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This is the Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki.
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march 2013 by aldolat
Access to Ext 2/3/4, HFS and ReiserFS from Windows
Freeware Linux Reader for Windows  Get access to any files from Windows!
windows  filesystem  ext 
march 2013 by aldolat
Parted Magic - Clearing the administrator password in windows xp
Parted Magic can be used to clear (or change) a user's password. The tool used to do this is chntpw. This also works in Windows Vista and 7 to my knowledge, although the SAM file may be located in a different place.
partedmagic  windows  password 
november 2011 by aldolat
::. Kitz - Vista MTU .::
Come cambiare l'MTU su WIndows Vista
networking  windows  vista  wifi  mtu 
february 2009 by aldolat
Evolution for Windows
For years, PC World and others have called Evolution the Outlook killer of the Linux world. We are now very proud to be able to provide this great piece of software to the Windows users of the world.
software  windows  opensource  mail  pim  evolution 
september 2008 by aldolat

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