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If We Called Ourselves Yellow : Code Switch : NPR
"Are you reclaiming the slur, or reclaiming our history?" Fang asks me. "The thing I'm concerned about is — is [yellow] a truly reflective way of talking about the East Asian American experience? Is yellow more nuancing? ... Or more flattening?"
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Evan Williams | evhead: Five Reasons Domains Are Getting Less Important
While a good .com name is still worth a lot, it's not as crucial to success on the internet as it used to be. And the forces that have made it less important will continue to make it less important over time (especially the mobile-related ones). I'd still opt (and pay up) for a nice, clean .com if I could get one, but I wouldn't consider it a must have.
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An Irishman's Diary - The Irish Times - Wed, Jan 20, 2010
ONE OF the features of recent decades here has been a big revival in the use of old Irish names. Parents of new-born babies have scoured the history books for names of saints or kings or warriors: the more ancient-sounding and unusual the better. [...]
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Baby Names Quantify the Faddishness of Fads | Wired Science |
Take Tricia. Back in the 1950s, almost nobody named their baby girls Tricia. By the 1970s, the name had skyrocketed to the 144th most popular girl’s name and then just as quickly, Tricia fell back into disuse. It’s no longer in the top 1,000 names for girls. Literally hundreds of other names have followed similar trajectories.

It turns out that a name’s sad tumble into obscurity is tightly correlated with the speed of its rise. And that principle — what goes up quickly, must come down quickly — could be applicable to a broader set of memes.
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"There’s a whole world of domains out there—hundreds at the top-level and even more beyond—Domainr helps you explore them all. Some of our favorites are, and"
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october 2008 by allaboutgeorge From the Author - Kate Brennan
"[...] When it came time to actually choose a pen name, I was driven by a need to have it feel connected to me. I amazed myself with how complicated I made the process. I rearranged the letters of my first, middle and last names. The results all sounded like strippers. Next I combined my initials with those of my parents'. Those names all sounded like they belonged to 18th-century poets. Then I tried variations with my confirmation name, but since I didn't like that one even when I chose it, the results held no appeal.

"Finally, running out of time, I opted for a name that was not obviously linked to me, yet one that felt familiar. I settled on Kate Brennan, a name as clean and simple as my own.

"Now that I'm attached to it, I can only ask that no one rob me of the protection it affords."
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august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Nomen et Omen: Ms. Rose, by Any Other Name, Might Still Be a Florist
"By the time I got that deeply into it off the top of my head, I'm beginning to think there might be a causal relationship. And then a student said, and you, Dr. Lipsitt, you study sucking behavior in babies. And that had never occurred to me."
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NYT: How My Son Got His Name
"I had to admit that Isaac was a pretty bad name. I could only think of the bartender on 'Love Boat.' So I thought maybe that was not the voice of God after all. Maybe it was just my own voice."
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