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Foursquare Learns Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German and French -
“Why can’t you save art exhibits that you see on Tumblr to Foursquare,” he said. “The next time you’re in Boston, your phone can buzz and say, oh hey, here are five things you said you wanted to do.”

“Devices are getting smarter,” he said. “They’re changing the way we experience the world and our physical space.”
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february 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback; The Sorrows of Empire, Dead at 79 |
In one of my fondest memories of Chalmers and Sheila Johnson at their home with their then Russian blue cats, MITI and MOF, named after the two engines of Japan's political economy -- Chal railed against the journal, Foreign Affairs, which he saw as a clap trap of statist conventionalism. He decided he had had enough of the journal and of the organization that published it, the Council on Foreign Relations. So, Chalmers called the CFR and told the young lady on the phone to cancel his membership.

The lady said, "Professor Johnson, I'm sorry sir. No one cancels their membership in the Council in Foreign Relations. Membership is for life. People are canceled when they die."

Chalmers Johnson, not missing a beat, said "Consider me dead."
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november 2010 by allaboutgeorge
io9: China Miéville explains theology, magic, and why JJ Abrams hates you
I don't have any fantastic insight, but I think it's simply that cities to varying degrees are amazing palimpsests of history and cultures. They're coagulated together, a mixing of social norms. I like the temporal dislocation of cities, where you get 17th century buildings next to 21st buildings in London. The world is divided between people who like fractured mixed up stuff, and those who like clean aesthetic totality. I'm more the former.

The majority of humanity now live in cities. They are the site of most political and financial drivers - that's just a fact of economy. They are the site of this kind of chaotic aggregation of ideas that's going to translate into a sensation of the fantastic. That's why fantastic city fiction is so strong – it's about translating enchantment into a modern urban environment.
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august 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Mapping out alternative universes for Texas
What if we had made Cuba a state in 1902? A major Cold War near-catastrophe could have been averted, but would the United States have had to put down a socialist uprising in the late 1950s anyway?

What if water-rich northernmost California had split off to become Shasta in 1957 and got rich selling water to what was left of California? Humboldt County suddenly has a lot more money and power.

What if Brigham Young had gotten his wish for a state called Deseret, which would have encompassed modern-day Utah, nearly all of Nevada, most of Arizona, a hunk of New Mexico and the part of California that includes San Diego? Hard to see polygamy dying without a serious fight in a state that large.
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june 2010 by allaboutgeorge
America, the fragile empire -
One day, a seemingly random piece of bad news -- perhaps a negative report by a rating agency -- will make the headlines during an otherwise quiet news cycle. Suddenly, it will be not just a few policy wonks who worry about the sustainability of U.S. fiscal policy but the public at large, not to mention investors abroad. It is this shift that is crucial: A complex adaptive system is in big trouble when its component parts lose faith in its viability.
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march 2010 by allaboutgeorge
The Road Movie With Director John Hillcoat - Q&A With The Road Director John Hillcoat - Popular Mechanics
I was nervous about those trees. But I was told how to deal with it: The worst thing to do is run if a tree is falling because you'll lose your bearings. Trees go deceptively so far out that you could cross its line way off in the distance and it'll get you. The experts said if anything happens, the thing to do is just to watch it carefully. You've got seconds. Just watch it, and see where it's going, and then you can sidestep it. I thought I'd pass on that information.
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december 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Prototype - Location, Location - It Still Pays to Be Near -
“People here don’t talk sports at parties; they talk technology: what they are doing, what they are thinking about,” he said. “With all the new technologies and platforms being built in Silicon Valley, it’s like land opening up earlier in American history. If you’re here, you can learn first where the good land is.”
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june 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Experimental geography as art |
"There's all this spreading and melting going on – people thinking about political space, physical space, and social space. Something as simple as being on the Web helps test the boundaries we used to take for granted, and … question these longstanding notions of how the world is divided up."
geography  mapping  identity  social  web  online  art  creativity 
may 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Q&A: Foursquare co-creator on privacy, Easter eggs | Webware - CNET
"What cities are seeing the most activity?" "Crowley: The top seven in order are San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland (Ore.), and Chicago. (I'm) frustrated that New York is always in 2nd place; Dodgeball was the same way."
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april 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Talking Points Memo | Upcountry
"[...] You can look at states like Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states and see the different numbers and they are all explained by one basic fact. [...]"
geography  pyschology  mapping  usa  science  research  politics  obama 
september 2008 by allaboutgeorge
As Oil Giants Lose Influence, Supply Drops -
“There is still a lot of oil to develop out there, which is why we don’t call this geological peak oil, especially in places like Venezuela, Russia, Iran and Iraq. What we have now is geopolitical peak oil.”
oil  energy  venezuela  russia  iran  iraq  politics  power  business  war  geography  environment 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Maps on crack « Id Eco Super Eco
"[...] I developed an early appreciation for getting a visual bead on where we started out, where we were heading, and where we’d find ourselves along the way from point A to point B."
mapping  geography  attention  travel  data  information 
july 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Spanning Time: Enduring and beautiful bridges trace city's rich history
"Looking past the embrace of kudzu and crumbling concrete, however, the pride of a growing city on its way up can still be read in the enduring grace of the bridges of Winston-Salem."
northcarolina  transportation  photography  mapping  geography  newspapers  story 
june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Cellphones show we're creatures of habit - International Herald Tribune
"[P]eople hold on to their phones, and so the movement of individuals is more closely tracked than it can be with paper currency that is passed from person to person. As the researchers put it in the paper, 'Dollar bills diffuse, but humans do not.'"
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june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Smithsonian Magazine | Travel | You got a problem with that?
"When New Yorkers see a stranger, they don't think, 'I don't know you.' They think, 'I know you. I know your problems—they're the same as mine—and furthermore we have the same handbag.' So that's how they treat you."
culture  essay  newyork  nyc  psychology  reading  sociology  travel  geography  urban  cities  social  public 
may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
City residents map it out -- --
"I hope it illuminates the depth and dimension of the neighborhoods and people that one can see in maps. The map is not the territory."
geography  mapping  art  baltimore  maryland  power  cities  urban 
may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Where do all the neurotics live? - The Boston Globe
"Our evolving psychogeography means that our nation, its people, and its regions continue to sort themselves not just by education and skill, but by personality as well."
geography  psychology  usa  cities  urban  identity  aesthetics  travel  creative  education 
may 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Interactive Map on Dangerous Intersections | Knight Digital Media Center Weblog
"The Bay Area Newspaper Group has an interactive map on dangerous intersections for which users are generating the content, and there's quite a lot of it."
geography  newspapers  medianews  media  urban  cities 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Burma: Sandwiched between giants
"The consequences of that seem to suggest a shift in perspective more from the Indian side than from China's, which has never claimed to be a champion of human rights. [...]"
india  china  geography  asia  power  politics  burma 
february 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Mind Hacks: Mapping emotions onto the city streets
"He uses a technique he invented called biomapping where participants walk the area connected to a system that measures galvanic skin response - a measure of the electrical resistance of the skin which is known to give a rating of arousal and stress."
geography  psychology  society  sanfrancisco  california  social  public 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Walrus >> Mark Kingwell on Toronto Culture >> Toronto: Justice Denied
"Toronto is, instead, a linked series of towns loosely held together by the gravitational force of its downtown core and the pinned-in-place effect of the surveillance rod we call the CN Tower."
toronto  space  research  justice  geography  identity  cities  urban  canada  public  social 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Adventures in Dreamland - New York Times
"[I]ts ubiquity on screen creates a strange sense of familiarity [...] juxtaposed in ways forbidden by traffic and geography, and and framed and filtered by more evocative lenses than the ones on my glasses."
losangeles  california  travel  aesthetics  identity  geography  cities  leisure  traffic  television  film  cinema 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
New Yorker: Rap Map
“It’s no longer just about getting tough or being soft on crime. It’s ‘What are we going to do about Bed-Stuy?’ ”
nyc  demography  geography  newyork  activism  aesthetics  crime  law  poverty  police  social  community 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge

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