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Darkness in The Sunshine State • Alex Webb • Magnum Photos
I often find something a little ominous in Florida. Some kind of trouble or—at the very least, uncertainty—seems to lie just below the surface. Perhaps it’s because many come to Florida in search of youth, sex, sun, or, for immigrants, some version of the American Dream. And most are woefully disappointed.
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Aperture: You Must Live and Look
Very often you don’t have to see a photographer’s pictures. Just by watching him in the street you can see what kind of photographer he is. Discreet, on tiptoes, fast, or like a machine gun? Well, you don’t shoot partridges with a machine gun. You choose one partridge. Then another partridge. Maybe the others are gone by then.
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Center for Citizen Media: Blog » Blog Archive » The Demise of the Professional Photojournalist
"In a world of ubiquitous media tools, which is almost here, someone will be on the spot every time.And there will be business models and methods to support their work."
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december 2006 by allaboutgeorge

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