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The Media Has A Probability Problem | FiveThirtyEight
The reason is not because the world is highly predictable or because data can solve every problem, but because human judgment is more fallible than most people realize — and being more disciplined and rigorous in your approach can give you a fighting chance of getting the story right. The world isn’t one where things always turn out exactly as we want them to or expect them to. But it’s the world we live in.
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september 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Royal Pingdom » Mobile web usage highest in Asia and Africa
"In every single one where mobile web usage makes up an unusually high share, Nokia’s Symbian OS completely dominates. In some countries more than 90% of the mobile web traffic comes from Symbian phones."
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november 2010 by allaboutgeorge
List of newspapers in the United States by circulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Out of the top 100, Nos. 92-100 have daily circulation numbers of 100,000 or smaller, with the Impresa-owned La Opinión of Los Angeles, California, at 100,462 and the Lee Enterprises-owned Arizona Daily Star out of Tucson, Arizona, at 94,055
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april 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Foreign Policy: Gays in Latin America: Is the Closet Half Empty?
In the first ever ranking of its kind, a student and I rated global cities on gay-friendliness. A city's rating was determined based on the number of gay-owned or gay-friendly establishments (e.g., bars, support groups, services) per capita. We studied the three largest cities with populations greater than 500,000 in each country, for a total of 180 cities.
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february 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Pew Internet: Twitter and status updating
As of December 2008, 11% of online American adults said they used a service like Twitter or another service that allowed them to share updates about themselves or to see the updates of others.

Twitter and similar services have been most avidly embraced by young adults. Nearly one in five (19%) online adults ages 18 and 24 have ever used Twitter and its ilk, as have 20% of online adults 25 to 34. Use of these services drops off steadily after age 35 with 10% of 35 to 44 year olds and 5% of 45 to 54 year olds using Twitter. The decline is even more stark among older internet users; 4% of 55-64 year olds and 2% of those 65 and older use Twitter.
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february 2009 by allaboutgeorge
The Changing Newsroom | Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ)
“I feel I’m being catapulted into another world, a world I don’t really understand. It’s scary because things are happening at the speed of light. The sheer speed (of change) has outstripped our ability to understand it all.”
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july 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Relationships and Online Social Networks: The Value of Sites Like Twitter and Plurk
"If these lifestreaming/microblogging sites help you to develop persistence in beneficial relationships, isn’t that a good enough reason to use them?"
blogging  friendship  internet  marketing  life  relationships  social  socialnetworking  statistics  technology  twitter  identity  reputation  attention  presence 
june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Want That Post to Go Popular? Here's The Best and Worst Times to Post It - ReadWriteWeb
"[B]etween 1pm and 3pm PST (after lunch) or between 5pm and 7pm PST (after work) are the best times and Thursday is the best day. The worst time to post? Between 3 and 5 PM PST on the weekends - nobody cares."
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may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Summary of Findings: Awareness of Iraq War Fatalities Plummets
"According to the News Content Index conducted by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the percentage of news stories devoted to the war has sharply declined since last year, dropping from an average of 15% of the newshole in July to just 3% in Febru
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march 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Iraq: The War Card - The Center for Public Integrity
"In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003."
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january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Rigging a study to make conservatives look stupid. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine
"You've manufactured a tiny world of letters, half-seconds, and button-pushing, so you can catch us in clear errors and keep out the part of life where our tendencies correct yours."
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september 2007 by allaboutgeorge
American Prospect Online - Health in Black and White
"Most whites, most Latinos -- and most African Americans -- were unaware that there were black-white differences in infant mortality and life expectancy. And there is more awareness of racial/ethnic disparities than of socioeconomic disparities."
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april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
San Francisco Challenges / Statistics don't support official explanations for high black arrest rate
"[T]olerating drug use while harshly policing dealers result in over-arresting minorities and failing to stem growing middle-age addiction. Second, violence will not abate until cities alleviate concentrated neighborhood poverty."
cities  poverty  police  politics  sanfrancisco  demography  california  drugs  crime  jail  research  statistics  black  race  civilliberties 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Speeding HIV's Deadly Spread -
"A model of multiple sexual relationships presented at a Princeton University conference in May showed that a small increase in the average number of concurrent sexual partners -- from 1.68 to 1.86 -- had profound effects [...]"
sex  aids  hiv  statistics  research  africa  botswana 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Who Americans Are and What They Do, in Census Data
“The distinctive effect of technology has been to enable us to get entertainment and information while remaining entirely alone. [...] the social isolation means that we don’t share information and values and outlook that we should."
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december 2006 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Come October, Baby Will Make 300 Million or So
"The 300 millionth will be a Mexican Latino in Los Angeles County, with parents who speak Spanish at home and with siblings who are bilingual."
population  statistics  demography  usa  latinos  latino  losangeles  white 
january 2006 by allaboutgeorge
HChron: Falling birthrate prods Italians to go forth, multiply
"The desire for children is still there. But because of practical and economic obstacles, couples put off (starting a family) until either it's too late or they just have time for one child."
men  women  health  statistics  society  italy 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds
"That is why this is of enormous concern. This tiny minority contributes half of all unintended pregnancies."
men  women  health  statistics  society  usa 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge

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