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In the time of #MeToo and the Year of the Woman, Mormon Church president tells women to get off social media for 10 days - The Washington Post
“I don’t think this is telling Mormon women not to be political on sexual virtue. I think that would be the last thing you would hear from these guys,” Flake said. “I don’t think he’s talking about politics. I don’t think he’s talking about sex. I think he’s talking about focus — recalibrate your priorities; know what matters; and just detox.”
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october 2018 by allaboutgeorge
Americans Are Shifting The Rest Of Their Identity To Match Their Politics | FiveThirtyEight
On the Democratic side, 60 percent of Hillary Clinton’s voters were non-Hispanic white people. At times, political coverage (including my own articles) overemphasizes the roles that Asians, blacks and Latinos play in the Democratic Party. But just because most nonwhite voters are Democrats, that doesn’t mean most Democrats are nonwhite. In fact, white women are the biggest racial/gender cohort in the Democratic Party, according to the Pew data.
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september 2018 by allaboutgeorge
I Am Not a Fish Dating a Bird | G’Ra Asim
Ascribing some kind of nobility to the choice not to date a black woman if you’re a black person or not to date an Asian man if you’re an Asian person is more likely to play into existing stigmas than ameliorate them.
race  dating  relationships  marriage  power  love  ethnicity  black  religion  asianamerican 
june 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Son’s Muslim faith divides one black family - The Washington Post
"They tried to reach each other but ended up doing battle. It was 1 John and Surah 31, verses and ayats."
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november 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Mindfulness - Fully experiencing the present: a practice for everyone, religious or not - Page 2 - Los Angeles Times
"It's about people waking up, not being confined by any belief system. Awareness is bigger than a belief system."
attention  spirituality  religion  buddhism  research  health  behavior 
april 2011 by allaboutgeorge
The Medium Is the Matzo: Building a show, and a house, out of matzo
“Passover is my favourite holiday, because I see Passover as a springboard to talk about contemporary forms of oppression that need to be abolished,” Shiff explains. “A lot of my art involves reinventing rituals.

“The way I see Passover is that it’s the first act of civil disobedience by a people. I want to take that original act of civil disobedience, rising up against the pharaohs of the day, and make it meaningful to all today. It starts with Judaism here, but it leads talk about oppression in general.”
judaism  ritual  holiday  activism  art  power  religion 
april 2011 by allaboutgeorge
How a sex rebel was born - Sex News, Sex Talk -
It would have been impossible in the crowd I was running in to be put down for being sexually interested in more than one person. I know that some of my comrades found it trickier to navigate because they felt deeply in love with one person and they wanted to nest with them and it made them a lot more nervous and hurt. It was tough sometimes.

Most people who ask me about this are coming from a place of serial monogamy, or where they've had secrets or cheating, and I'm kind of like: Well, how's it been for you? Monogamy isn't a religion. It's not like you believe in it and all of a sudden all your problems are solved. Meanwhile, your life goes on and you deal with real people and their real animal instincts and impulses and idiosyncrasies.
sex  love  relationships  power  religion  feminism 
march 2011 by allaboutgeorge
“Statistics show that only a small percentage of Christian congregations are racially mixed."
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february 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Kevin Smith’s Red State Premiered at Sundance, and Vulture Was There -- Vulture
As he explained, the movie took 25 days and cost $4 million to make. If he sold it for $6 million, it would still take $20 million to market. But since that $26 million doesn't go back to the movie team or the studio or the distributor, you have to make $50 million just to get to the profit line. And it would have to make twice that to be considered profitable.
movies  film  cinema  business  religion  christianity  art  social 
january 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Boredom Enthusiasts Discover the Pleasures of Understimulation -
Journalist and author Naomi Alderman spoke about the difficulty of having to observe the Jewish Sabbath as a child. Her talk, "What It's Like to Do Almost Nothing Interesting for 25 Hours a Week," ended on an unexpected, touching note. "When we learn to tolerate boredom," she said, "we find out who we really are."
religion  spirituality  attention  psychology  judaism  conferences  uk 
december 2010 by allaboutgeorge
History News Network
"The entire affair simply does not register. It doesn't compute. It's like dividing by zero"
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december 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Apple Logo Is an Agnostic's Crucifix, Star of David: Study | Fast Company
"Brands are a signal of self-worth," said Gavan Fitzsimons, professor of marketing and psychology at Duke. "We're signaling to others that we care about ourselves and that we feel good about ourselves and that we matter in this world. It's more than 'I'm hip or cool'...I'm a worthwhile person, and I matter, and you should respect me and think that I'm a good person, because I've got the D&G on my glasses."
marketing  apple  technology  religion  psychology  identity 
september 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Op-Ed Columnist - Paranormal Flexibility -
For the first time in 47 years of polling, the number of Americans who said that they have had a religious or mystical experience, which the question defined as a “moment of sudden religious insight or awakening,” was greater than those who said that they had not.

(Question: Does the first time I saw Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video count?)
religion  spirituality  usa  polls  data  music  politics 
december 2009 by allaboutgeorge Is this young man the 'savior' of the organ?
"I definitely push things, but I argue that they are pushed artistically. I want to re-evaluate what can be played on the organ, everything from Bach to Liszt to Leonard Cohen. If my playing of Liszt's 'Mephisto Waltz' on the organ damages it in your mind, you must not think so much of Liszt to think he wrote something so fragile."
music  religion  spirituality  aesthetics  classical  classicalmusic 
september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
A man of many words - The Globe and Mail
“The first thing you realize is that our way of thinking that we take for granted – how you look at the day-to-day stuff – is not the only way there is. … What you are losing by not knowing the earlier stuff is, if nothing else, a constant reminder that you may not be seeing the full picture.”
language  judaism  religion  canada  books  identity  reputation  english  ethics 
september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Pray First, Then Sex, Catholic Church Says | Carnal San Francisco
"Father, send your Holy Spirit into our hearts. Place within us love that truly gives, tenderness that truly unites, self-offering that tells the truth and does not deceive, forgiveness that truly receives, loving physical union that welcomes. Open our hearts to you, to each other and to the goodness of your will.

Cover our poverty in the richness of your mercy and forgiveness. Clothe us in our true dignity and take to yourself our shared aspirations, for your glory, for ever and ever. Mary, our Mother, intercede for us. Amen."
religion  sex  christianity  spirituality  love  marriage  polyamory 
september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
For the Time Being - Happy Days Blog -
We want enjoyment, we want to avoid pain and discomfort. But it is impossible that things will always work out, impossible to avoid pain and discomfort. So to be happy, with a happiness that doesn’t blow away with every wind, we need to be able to make use of what happens to us — all of it — whether we find ourselves at the top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea.
life  spirituality  work  ethics  meditation  attention  identity  religion  happiness  washingtonstate 
august 2009 by allaboutgeorge
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Kabul struggles to get back on song
The original translation of Harabat meant "ruins". But there is another meaning: "dedication". It seems the quarter is living up to its other translation in every sense.
afghanistan  music  identity  war  history  culture  religion  education 
july 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Palfrey, Etling and Faris -- Why Twitter Won't Bring Revolution to Iran -
Online chatter has enormous value when it offers a window into an otherwise closed society, but much of the cyber conversation in Iran has absolutely nothing to do with politics or revolution. Religion is a major topic for bloggers, and not necessarily the politics of religion, but rather its historical, theological and personal aspects. And the most frequently discussed topic on Iranian blogs? Poetry.
politics  twitter  iran  religion  poetry  social 
june 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Under God: Jon Stewart, Daily Prophet? - David Waters
"Because we're in the public eye, maybe people project onto us their desires for that type of activism coming from us, but just knowing the process here as I do, our show is maybe the antithesis of activism, and that is a relatively selfish pursuit. The targets we choose, the way we go about it -- it's got more of a personal venting aspect than a socially conscious aspect."
religion  spirituality  comedy  humor  activism  television  public  judaism  christianity 
june 2009 by allaboutgeorge
New York Magazine: Twilight of the Tummlers
“I don’t feel that I’m pessimistic,” says Allen. “That’s something I get called: pessimistic, nihilistic, cynical … I don’t see it that way. I just have a realistic attitude, and the hard facts are so brutal and terrifying that each person has his own way of rationalizing that it’s not so bad. But it is so bad. And the trick is to acknowledge that, and still get through.”

As Allen speaks those words, David starts laughing (where others might weep). “I agree with that,” he says. “I go through life feeling sorry for pretty much everybody. I’ll pass a toll, and I’ll think about the toll collector standing in there for eight or ten hours a day—how do they do it? How do they get up in the morning and go back? I feel sorry for everyone.”
death  identity  judaism  movies  film  cinema  writing  creativity  humor  comedy  religion  newyork  nyc 
may 2009 by allaboutgeorge
America's poor are its most generous givers | McClatchy
When Jody Richards saw a homeless man begging outside a downtown McDonald's recently, he bought the man a cheeseburger. There's nothing unusual about that, except that Richards is homeless, too, and the 99-cent cheeseburger was an outsized chunk of the $9.50 he'd earned that day from panhandling.

The generosity of poor people isn't so much rare as rarely noticed, however. In fact, America's poor donate more, in percentage terms, than higher-income groups do, surveys of charitable giving show. What's more, their generosity declines less in hard times than the generosity of richer givers does.
poverty  money  work  social  religion  behavior  ethics  happiness  spirituality 
may 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Athena Grey - happiness is...(7)
I stood up and stretched. Then I noticed something in my pocket. I pulled out a pinecone, and felt a familiar glow spreading through my fingers. As I went up the stairs, my feet started moving in a familiar dance, and I went up to greet the Sun.
story  spirituality  mythology  religion  happiness 
december 2008 by allaboutgeorge | Gideon Rachman’s Blog | Covered in internet slime
If the newspaper industry really goes down the pan, I now have a business plan. I will claim to be a former member of the Bilderberg/Illuminati/Council on Foreign Relations/UN/Zionist establishment and write a book revealing the inside story of a plot to form a world government. It will sell millions.
humor  politics  religion  uk  newspapers  media  journalism  government  books  internet  reputation 
december 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Where the prayer caller sounds a timeless note - Los Angeles Times
[...] When the last foot slides into the last sandal and the mosque empties, Abdel Fattah locks the doors, descends the steps, turns the corner and walks past vegetable bins and meat dangling on a butcher's hook. The alley fills with sound: the mattress makers beating cotton; the boys gathering tin and garbage; the broom seller, weighted down as if balancing a clutch of rifles, yelling out his prices.

Abdel Fattah will return to the mosque in a few hours, slipping back into the cool half-light, his voice lifting over rooftops.
egypt  cairo  islam  religion  africa  middleeast  music  ritual  aging 
november 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (November 20, 2008) - Modernity, Faith, And Marriage
"[...] The dreams of total pre-modern coherence - whether in the malign fantasies of the Taliban or the benign aspirations of theocons longing for the 1950s in the 21st century - are dreams undone by freedom. We live in a new world, and we can and should create meaning where we can, in civil society, in private, through free expression and self-empowerment. But we cannot enforce that old meaning on others by law. [...]"
marriage  gay  civilrights  love  religion  spirituality 
november 2008 by allaboutgeorge From the Author - Kathleen Norris
"[...] I suspect that one of the reasons we keep ourselves so busy is to avoid caring about the true condition of our lives and our world. As our 24-hour news media bombard us with more 'information' than we can absorb, we grow less able to distinguish between what is important for us to care about and what is not. We're mired in acedia's world without knowing its name. And as any reader of fairy tales can tell you, that's a bad predicament to be in. [...]"
psychology  religion  spirituality  attention  media  news  information  story  work  books  essay 
october 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Steering Clear of Energy's Volatility -
"Amana Trust Growth (symbol: AMAGX) is the largest U.S. fund that invests according to Islamic law. The fund keeps trading to a minimum because Islamic law equates it to gambling. It has benefited from gains in some of its long-term investments, such as Apple. The fund is down 5.26 percent this year and up 15.31 percent over five years."
islam  investing  economics  religion  law  finance  apple  oil  energy  usa  stocks 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Knight Digital Media Center: Total Community Coverage
"This is about connecting with interesting communities doing interesting and newsworthy things. This is about understanding these communities better so that you can serve them better with news and information."
religion  journalism  spirituality  community  media  news  information 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
News is a Conversation: Still a newspaperman
(NP: 2:32 to 2:54 of Girl Talk's "Shut The Club Down," specifically Ahmad's "Back In The Day" over Rod Stewart's "Young Turks") "[...] The younger, my generation, are fading, too, facing a future in which journalists serve products and platforms not communities and their newspapers. The young turks have become the old farts. We pray at the old altars. We worship the old gods. The new media moguls have their shiny new religion. And our passing is seen by them as both timely and just. But there is more to be lost than warm, rosy recollections. It's not all about nostalgia. [...]" (NP: 0:00 to 0:23 of Girl Talk's "Still Here," specifically Youngbloodz featuring Lil Jon's "Damn!" over Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale")
journalism  history  media  newspapers  aging  business  community  religion  music 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge Ink Q&A - Nikolai Grozni
"Life is absurd — and so is enlightenment. Life is funny — and so is enlightenment. Life is larger than categories, absolutes, and dogmas. And so is enlightenment."
buddhism  religion  spirituality  travel  india  aesthetics  humor  ritual  memory 
july 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Cairo Journal - With a Word, Egyptians Leave It All to Fate -
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim. I’m going to take you to your house, arriving there in a decent amount of time is already a miracle. Of course I say inshallah!”
ritual  religion  egypt  islam  aesthetics  identity  christianity  language 
june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Pastor is the only black member of white, affluent church --
"He wears being an African-American man as sort of a mantle, in the sense that it frames the conversation and the understanding of what our country is, but it doesn't dictate the only perspective."
religion  spirituality  california  christianity  black 
may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Monitor looking at changes in effort to remain vital - The Boston Globe
"The notion of the Monitor becoming a weekly paper has been floated for years. If that occurred, one obvious question would be whether the same newsroom staffing levels would be required."
journalism  online  media  newspapers  boston  religion  christianity  business 
may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Foreign Policy: Mass Conversions
“Restrictions on religious freedom tend to correlate with repression generally, and also with violence and instability."
religion  spirituality  research 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge From the Author - Howard Jacobson
"When the logic of your thinking leads you to take your life, you may win the admiration of other men, but you do not help them existentially."
thinking  writing  judaism  religion  israel  uk  novels  fiction  psychology  death 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
On being unmarried for forty years, by Lisa Gabriele -
"That's why most relationships crack under pressure, I think — they're not built to fix us. We're supposed to fix them."
relationships  marriage  love  identity  friendship  alcohol  drinking  sex  religion  essay 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Enquirer - Wright's teachings are part of African-American opposition to empire
"Black religious language is inherently evocative, hyperbolic and impassioned - aimed more toward devotion than debate. It is intended to convey divine ecstasy and anger to parishioners, not dialogue among pundits."
religion  spirituality  christianity  black  race  usa  identity  politics  power 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Cafe Talk | Talking Points Memo | Cultus, not Cult: Obama and the Rationality of Civic Religion
"Cultus by contrast, is a term used in the study of religion to denote those ritual practices in which a community comes together to establish a collective picture of the world, themselves, and their place in it."
elections  2008  campaigns  obama  religion  behavior  ritual  aesthetics  community  story 
february 2008 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Radical Love Gets a Holiday
"[H]e asked if that meant I grew up 'fondling snakes in trailers.' I replied: 'You know that book club you're in? Well, my church was a lot like that, except that we actually read the book.'"
religion  race  politics  spirituality  love  ethics 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge From the Author - Not a Memoir: Shalom Auslander
"Respect muttered, climbed out the window and said, 'You're wasting your time.' Rage opened my laptop, pressed the power button and said, 'Write.' And so I did."
memory  writing  nonfiction  fiction  books  publishing  creativity  history  judaism  religion  parenting 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Buddhist Channel | Buddhism News, Headlines | Japan | Buddhism forced to turn trendy to attract a new generation in Japan
"There was a time when people would go to their local temple for advice on all sorts of problems, not just spiritual matters. This bar is just the same, a place where people can come and talk freely about their problems."
via:jbrotherlove  buddhism  religion  spirituality  japan  asia  alcohol  beverages  psychology 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Judy Gold has '25 Questions for a Jewish Mother' - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch
“We did the gamut — reform, orthodox, conservative, black, white, gay, straight. ... The only thing they had in common is they were Jewish, they were mothers, and there was always food if we went to someone’s house."
judaism  parenting  women  religion  culture  food  comedy  humor 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Where Boys Grow Up To Be Jihadis
“Terrorism is really a collective decision, not an individual one. It’s about kinship and friendship.”
iraq  islam  journalism  news  politics  psychology  religion  social  terrorism  violence  men  identity  africa  morocco  spain  war  middleeast  immigration  europe 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Challenging Tradition, Young Jews Worship on Their Terms - New York Times
"There was this disbelief that I was actually doing this, and the other piece was very spiritual, that I was leading the community in prayer and in communication with God."
religion  judaism  feminism  spirituality  ritual  identity 
november 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Tighter Border Delays Re-entry by U.S. Citizens - New York Times
“These two communities are very interlinked, not only by trade and commerce, but by family, religion, education. When a person leaves El Paso to go to Juárez, it’s like going across the street. They don’t consider it leaving the country."
immigration  usa  mexico  travel  family  religion  education  texas 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
History of Single Life: Infidelity -
"Social capital depends on belonging to a church, which in turn depends on acting like a mensch." Got religion?
religion  sociology  social  public  yasns  behavior  relationships  marriage  love  friendship 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
In India, a Jewish Outpost Slowly Withers -
"We couldn't bring ourselves to leave. We are Indians, too. Why should we leave the only place we have known as home? Besides, I like this place. And I like the people."
judaism  religion  india  spirituality 
august 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Sadr's army proves hard to beat - Los Angeles Times
"The people say: 'I trust the terrorists. I trust that when the terrorist says he will kill my family, he will do it.' But they say: 'I don't trust the American. He has been saying I will have water and sewer for two years.' "
iraq  war  terror  terrorism  religion  islam 
august 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Sinead O'Connor Gives a Lesson in 'Theology' - - Free MP3s, Interviews, Music News, Live Performances, Songs and Videos
"I think what hooked people was more the sound of my voice rather than what the songs were saying. When I rehearse them now I'm like, 'That's a great song ... f***, I wrote this.' And that surprises me. I thought they were s*** at the time."
songwriting  music  ireland  aesthetics  religion  politics 
july 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Neil deGrasse Tyson-The Perimeter of Ignorance
"Science is a philosophy of discovery. Intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance. You cannot build a program of discovery on the assumption that nobody is smart enough to figure out the answer to a problem."
toread  science  astronomy  aesthetics  research  religion 
july 2007 by allaboutgeorge
True or False: The Major Religions Are Essentially Alike - Newsweek Society -
"Coming at the problem of religion from the angle of difference rather than similarity is scary. But the world is what it is."
religion  communication  history  culturalstudies  culture 
june 2007 by allaboutgeorge
FIRST THINGS: Stephen King's American Apocalypse
"There is nothing aesthetically glorious about King’s prose—he is no student of Nabokov, to put it mildly—but there is something defiantly plausible and distinctively American about how his characters tend to regard the world."
literature  usa  novels  aesthetics  identity  writing  fiction  religion 
june 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Chain Reactions - Our Lives as Atoms - Times Select - New York Times Blog
"[T]he fragility of social outcome, its potential sensitivity to the actions of just one person, brings home the profound importance of individual responsibility. Everyone’s actions count."
behavior  psychology  ethics  power  identity  thinking  blogging  religion  relationships  society  yasns 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
TNR Online | Getting to the End
"The question of endings in an apocalypse must be philosophical as well as merely emotional, even in a novel. Will it be heaven or hell? Will it last forever, or be over in a flash?"
novels  books  fiction  religion  philosophy  usa 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Muslims assimilate better in U.S. than Europe, poll finds - International Herald Tribune
"African-American Muslims were more than three times as likely as Muslim immigrants - the largest numbers coming from Pakistan, Iran, India and Lebanon - to express dissatisfaction with national conditions."
islam  religion  polls  usa  india  iran  lebanon  pakistan  race  identity  ethnicity  immigration 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Emphasis Shifts for New Breed of Evangelicals - New York Times
"I believe politics just isn’t as important to younger evangelicals as it has been for the older generations because we recognize from experience that politics does not shape the morality of a culture. It simply reflects what the larger culture wants."
religion  culture  christianity  politics  usa  elections  2008  obama 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Some younger U.S. Muslims say suicide bombings could be justified - Los Angeles Times
"[N]ative-born African American Muslims, who make up about 20% of the Muslim community [...] are the most disillusioned [...] tending to be more skeptical of the view that hard work pays off and less satisfied with the way things are going [...]"
islam  black  race  usa  polls  religion  losangeles 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Idaho County Quietly Puts Cross in Official Seal | Boise | New West Network
"I chose what I felt was one of the symbols that is most widely recognized as spirituality. When you see a cross you think of not just Christianity, but religion in general."
idaho  religion  christianity  politics  design 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Nicholas Eberstadt - America the Fertile -
"Whatever else may be said, if our American 'moment' passes or U.S. power in other ways declines in the coming decades, demographics is not likely to be the culprit."
sex  gender  religion  demography  usa  europe  russia  immigration  globalization  latinos  white 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: A Prince of Pulp, Legit at Last
"If the Holy Bible was printed as an Ace Double. it would be cut down to two 20,000-word halves with the Old Testament retitled as ‘Master of Chaos’ and the New Testament as ‘The Thing With Three Souls.' "
christianity  religion  books  novels  fiction  editing  marketing 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Comment is free: St George the Turkish Arab
"St George is an example of the kind of society I hope we all want - except those bigots who wear his flag but know nothing of what it means."
uk  identity  society  mideast  palestine  christianity  islam  religion 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Sarfraz Manzoor on Muslim comedy tour Allah Made Me Funny | Theatre story | Guardian Unlimited Arts
"I truly believe comedy is a powerful tool and that Muslim comedians have a phenomenal opportunity to make a difference. After all, it's hard to hate somebody who is making you laugh."
comedy  islam  religion  uk  usa  theater 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
The Soul of Morocco - New York Times
“If people can visit a medersa and listen in several languages to discussions of Sufi poetry, calligraphy and music, they will have understood something about the soul of Islam. And the soul of Fez.”
morocco  africa  travel  islam  religion  judaism  diversity  music 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
New Magazines Reflect Muslims' Diversity -
"If I have an African American woman or a Pakistani woman on there without [a] hijab, it might be any Pakistani magazine or any African American magazine. But with a woman who's covered, people know instantly."
religion  fashion  islam  magazines  media  identity  usa  marketing 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Senegal's Lent fasts evoke Islam's Ramadan | In Depth | Reuters
"Even if one's family becomes Catholic, they're linked through many community connections to many, many Muslims.'
religion  ritual  relationships  christianity  islam  africa  senegal  spirituality  food 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior - New York Times
“Sympathy is the raw material out of which a more complicated set of ethics may get fashioned. In the actual world, we are confronted with different people who might be targets of our sympathy. And the business of ethics is deciding who to help and why
religion  ethics  philosophy  science  research  fauna  animals 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Praise Dance in Pentecostal Churches - Dance - New York Times
“I’m a visual person, and sometimes the physical moves me more than words. I respond better to the sensory experience. It’s good when you read it, but when you put it into action, it moves you even more. Dancing is so natural to so many people.”
dance  christianity  religion  exercise  aesthetics  black  creativity 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Essay: The irony of Romping Monday and Fat Tuesday - International Herald Tribune
"At carnival, the revelers are holding up the powers-that-be for ridicule. But the street-dancers are also making fun of themselves, which makes the festival noble. This week's glad interruption in time is a gift from the deep past."
neworleans  lousiana  public  social  religion  christianity  spirituality  dancing  dance 
february 2007 by allaboutgeorge | Is there life after Bush?
"You use power so you can make life better; it isn't life itself. Obsessing about power or politics takes your mind away from the things that really matter."
aesthetics  2008  politics  bush  identity  power  republicans  democrats  culture  art  literature  science  religion  sports  friendship  love 
february 2007 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: Poll Finds Surge of Religion Among Chinese
"The standards of morality are declining. People don't trust each other anymore. They are looking for something to anchor their lives in."
religion  china  asian  spirituality 
february 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: In Cuba, Finding a Tiny Corner of Jewish Life
“When you are few, there is a responsibility to keep traditions. Educating the children is the only way to keep the community alive.”
judaism  cuba  latinamerica  religion  community 
february 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Whose Iran?
“Iran has not sorted out its basic problem, which is to be accepted in the international community as a respectable government. Investors do not take it seriously. This is a political crisis, not an economic crisis.”
iran  religion  politics  middleeast 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge Books | The many faces of American Muslim
"Almost 60 percent of them have college degrees, compared to 27 percent of American adults overall. The median family income among Muslims is $60,000; the national median is $50,000. Eighty percent of them are registered to vote."
islam  usa  religion  culture  demography  education  voting 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Let's Burn The Burqa :
"Some 1,500 years ago, it was decided for an individual's personal reasons that women should have purdah and since then millions of Muslim women all over the world have had to suffer it."
religion  men  women  islam  india  gender  fashion  identity 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge
January Magazine: Profile | Kim Stanley Robinson
"Everybody is addicted to stories and all of religion is just a version of stories, and so stories become more important than just entertainment, because we model so much behavior. Life imitating art is as common as can be."
fiction  ethics  shortstory  novels  writing  creativity  art  religion 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge
ChiTrib: Liberal Christian magazines are stumbling
"There's a lot hanging on what we do. What's hanging on it is whether publications of our kind have really run their course in American history."
magazines  christianity  marketing  religion  usa  politics 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge
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