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Devah Pager, Who Documented Race Bias in Job Market, Dies at 46 - The New York Times
Her husband said she loved to ride bikes, sing and dance and frequently organized karaoke nights. Her signature song was the anthem popularized by Gloria Gaynor: “I Will Survive.”
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I can't believe I've never heard this one live before
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february 2016 by allaboutgeorge
I did Bowie & Queen's "Under Pressure" with & not . Different but still epic!
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Path — George Kelly
Tonight's bathetic lineup: old-school wearing number hey-19 in… (at ) [pic] —
SteelyDan  Oakland  karaoke  from twitter
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Path — George Kelly
highlights: 's renditions of 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" or Joe… (w/ at ) [pic] —
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Karaoke Life Lessons — Medium
"When you pick the wrong song for , there’s usually no chance to go back."
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Twitter / allaboutgeorge: Mano-a-mano with moonlighting ...
Mano-a-mano with moonlighting KJ Ash in top vocal form at : I lost my top end in mid-Wham "Freedom"
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George @ Ivy Room
Tomorrow I will've sung too many high notes, but tonight I'm happy (@ Ivy Room)
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Twitter / allaboutgeorge: The path of imagining ways ...
The path of imagining ways to become that six-night-a-week guy has to lead somewhere, right?
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january 2013 by allaboutgeorge
Not great but better than OK: three girls in dresses in jeans... on Twitpic
Not great but better than OK: three girls in dresses in jeans essaying Kings of Leon
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august 2011 by allaboutgeorge
On Future Performance - Opinionator Blog -
In fact, I think that it is precisely this kind of surprising freshness that technology can allow — through what can be precisely customized for each project and through the unexpected new discoveries that each project seems to require or reveal — that remains one of its continuing attractions for me.

But we can’t take such freshness for granted. Musical technology is so ever-present in our culture, and we are all so very aware of it, that techno-clichés and techno-banalities are never far away and have become ever more difficult to identify and root out. It is deceptively challenging these days to apply technology to music in ways that explode our imaginations, deepen our personal insights, shake us out of boring routine and accepted belief, and pull us ever closer to one another.
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Karaoke industry may be facing the music -
For what was supposed to have been a flash in the pan, the karaoke phenomenon has had a long run. Musician Inoue Daisuke created the karaoke machine in 1971 using a car stereo, a coin box and an amplifier; the first karaoke "box" venue opened in 1984 in a converted freight car in a Japanese rice field.

The 1990s brought a surge in popularity for karaoke, which means "empty orchestra" in Japanese, not "tone-deaf" as urban legends have it.

"In the beginning, karaoke was kind of a gimmicky thing," said Peter Parker, publisher of Karaoke Scene Magazine. "But it's worked its way into all the cracks in the culture."
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Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord -
“ ‘I did it my way’ — it’s so arrogant,” Mr. Albarracin said. “The lyrics evoke feelings of pride and arrogance in the singer, as if you’re somebody when you’re really nobody. It covers up your failures. That’s why it leads to fights.”
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foursquare :: The Churchward Pub :: Alameda, CA
Losing my voice to 'Sweet Child O' Mine' (@ The Churchward Pub)
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december 2009 by allaboutgeorge
foursquare :: The Vibe Lounge :: Oakland, CA
Hoping to get a look at the songbook in a few (@ The Vibe Lounge in Oakland)
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august 2009 by allaboutgeorge
36 Hours in Toronto -
Sidewalks are spotless, trolleys run like clockwork, and the locals are polite almost to a fault. That’s not to say that Torontonians are dull. Far from it. With a population that is now half foreign-born — fueled by growing numbers of East Indians, Chinese and Sri Lankans — the lakeside city offers a kaleidoscope of world cultures. Sing karaoke in a Vietnamese bar, sip espresso in Little Italy and catch a new Bollywood release, all in one night.
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