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In Antarctica, climate change is having surprising impacts
“When I take stock of the current situation, the Antarctic Peninsula I knew as a child has already largely gone,” he says. “I do wonder a lot what it will become.”
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The 5 Best Places to Live in 2100 – Future Human – Medium
Many Great Lake cities fit a similar mold: Duluth, Chicago, Cleveland. “Anywhere in the Great Lakes should be OK,” says Keenan.
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Magazine Preview - The Civil Heretic - Freeman Dyson - Profile -
“I don’t think of myself predicting things,” he says. “I’m expressing possibilities. Things that could happen. To a large extent it’s a question of how badly people want them to. The purpose of thinking about the future is not to predict it but to raise people’s hopes.”
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H'woodRep: Gaghan finds real-life peril on 'Syriana' set
"The air is filled with pink dust (from ongoing industrialization), and in that combination, the light refracts a certain way. What you see in the film is basically unretouched negative. The light actually looks like that."
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