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The Proposal's Jasmine Guillory on How to Write Consent - The Atlantic
“There are so many hard things going on. [But] reading romances about women of color finding joy and finding love is just something so affirming to me and something that I need to read,” she said. “Because all day you’re looking at the news or you’re on Twitter and you’re seeing all of the bad things that are happening to women out there, and I just need to see men treating women well in a book, you know?”

“Women who have their voices heard and have joy and love and agency—that's the thing I really love about romance.”
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Why Writing is Still the Most Important Aspect of Blogging.
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Money | n+1
"There are four ways to survive as a writer in the US in 2006: the university; journalism; odd jobs; and independent wealth. I have tried the first three. Each has its costs."
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Jazz Messenger - Haruki Murakami- Books - Review - New York Times
"Inside my head, though, I did often feel as though something like my own music was swirling around in a rich, strong surge. I wondered if it might be possible for me to transfer that music into writing. That was how my style got started."
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WaPo: Black Men And Women Of Their Words
"There is a multiplicity of message. We are black writers, but we express our individual stories. It's messier now. You never know what black writing looks like now. When you open a black book, you never know what you might get."
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