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Spamnesty is a way to waste spammers' time. If you get a spam email, simply forward it to, and Spamnesty will strip your email address, pretend it's a real person and reply to the email. Just remember to strip out any personal information from the body of the email, as it will be used so the reply looks more legitimate.

That way, the spammer will start talking to a bot, and hopefully waste some time there instead of spending it on a real victim. Meanwhile, Spamnesty will send you an email with a link to the conversation, so you can watch it unfold live!
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january 2018 by aldolat
Reduce spam on your WordPress blog by using .htaccess
Sick of spammers? Of course, Akismet helps a lot, but your .htaccess file can also help: Today’s recipe is a snippet that prevent spam bots to directly access your wp-comments-post.php file, which is used to post comments on your blog.
wordpress  security  spam  htaccess  htaccess 
august 2011 by aldolat
Segnala come spam i messaggi ricevuti da un indirizzo Gmail - Guida di Gmail
Utilizza questo modulo per segnalare un utente Gmail che ha inviato messaggi che violano il Regolamento del programma e/o i Termini e condizioni d'uso di Gmail.
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june 2010 by aldolat
How to: Deny comment posting to no referrer requests
If you’re a WordPress user, then you’re probably upset with the amount of daily spam comments. Sure, there’s akismet, but here’s a little .htaccess trick to prevent spammers posting on your blog.
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july 2009 by aldolat

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