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How Philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018) Spoke to an Age of Acceleration and Total War | Frieze
Modernity is war on ever increasing scales: expanding from the tactical to the strategic to the logistic. World War II was won not by generals but by quartermasters, by the ones who kept the biggest flows of boots and bullets and bodies moving toward the front.

Modernity is also war on more and more kinds of terrain. Warfare not only took to the air but to the airwaves. The modern world is a condition of generalized information warfare. Not only is architecture vulnerable to bombs, it proves defenseless against information, passing through the doors and walls of our homes, rearranging the space and time we imagine we live within.
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My Very Own Captain America -
"There are too many bodies at the bottom of that swamp to skim across it with such indifference."
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From Ballistics to Programming - IEEE Spectrum
But there were no recruiting posters for one group of women whose work was absolutely essential to the war effort. Instead, they were recruited mainly by letters sent to colleges by the War Department. These were women being recruited not for their impressive biceps but for their prowess in math and engineering.
Their work was classified at the time, and that probably contributed to the fact that it has been almost entirely overlooked for more than 60 years now. Another reason, though, is that whatever light was shone on this corner of the war effort depicted these women as clerks, though in fact by the mid-1940s they had become the world’s first computer programmers.
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65 Years After Heroic Act, the Navy Considers a Medal (Plus: Video & Document) - The Bay Citizen
"[I]f something could happen where I could represent all these guys, that would make me feel good."
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NYT: Public Lives: Warning From a Student of Democracy's Collapse
"There was a longing for a new authoritarianism with some kind of religious orientation and above all a greater communal belongingness. There are some similarities in the mood then and the mood now, although also significant differences."
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