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How Stacey Abrams turned heartbreak into a side hustle as a romance novelist - The Washington Post
Leadership requires the ability to engage and to create empathy for communities with disparate needs and ideas. Telling an effective story — especially in romantic suspense — demands a similar skill set. Effective storytelling takes the reader into a life that is both familiar and foreign, enough of both to make space for others to feel empowered to tell their stories.
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Employees leave managers, not companies | Alaister Low
Today I found out one of my good friends left their position at a well known technology company that many people would “kill” to work for. I asked him why he left, expecting an answer like “I needed more of a challenge”, or “I outgrew the position and there was no where for me to grow”, but instead he said “I couldn’t work with my boss”.
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february 2013 by allaboutgeorge
Three signs your newsroom isn’t ready to cross the digital divide | Knight Digital Media Center
I am startled these days to hear that some newsrooms are still doing digital as an add-on to their print operation. While I get that the print newspaper is still the cash cow (albeit one that is slimming down), newsrooms that want to have a future need to get cracking on building for a digital future. That may mean shoving aside many vestiges of print times now gone.
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november 2010 by allaboutgeorge
How social media has changed executive roles
The biggest change is the culture of sharing that has come around. And that has created a lot of pressure on an organization to share back and be more free with the information they give to people.
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may 2010 by allaboutgeorge
WordPress, Twitter, the Elks Club: 10 new routines at a news startup » Nieman Journalism Lab
“I wouldn’t trade this job for anything,” he said. “Mary and I were both reflecting the other day on the fact that if there were an opportunity to become an employee of another entity doing pretty much the same thing, there would be no way.”

“I’m not a very good cog,” Askins went on. “If we had to apply for jobs, I wouldn’t hire me. I would say, ‘That guy’s tasted what it feels like to be his own boss.’”
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september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Op-Ed Columnist - Secrets of a Pollster -
The über-lesson for presidents? You can’t be too honest in describing big problems, too bold in offering big solutions, too humble in dealing with big missteps, too forward in re-telling your story or too gutsy in speaking the previously unspeakable.
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Not Being There - New York Times
"Leadership is intellectually delegitimizing, and yet leaders require intellectual legitimacy. This is an old conundrum. It has often been beyond the powers of a single identity to solve."
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august 2007 by allaboutgeorge
The Creativity Exchange: Why (and How) I Do What I Do
"I improvise a lot in my writing, drawing out riffs of examples, or stories or even trying to bring together new connections between subjects. And improvisation is the core of my speaking. I don't use any notes at all."
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july 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Royal Finds Female Voters Resistant -
"She's getting on my nerves every time she focuses on her motherhood. Of course women can have children. So what? That's not the reason why I'll vote for her . . . but because I don't like the others."
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march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
MSNBC: The Goodbye Girl
"I'm the person who said in Life magazine back then, 'There will never be a woman head of a studio in my lifetime.' And I believed it. Today I'm convinced there will be a woman president of the United States in my lifetime."
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