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Firefox Send
Condivisione di file riservata e crittata. Invia file in modo sicuro, riservato e crittato, con un link che scade automaticamente per garantire che i tuoi dati non rimangano online per sempre.
filesharing  security  tools  sharing  Firefox 
may 2018 by aldolat
15 GB storage for free.
storage  cloud  sharing  sync 
march 2014 by aldolat
By simply dragging and dropping videos, photos, music, links and files, Cloudup lets you instantly and securely share anything, without waiting for uploads or downloads, and at no cost.
storage  sharing  cloud  streaming  social 
march 2014 by aldolat
Create your own local Dropbox with AeroFS | Ars Technica
If you're looking for something that will let you use your own server for storage and looks and acts pretty much like Dropbox, AeroFS might be for you.
cloud  storage  sync  sharing  backup  letture 
october 2012 by aldolat
Why I dislike • Yoast is a sharing service that allows you to basically make a copy of a page and add some notes or even some changes to the page. The idea is nice, as a webmaster though, I hate it. Let me explain why.
sharing  analytics  google  seo  letture 
april 2012 by aldolat
SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy
SparkleShare is a collaboration and sharing tool that is designed to keep things simple and to stay out of your way.
storage  sharing  sync  cloud 
october 2011 by aldolat
Free File Sharing -
Get 10 GB of Free Space, Unlimited Downloads & Transfer, Share Large Files up to 2 GB each
hosting  sharing  filesharing  cloud  storage  cloud 
october 2011 by aldolat
Galet is a peer-to-peer application, which primarily aims to provide easy to setup secure communication channels between the computers of people who know and trust each other. Its secondary goal is to create a public network based on these channels. No direct connection occur between two nodes that has not been explicitly accepted by the users of theses nodes. This makes the network very difficult to censor, as an attacker's direct access to the network is limited. As Galet features tunneling, it can also be used as a very easy to set-up VPN. Galet is written in C++/Qt, and has been tested under Linux and Windows.
f2f  p2p  vpn  privacy  sharing  security 
december 2010 by aldolat
Welcome - SoundCloud
SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.
music  sound  sharing 
october 2010 by aldolat
Wuala - Storage online sicuro – Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque
Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque. Tutti i dati crittografati nel tuo computer.
backup  sync  storage  sharing  cloud 
july 2010 by aldolat
Issuu - You Publish
Pubblicazione di documenti online.
publishing  sharing  social 
april 2010 by aldolat
OpenBitTorrent - An open tracker project
OpenBitTorrent is a bittorrent tracker free for anyone to use. You don't need to register, upload or index a torrent anywhere, all you have to do is to include the OpenBitTorrent tracker URL in your torrent.
torrent  p2p  opensource  filesharing  sharing  bittorrent 
july 2009 by aldolat
Permette l'utilizzo di 10 Gb di spazio sul web per l'archiviazione dei propri file.
storage  sharing  space 
september 2008 by aldolat
Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Archiviazione file online con sincronizzazione directory (Linux, Mac e Windows)
backup  sync  storage  sharing  remote 
september 2008 by aldolat
Oosah - Homepage
Fornisce gratis 1 TB di spazio
storage  backup  sharing 
september 2008 by aldolat

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