sure, but it’s all there in the body language. It’s a powerful, physical performance that doesn’t require a change into the costume or any of the special effects that went into the flying scene. The burden is on Reeve to sell the transition, and holy hell does he do it convincingly."
movies  superman 
september 2017
The track of Hurricane Irma - Washington Post
Includes the latest storm track, model probabilities, evacuation areas, paths of previous hurricanes across Florida
florida  hurricane  datavis  probability  maps 
september 2017
2017 Flood USA 4510 | Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Hurricane Harvey — analysis of maximum observed flooding in coastal Texas (including around Houston), available in geotiff format
gis  hurricane  data  maps  texas  houston  harvey 
september 2017
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