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Fighting for climate action with 'The Uninhabitable Earth' author David Wallace-Wells: podcast and transcript
I was just emailing with William Gibson, a sci-fi novelist, and I was thinking Oh, I'm just editing at the last minute this little bit in the book about how climate change is gonna make science fiction writers seem even more prophetic going forward. He was like, I hate when people call us prophets. We got everything wrong. We got absolutely everything wrong. Everything but the mood, and I was like, No no no.
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Episode 026 | The Voicemail
Subscribing to in iTunes now RT The Voicemail: Episode 026 - quite possibly my angriest rant EVER
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november 2012 by allaboutgeorge
Punching Down
I like how feels in my ears and my hands; I think you will too
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Punching Down
MT : Grab yr morning coffee, sit back & listen to us yammer abt newspaper fetishes!
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Peniel Joseph (BSS #318) : The Bat Segundo Show
"They’re saying, 'I happen to be black, but I’m going to be an elected official for all people.'"
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