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How Much Swap Should You Use in Linux?
How much should be the swap size? Should the swap be double of the RAM size or should it be half of the RAM size? Do I need swap at all if my system has got several GBs of RAM?
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january 2018 by aldolat
FOG is a Linux-based, free and open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP, Vista and 7 that ties together a few open-source tools with a php-based web interface. FOG doesn't use any boot disks, or CDs; everything is done via TFTP and PXE. Also with fog many drivers are built into the kernel, so you don't really need to worry about drivers (unless there isn't a linux kernel driver for it). FOG also supports putting an image that came from a computer with a 80GB partition onto a machine with a 40GB hard drive as long as the data is less than 40GB. Fog also includes a graphical Windows service that is used to change the hostname of the PC, restart the computer if a task is created for it, and auto import hosts into the FOG database. The service also installs printers, and does simple snap-ins.
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july 2011 by aldolat
File Unici e Duplicati. Hash a confronto | Gianni Amato
Lo scenario è il seguente: una serie di file di una determinata tipologia sono stati estratti da un device e posizionati su una directory di lavoro. Lo scopo, come da titolo, è quello di individuare nel minor tempo possibile e con il minimo sforzo i file unici e la presenza di eventuali duplicati confrontando gli hash dei file.
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may 2011 by aldolat
Rdfind – redundant data find
Rdfind is a program that finds duplicate files. It is useful for compressing backup directories or just finding duplicate files. It compares files based on their content, NOT on their file names.
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may 2011 by aldolat
Un sito più sicuro con... IPSafer!
Questo sito è stato sviluppato per rispondere ai continui attacchi dei crackers verso siti professionali e amatoriali.
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february 2010 by aldolat
How To Set Caching DNS Server
Come impostare un servizio di cache DNS
sysadmin  linux  cache  DNS 
september 2008 by aldolat

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