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Spirited Media is selling off its local sites and pivoting to consulting » Nieman Journalism Lab
“Local news scared certain investors outside of the strategic space. They said, ‘we love local journalism, but it just scares the hell out of us,'” Brady said.
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RT : industry leader overturns car while ducking from shootout
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UPDATE: We're Different Than Tribune, MediaNews Says After Moody's Downgrade
"All newspaper companies are facing credit downgrades and MediaNews Group is no exception," the parent company of The Denver Post and 53 other dailies said in a statement. "MediaNews has always been an industry leader in tightly managing its businesses and liquidity in good times and bad. MediaNews Group is in compliance with all debt covenants, as has always been the case, and expects to do whatever is needed to stay in compliance during these difficult times.""
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The AP and newspapers : John Temple : Rocky Mountain News
"[...] The New York Times provides all its content for free on the Web before any reader can see it in the Rocky Mountain News. And they can see the whole thing, not just our edited version. Clearly that makes sense for the Times and the readers. But it doesn't make sense to continue spending our money on it. The AP faces legitimate questions about its future role, just as local news organizations do.

That's not because editors are angry. It's because the world is changing. [...]"
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Ex-Post copy editor wills CU $778,000 - The Denver Post
"[...] Hemingway was well-known among Post employees for his pastel polyester suits, but on his last day of work before he retired in 1991, he wore a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, according to accounts. After retirement, he traveled the world, and for 15 years he was ... a volunteer exhibit guide at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. [...]"
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The Media Equation - A Campaign Not Filtered by the Press -
"Credentialed guests at the gratis media party jointly hosted by The Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post whooped it up on rides, gorged on junk food and lined up at game booths where they got as many chances as it took to win. It’s probably the last time in the coming week that the odds will be in their favor."
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Current and Local and Breaking News for Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area : Rocky Mountain News
"Forget about all those stories about the industry's still-fat profit margins. It's not happening in Denver. Unfortunately, MediaNews' move to end disclosure means we won't know how bad it might get."
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"What is democracy? You tell us. Create a film up to five (5) minutes in length on what democracy is, or isn't, and submit it (for free) to Get your friends, family and that guy at the coffee shop to watch and vote."
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Denver - News - Slim, Fast -
"I'm starting to worry about the future of the paper itself -- and I would certainly hate to advise a young person coming into the game today to stay in newspapers. These are very spooky times. [...]"
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april 2007 by allaboutgeorge Recovery more likely in church than politics
"[W]hite evangelicals are hooked into the Republican Party the way labor unions were hooked into the Democratic Party, especially in the industrial belt in the 1930s. I don't really see that changing."
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november 2006 by allaboutgeorge | 04/28/2006 | Reputation precedes new Times steward
"From my perspective, they receive raves in this community as to the management and quality of the paper. They brought in new management, a new editor, and made some changes from that standpoint."
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