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“When I found out about ‘La Bamba’ going into the registry, the first thing that went through my mind was a memory of the home girls in east L.A. I’d see them walking by looking all royal with their teased-up hair and their eye makeup, a pack of Marlboro reds and a brush in one hand, and the other hand had a finger looped through a stack of 45s. And ‘La Bamba’ was always somewhere in that stack.”
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The strange alienation of being a Latina who loves hiking - Vox
I like the dirt, I like the aches, I like the freedom. I like the moment when I first unzip my tent and see the morning. I like the way my coffee tastes when I’m hovering over my mug and sitting on a log. I like the feeling of carrying everything I need for the week on my back.
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Building Diversity: The People That Analytics Often Leaves Behind - Knowledge@Wharton
“So it’s almost like they’re saying to me, ‘Hmm, if there were more of you, we could tell you why there are so few of you.’ Now who sounds crazy, right?”
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