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The Reality of Being a Black Journalist Covering Local D.C. News
“Some black people move through life without being conscious of their own racial makeup and how the world sees them, but I can’t do that.”
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10 days ago by allaboutgeorge
If We Called Ourselves Yellow : Code Switch : NPR
"Are you reclaiming the slur, or reclaiming our history?" Fang asks me. "The thing I'm concerned about is — is [yellow] a truly reflective way of talking about the East Asian American experience? Is yellow more nuancing? ... Or more flattening?"
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9 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Is Streetwear the New Americana? - Fashionista
"There is a lot of interesting variations because this country is not monocultural or monotonic," says Clark. "That's what has been fascinating about this country in the last 100 years. It has been truly multicultural, multiethnic and multiracial and that is also embedded in different takes in Americana."
fashion  usa  sports  style  culture  ethnicity  race  power 
july 2017 by allaboutgeorge
I Am Not a Fish Dating a Bird | G’Ra Asim
Ascribing some kind of nobility to the choice not to date a black woman if you’re a black person or not to date an Asian man if you’re an Asian person is more likely to play into existing stigmas than ameliorate them.
race  dating  relationships  marriage  power  love  ethnicity  black  religion  asianamerican 
june 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Sepia Mutiny’s Closure Is a Reminder: Blogging While Brown Ain’t Easy - COLORLINES
For Mukhopadhyay, the shift in blogging culture signals a lack of infrastructure for people who want to talk about important issues in ways that don’t generate income. She suggests a progressive startup plan that’s funded by big non-profits and advocacy groups whose campaigns are often supported by bloggers and that can generate income. “The larger activist community needs to come together to figure out how to support our voices, since they matter.”
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april 2012 by allaboutgeorge
Looking for a 'Hangover' cure
Here's how it might work: Get together a group of smart, influential tastemakers -- journalists, critics, student leaders, bloggers. Have them select five indie Asian American creators -- writers, filmmakers, musicians -- from an open call that includes anyone with a brand-new, brashly different and commercially viable product.

Send these creators on a collective national barnstorming tour of the college campuses with the biggest Asian American student representation -- reading, performing, speaking, and showing their work and their potential. The costs of the tour would be covered by student organization funds and corporate sponsors.

Here's the kicker: Although attendance at these events would be free, every attendee would have to purchase one of the five products these artists are promoting on the spot, while enrolling in an online community that gives the artists long-term engagement with their consumers.
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june 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Queer Oakland: Julia Serano uses activism, art to save the day | Oakland Local
"What is oppression? Oppression is about double standards. My hope is that we’ll eventually reach a point where all of these double standards don’t exist."
race  gender  power  gay  ethnicity  queer  activism  interviews  oakland  art 
october 2010 by allaboutgeorge
'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Confessions Of A Gay Soldier. | The New Republic
[...] I cannot help but think that many soldiers (though clearly not all) would simply shrug it off and welcome the gay soldier with a joke. Why? Because for every unit in which I have served, there has been a “Shrek,” the large soldier who needs to drop a few pounds. I have also encountered a “Speedy Gonzalez,” a Latino soldier who was crazy fast, and a “Helmet,” a cadet with an exceptionally large noggin. Each did his job competently nonetheless. The unit embraced him, but noted the way in which he was different. This teasing may seem mean-spirited, but it’s not; it’s a means of communicating, a way for fellow soldiers to remind one another “I know everything about you, yet I have your back.” [...]
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september 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Illustrations for I-Hotel Book | lelandwong on Xanga
It's semi-fiction about the decade from 1967 to 1977 and the Asian American community. The book consists of ten novellas which has one of my illustrations at the beginning of each.

I used a technique that I never formally used before and that was with a Chinese brush and Chinese ink. Then going back in there with a wash to get the middle tones. I did some photoshopping on the images afterwards.
books  asian  asianamerican  sanfrancisco  novel  fiction  drawing  creativity  art  ethnicity  california 
may 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Ogilvy Hosts 'Blacks In Tech Panel' At SXSW
Ogilvy & Mather North America will host and moderate a panel and discuss the impact a multicultural and multi-ethnic society has had on technology and the digital space on March 12th at the acclaimed South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSW). [Networking will follow ...] Featured panelists include musician and new media pioneer Ryan Leslie (, Kety Esquivel (, CEO for Latinos in Social Media; James Andrews (, founder of digital strategic consulting firm Everywhere; and Nichelle Stephens (, blogger and social media expert. This year's panel follows last year's successful Blacks in Tech launch at SXSW that attracted over 100 participants and provided a forum to engage the black technology community in the festival itself. With this event, the group is expanding its reach to include the Asian and Hispanic communities to provide a multicultural exchange. [...]"
sxsw  sxsw2010  sxswinteractive  black  race  ethnicity  technology  austin  texas 
march 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Huffington Post: Bryan Monroe: Why New Media Looks A Whole Lot Like Old Media
[...] For the underlying DNA of journalism --accuracy, inclusion, clarity, storytelling, fairness and truth -- to live on it must now find a new host. To succeed, we must make sure diverse voices -- all voices -- are represented in digital and on the Web.

So far, though, online journalism ventures haven't figured out that to not just survive, but thrive, they must reflect a changing nation. [...]
diversity  journalism  media  newspapers  online  story  race  ethnicity  usa 
december 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Science Daily: White Men Attach Greater Stigma To Mental Health Care
"The findings suggest that non-Latino white males, compared to all women and men of other ethnicities, were most likely to mistrust the mental health care system and were also likely to perceive mental illness as a stigma and therefore avoid formal mental health care."
health  white  race  education  money  men  ethnicity  psychology 
september 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Ta-Nehisi Coates (August 12, 2008) - Billy Dee Williams says "Step away from the Cotillion, ma'am"
"I try to render the world through an African-American male lens--its the only one I have. But I also try to remember that the world is bigger than that."
race  identity  quotes  ethnicity  writing  aesthetics 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Data shows nearly even racial mix in Silicon Valley - San Jose Mercury News
"A mix like the Bay Area's is rare. Alameda County could argue that its racial mix is even more balanced than Santa Clara's, because it has a more significant black population, although Santa Clara has larger Asian and Hispanic populations."
race  ethnicity  alamedacounty  santaclara  california  data  information  bayarea 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Okay, He Wore Polyester. But He Still Speaks to Us. -
"'The ethnic American feels unappreciated for the contribution he makes to society. In many ways he is treated like the machine he operates or the pencil he pushes.'"
ethnicity  dance  1970s  music  race  nyc 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Ross Douthat (October 10, 2007) - Reihan: Defending Wes Anderson
"Once we give up on the idea that white people are the center of the universe, which we should, it makes sense to have a Tyler Perry of the white man. That's Wes Anderson."
film  cinema  ethnicity  race  identity  india  white 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Tony Gleaton aims lens at black Mexicans - Los Angeles Times
"A lot of what we believe now is based on the myth of the past. And there are a lot of interesting things that most people don't know."
race  mexico  photography  art  travel  interviews  ethnicity  beauty  aesthetics  latino  black  immigration 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Writers Like Me - Books - Review - New York Times
“People who came half a generation before us [...] were beholden to a lot of their parents’ expectations, namely, that if you go to a prestigious school, you’re going to become a doctor or a lawyer, you’re not going to 'waste your time' writing."
writing  fiction  nonfiction  black  books  novels  art  identity  marketing  creativity  ethnicity 
june 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Muslims assimilate better in U.S. than Europe, poll finds - International Herald Tribune
"African-American Muslims were more than three times as likely as Muslim immigrants - the largest numbers coming from Pakistan, Iran, India and Lebanon - to express dissatisfaction with national conditions."
islam  religion  polls  usa  india  iran  lebanon  pakistan  race  identity  ethnicity  immigration 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Black Family Channel: Big Loss - Tom Umstead - Blog on Multichannel News
"Nearly one-quarter of all cable revenue comes from African-American homes, according to BET, and yet less than 1% of the industry’s video channels target that audience."
black  ethnicity  race  television  corporations  marketing  media  identity 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge The Competitive Advantage to Being Black
"I would encourage us not to worry about why you're hired, because the only reason you'll be allowed to stay is if you're doing a good job. So, whatever gets you a leg in the door is worth it."
magazines  marketing  black  jobs  work  career  counseling  ethnicity 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
The politics of cuckolding -
"[W]hat gets on my nerves is when the ad says, 'We want a gold-toothed, baggy-pants type,' or, 'We want you to look like Allen Iverson or Usher.' [...] The typical bull on Craigslist is not going to look like Usher, so get over your stereotype [...]"
sex  identity  power  gender  race  ethnicity  relationships 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Harjo: Why the Imus story still matters : ICT [2007/04/27]
"[T]he Pew Research Center reported that 62 percent of white Americans think it's been covered too much. [...] 44 percent of African-American respondents said the amount of coverage was right and 18 percent said there was too little coverage."
race  media  ethnicity  sports  college  newjersey  hiphop  indian  black 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Poynter Online - Who Does He Look Like?
"I could imagine 'Asian man' being used as short hand, intentionally or unintentionally. For outsider. Intruder. Alien. Alienated. Scheming. Inscrutable. Serious. Calm. Watch out for them. You can't trust them. That is the danger of racial identifiers."
race  writing  journalism  ethics  ethnicity 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
When ethnicity brings an unwelcome focus - Los Angeles Times
"They know there's a rush to judgment about foreigners. This sent a warning signal to them: 'We'd better get out in front of this fast.' Is that fair? No. But the reality is there's a long history of stereotyping Asians in this country."
ethnicity  race  crime  immigration  media 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
ASNE Study: Percentage of Minority Journalists Down Slightly
"The percentage of minority journalists working in U.S .newsrooms decreased slightly to 13.62% this year from 13.87% a year ago. [...] The survey also found nearly 2,000 full-time [...] working only on their newspapers' Web sites, with 16% minorities."
journalism  race  ethnic  ethnicity  media  newspapers  usa  jobs  work 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: The Endless Journey Home
"The theme I’m most interested in is, can a foreigner be a native? I’m interested in the seesaw of it, because I’m not sure that in the deepest way that’s possible. Ultimately you have to understand where you came from. Otherwise you’re lost.”
india  cinema  identity  immigration  ethnicity 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Hooking up on :: Life ::
“One of the elements of globalization is a dissemination of information across borders. But more importantly is the movement of people across borders: it’s not a one-directional phenomenon anymore.”
globalization  public  social  internet  ethnicity  ethnic  asian  canada  usa  china  relationships  teenagers 
january 2007 by allaboutgeorge
LA Weekly: Shades of Brown
"Everyone here interfaces daily with Latinos, speaks some form of Spanish, and knows Mexican culture and cuisine. In effect, everyone in L.A. is Latino. Does your morning paper feel like it’s at all cognizant of this?"
race  ethnicity  black  white  latino  losangeles  california  newspapers  journalism  media  spanish  identity  immigration  mexico 
december 2006 by allaboutgeorge
UC Berkeley: Lawrence Levine, esteemed history scholar, dies at age 73
"[T]he genius of America has been its ability to renew its essential spirit by admitting a constant infusion of different people who demand that the ideals and principles embodied in the Constitution be put into practice."
education  usa  berkeley  california  ethnicity  immigration  history  nonfiction 
october 2006 by allaboutgeorge
Little India: Desi Hip Hop
"Hip-hop has roots, but it is also a form of expression significant across race, color and class lines to people who identify with it."
hiphop  india  asian  identity  music  songwriting  ethnicity  creativity 
october 2006 by allaboutgeorge
LAT: Gov.'s Candid Moments Caught on Audiotape
"I mean, they are all very hot. They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it."
race  ethnicity  california  politics  aesthetics  identity  republicans 
september 2006 by allaboutgeorge
LAT: A Post-9/11 Identity Shift
"I have a few deferred dreams of my own, like learning to fly, or buying a rifle to go deer hunting with friends. But I can't do either of those things without worrying about being reported to authorities. Non-Muslims can do those things. We can't."
identity  islam  usa  california  aesthetics  september11  public  social  religion  losangeles  palestine  ethnicity  immigration 
september 2006 by allaboutgeorge
Discussions about race difficult but constructive |
"The more you want to be silent on an issue, the more we demand that it be told. Why then do we get away with silence on race? The answer is that we are human and we conspire in our humanity to be silent."
journalism  public  social  race  ethnicity  white  newspapers  media 
august 2006 by allaboutgeorge
LADN: English bypassed in L.A.: Koreans learning Spanish
"In California, Spanish is more important than English. I haven't found any inconvenience because I don't speak English. ... If you can speak Spanish, you can drive, employers can have clients, you can order in restaurants, you can do anything."
spanish  asian  losangeles  language  english  california  work  jobs  ethnicity  immigration  latino 
september 2005 by allaboutgeorge
LAT: Data Reveal Hard Truths for Islanders
"We are invisible unless we have the data that demonstrates the needs of this community. It takes the invisibility from us and identifies us as a group within America … with as much rights as anybody else."
identity  demography  california  asian  losangeles  ethnicity 
september 2005 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: What's in A Name? Ask This Traveler
"The world is a place of nuance, flux, hardship and complexity: We all live together in it. The real safety will come from learning how to live together better, not from trying to push others out."
academia  travel  writing  911  transportation  ethnicity  race  palestine  civilliberties  identity 
august 2005 by allaboutgeorge
Harvard Gazette: Race drives persistence of fear
"We looked at several factors that involve intergroup contacts. Only intergroup dating significantly reduced fear and bias. It can soften a lifetime of negative social learning."
race  ethnicity  love  relationships 
august 2005 by allaboutgeorge To hell and back
"[O]nly the Halfbreeds can walk among us. These are humans with red glowing eyes and good grooming who hang out at nightclubs. Metrosexuals, in other words." You don't say.
cinema  gender  ethnicity  sex 
february 2005 by allaboutgeorge 'Constantine': To Hell With It, By Kurt Loder
"[A] colorful associate named Midnite (Djimon Hounsou), an inscrutable crime boss and voodoo adept whose purgatorial nightclub, the Tarot, is a neutral cocktail spot for off-duty half-angels and demi-demons alike." Magic negro apotheosis?
cinema  race  black  ethnicity  california  losangeles  religion 
february 2005 by allaboutgeorge
SFGate: Straight to hell with you, naughty half-demons!
"He specializes in sending half-demons back to hell, but now he's noticing that full demons -- you know, the ones with tenure -- are crossing the line between hell and earth, in violation of a long-standing truce between God and Lucifer."
cinema  race  latino  ethnicity  california  losangeles 
february 2005 by allaboutgeorge
Wired News: Constantine's Inferno: It Burns
"So when the demons begin raiding Los Angeles, Constantine becomes a one-man border patrol, tracking them down and sending them south." True. The movie was Lou Dobbsing all over the place.
cinema  race  latino  ethnicity  california  losangeles 
february 2005 by allaboutgeorge
American Journal of Psychiatry: Ethnic Differences in Patterns of Suicide Across the Life Cycle -- Garlow et al. 162 (2): 319
"Median age at completed suicide for African Americans nationally was 34 years (IQR=24–45) compared to 44 years (IQR=32–58) for Caucasians."
suicide  health  ethnicity  black  white  race 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: 60 Ways of Looking at a Black Woman
"I'm interested in reactivating something that was static. I find that so much more interesting than critique."
art  race  ethnicity  aesthetics  black  women 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Top Foe of Affirmative Action Leaves California Regents
Mr. Connerly said that his own ancestry is black, Irish, French and Choctaw but that the "one-drop rule" boils his identity down to black. "I think with the fullness of time, that too will move forward," he said, "with or without me."
race  ethnicity  california  academia  politics 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
Nirali Magazine: Not-so Missing In Action
"Nobody wants to be dancing to political songs ... Every bit of music out there that's making it into the mainstream is really about nothing. I wanted to see if I could write songs about something important and make it sound like nothing."
music  songwriting  politics  aesthetics  ethnicity  asian 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
Pitchfork: We Are The World on Ultra-Red's "Llegaron los Jornaleros"
"We can't take you down on the corner, you guys look like La Migra"
music  ethnicity  latino 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Where Are Icelanders From? The Answer Is in the Genes
"The fact of the matter is that you have to understand the population structure in detail to design association studies in a rational manner."
genealogy  ethnicity  science  family 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
CSM: US Latinas seek answers in Islam
"They're not gonna say, 'Hey mami, how are you?' Usually they say, 'Hello, sister.' And they don't look at you like a sex object."
islam  latino  religion  race  ethnicity 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
SFGate: Whiteface, puppets make Caucasians the 'other' / Three productions reverse the usual racial stereotypes
"I took the visual ideas from the ukiyo-e illustrations that were around at the time the 'black ships' came to Japan. They depict distorted features and figures of Americans, basically showing how the Japanese perceived Americans at the time."
aesthetics  asian  ethnicity  identity  japan  race  theater  white 
december 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Jonathon Delacour: Anglo-Celtic enclave
"Thinking about the conversation later, I was struck by a paradox: what the cab driver valued most highly about Rockhampton—the homogeneity of its population—was also the source of his resentment towards immigrants."
australia  ethnicity 
december 2004 by allaboutgeorge
LAT: Stark Contrasts Found Among Asian Americans
"Asian Americans are seen as a model minority who are not suffering from barriers to education or progress. But if you look closely, you see a community that covers the whole spectrum, from wealthy to very poor."
asian  china  ethnicity  identity  india  usa 
december 2004 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Indian, Twice Removed
"We call it the Indian Connection. I glance over at them and they glance over at me, and we exchange a smile."
asian  ethnicity  identity  india  nyc 
december 2004 by allaboutgeorge
CBS News: Barack Obama: Search For Identity
"I think that all of us in modern America are trying to figure our identities because we've got these colliding cultures all of the time, and very few of us stay in one place. Our entire lives, we're moving around."
ethnicity  identity  nyc  race  usa 
november 2004 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: All That Korean Rage, Unbottled
Sandra Oh on Margaret Cho: "Koreans didn't support her because of their own [expletive] bias, what's the word, something -ist, not racist but just that [expletive] where they only want Asian stars who look like [expletive] Asian kewpie dolls."
aesthetics  cinema  ethnicity  race 
october 2004 by allaboutgeorge
BBC News: How brown is white Britain?
"There's a fine line to be walked here and I think that any integration of a culture means knowing how to respect it."
asian  ethnicity  identity  india  race  uk 
october 2004 by allaboutgeorge
DW: Germany's Other Skinheads
"I have my own politics, so to speak. That consists of simply living with others in peace."
aesthetics  ethnicity  germany  identity  music  racism 
october 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Boston Review: M.K. Chakrabarti's "Marketplace Multiculturalism"
"It is surprising then, that the novel fails to mention a single word about the Brick Lane bombing. This omission speaks volumes not only about Ali’s book, but also about the industry that has published and promoted it."
asian  ethnicity  novels  race  reviews  uk 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge Sukhdev Sandhu's "Come hungry, leave edgy"
"Brick Lane used to be the home of the dead. For centuries it was part of a Roman burial ground, an unclean extremity lying beyond the walls of the City of London."
asian  ethnicity  novels  race  reviews  uk 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Africana Reviews: Armond White on Alfre Woodard in "The Forgotten"
"It is the meanest jolt in a popcorn movie since Samuel L. Jackson got eaten — mid-monologue — in Deep Blue Sea. Woodard’s mistreatment hurts more."
aesthetics  cinema  ethnicity  race 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
MoorishGirl: Mistaken Identities
[...] "A pair of brown eyes, dark curly hair, and you could be from anywhere."
ethnicity  identity  race  travel 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
TricycleBlog: Buddha Bar: Offensive or Innocuous?
"While race or national origin may not be fully predictive of what sort of reaction a Buddhist will have, they do color the debate in noticable ways."
buddhism  ethnicity  marketing  racism  religion 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Laura Bohannon's "Shakespeare In the Bush"
"You Americans often have difficulty with Shakespeare. He was, after all, a very English poet, and one can easily misinterpret the universal by misunderstanding the particular."
ethnicity  shakespeare  writing 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
James Baldwin's "Stranger in the Village"
"It did not occur to me -- possibly because I am an American -- that there could be people anywhere who had never seen a Negro."
black  ethnicity  europe  race  white  writing 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
The Forward: Some Enchanted Singing
"Whether we like it or not, the story of Jews in American music, like that of Jews in America, is mainly a complicated and twisting dance of assimilation, not a celebration of ethnic uniqueness."
ethnicity  identity  jewish  music  songwriting 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Sepia Mutiny: Kal Penn defends 'Harold and Kumar'
"I think that I speak for the South Asian Sisters when I say that Kal Penn's response simply isn't good enough. So instead of swallowing his disingenuous explanation, I propose that we strike back."
asian  cinema  ethnicity  gender  men  women 
september 2004 by allaboutgeorge
Nerve: The Ronin of Raunch by Noy Thrupkaew
"We need music, literature, dance, food, politics, comix, architecture, pottery, technology, fashion, industrial design, fabrics, and bedding. And did I mention liberating multi-orgasmic Asian American sex?"
aesthetics  asian  ethnicity  marketing  pron  sex 
august 2004 by allaboutgeorge
I Speak of Dreams: Agita
There was a back-and-forth on the copydesk one night about the word's origin; we might have found it in a dictionary, but I can't remember now
ethnicity  language 
august 2004 by allaboutgeorge

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