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[Revision] Preservation Acts | Harper's Magazine
The truth is that saving everything is no guarantee against forgetting most of it. Memory, like history, is never exhaustive, and we all make choices about what to include. Still, it’s frightening to let go of anything, not knowing what you’ll wish you’d saved.
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A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter - The New York Times
“Our findings suggest that censorship in China is effective not only because the regime makes it difficult to access sensitive information, but also because it fosters an environment in which citizens do not demand such information in the first place”
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‘Pleading Into the Void’: The Men Who Continue to Message Women Who Aren’t Replying
“I keep coming up with societal theories and explanations about not understanding social cues, but it really was as simple as not hearing what I didn’t want to hear, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Just a priority of my need for validation and attention over the personhood of this other individual.”
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14 months ago, these 13 execs were featured. 5 remain.
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