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Hipsters: A field guide : C.W. Nevius Blog
The good news is I was right. It was a bad idea to use the word.

The bad news is that I got a call from our editing desk saying that the Chronicle had an official policy not to use the term "twenty-something'' because it had become a cliche. The editor, who was sympathetic to my concerns, kicked some ideas around with me, but we couldn't really come up with a good alternative. (I know, "twenty-ish'' would have been fine, but somehow we missed that.)

So we went with hipster.

Some people didn't notice. But wow, those who did, really noticed.
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july 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Michael Koretzky: Working at the National Enquirer Is Just Like Working at Any Other Newspaper -- But Weirder
The system is simple: Attack celebrity stories with all the vigor of The Washington Post uncovering Watergate.

And it is good reporting. The Enquirer follows the paper trail -- I bet it requests more public documents on a monthly basis than most "respectable" newspapers in this country.

You don't have to like the National Enquirer. But if you're a journalist, you should appreciate the way it does things. Because it's very similar to the way you do things.
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july 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Little Paper, Big News « Digital First
From harnessing the Crowd to better plug into local content that works to exploring the Cloud to publish on all mediums in an open-source environment, JRC is pushing hard to make our transformation both complete and successful.
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june 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Inside the world of the AP Stylebook: PRSA
Ever wonder who decides what is Associated Press style and what isn’t? How new words enter the AP Stylebook and why others are amended? To learn more about how this well-revered style and usage guide came to be the industry standard for newspapers and also many broadcasters, magazines and PR practitioners, PR Tactics spoke with two representatives from The Associated Press Stylebook.
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february 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Chicago Reader Blogs: News Bites
Like the Tribune, newspapers everywhere have gone bonkers by trying to think themselves so outside of the box that they lose touch with readers. At first, the idea was to not make the web site just a place to recycle what was in the printed product. Then newspapers started to make the printed product be a place to recycle the online stuff. Then they went a step further by trying to base their printed coverage, play and content in general on the popularity of online stories. What they fail to understand is that they do have traditional newspaper readers, and they need to make the two separate: Give the loyal readers what they want and then get all out of the box with online. I don't think they'll ever get it.
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march 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Chips Quinn Scholars | Resources | What I Learned
The Poynter seminar taught me that copy editing can no longer focus on words alone. Acts of journalism exist in a hundred mediums, from newspapers to videos to blogs to podcasts to tweets, and everything in between. No one can work proficiently in all of them, but each of us can benefit from learning another one or two.
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march 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Sex and the semicolon - The Boston Globe
"Sexist language aside, though, the semicolon debate is a model of the way we should approach most disagreements about usage issues: as matters of taste, not law. The interesting questions, after all, aren't about using its and it's; they're the ones that have, yes, nuance and complexity."
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august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Native Intelligence: India: Editing broadsheets abroad
"However, as Mindworks has made copy editing part of its mission, I thought I might help clean up its Careers page. Consider it a bit of reverse outsourcing."
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june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Typo personalities --
"They fight a losing battle, an unyielding tide of misplaced apostrophes and poor spelling. But still, they fight. Why, you ask. Because, they say. Because, they must."
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june 2008 by allaboutgeorge Singleton's MediaNews Plans to Triple Web Revenue
"We have to find ways to grow revenue or become more efficient by eliminating fixed costs. Why does every newspaper need copy editors? In this day and age, I think copy-editing can be done centrally for several newspapers."
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october 2007 by allaboutgeorge Pause celebre
”'You’re kidding,' said Ann Keatings, an applied linguist, as she absorbed the news I had brought from the US, where I have lived for the past 12 years: Americans see the semicolon as punctuation’s axis of evil."
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september 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Appreciations: The Point of Miss Gould's Pencil
"I learned from her neatly inscribed comments that even though I was writing correctly - no syntactical flat tires, no grammatical fender-benders - I was often not really listening to what I was saying."
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february 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Eleanor Gould Packard Dies at 87; Oversaw the New Yorker's Prose
"Always the arbiter, she added, with amusement, 'I'll have to stage a faked death and come back to correct my obit.'"
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february 2005 by allaboutgeorge

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