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Firefox Send
Condivisione di file riservata e crittata. Invia file in modo sicuro, riservato e crittato, con un link che scade automaticamente per garantire che i tuoi dati non rimangano online per sempre.
filesharing  security  tools  sharing  Firefox 
may 2018 by aldolat
Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App
Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work.
notes  tools  notetaking  encryption  productivity 
may 2018 by aldolat
9 Tools to Monitor Linux Disk Partitions and Usage in Linux
In this article, we will review a number of Linux command line utilities that you can use to check disk partitions in Linux.
partitions  tools 
december 2016 by aldolat
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
VirusTotal è un servizio gratuito che analizza files sospetti e URLs e permette la rapida identificazione di virus, worm, trojan, e tutti i tipi di malware.
antivirus  scan  online  malware  tools  security  virus 
september 2014 by aldolat
A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
github  editor  tools  programming 
march 2014 by aldolat
The Creative Process of Professional Designers
Have you ever wondered how other designers do their jobs? How do they come up with incredible ideas? What tools do they use to get their tasks done? How do they manage their time?
tools  design  creative  letture 
september 2012 by aldolat
Powerful New CSS Techniques and Tools - Smashing Magazine
The hard work of front-end designers never ceases to amaze us. Over the last months, we’ve seen Web designers creating and presenting a plethora of truly remarkable CSS techniques and tools. We have collected, analyzed, curated and feature latest useful resources for your convenience, so you can use them right away or save them for future reference.
css  css3  tools 
april 2011 by aldolat
ManageTwitter - Fast & Easy Unfollowing
Clean up and manage who you follow. Find out who isn't following you back. Find out which inactive accounts you follow. Easily search inside your Twitter stream.
twitter  tools  management 
march 2010 by aldolat
View a Web Page as 'Googlebot'
Check out your Web pages as seen by Googlebot and any other search engine crawler. This free SEO tool will show you what a Web robot gets when it requests a page from your Web server. Use it to check what your CMS's browser optimization delivers to crawlers.
google  tools  security  googlebot  bots  seo 
june 2009 by aldolat
Check My Colours - Analyse the color contrast of your web pages
Controllare i colori del proprio sito ai fini di accessibilità e usabilità
webdesign  color  tools  usability  accessibility  css 
june 2009 by aldolat

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