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Ultimate list of WordPress resources |
In this article, I have compiled the most useful resources for WordPress developers I came across in the past 3 years.
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march 2013 by aldolat
Free Simple Clean WordPress Themes - 35 Fantastic Examples
We present to you thirty-five such simple themes. They’re all free (at least at the time of this writing), so download away.
themes  wordpress  Resources 
august 2012 by aldolat
WordPress Retina Images -
Based on the information above, you might feel like shying away from providing Retina-quality images at all. However, there’s a great WordPress plugin that has all the features you need, WP Retina 2x
plugin  retina  wordpress  Resources  letture 
july 2012 by aldolat
exljbris Font Foundry
Well crafted (free) fonts by Jos Buivenga.
resources  fonts 
july 2012 by aldolat
Make the P2 theme even more useful with plugins built for it | WPCandy
I’ve put together a small (but hopefully growing!) list of plugins made specifically for P2, as well as a few non-P2-specific plugins that I find particularly useful when used along with the theme.
p2_theme  plugin  wordpress  Resources 
june 2012 by aldolat
WordPress Themes Free & Premium Grid Based | Dessign
Free WordPress Themes with minimal and modern style. Design for illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. The focus should be on your Work not the theme.
themes  wordpress  Resources 
may 2012 by aldolat
Super useful WordPress action hooks and filters |
Action hooks and filters are very useful in WordPress. They allow you to “hook” a custom function to an existing function, which allows you to modify WordPress functionality without editing core files. Today, here are 10 super usefull action hooks and filters to supercharge your WordPress install!
tips  resources  wordpress  letture 
april 2012 by aldolat
Switched WP Super Cache to Quick Cache
We have switched over from WP-SuperCache to QuickCache as the primary WordPress caching plugin for our site.
cache  plugin  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
5 WordPress Plugins I Won't Build a Blog Without | BloggingPro
Though the full list could probably go on for quite some time, here is a list of five of the more important plugins I’ve run across and how they’ve helped to make me a better blogger over the years and are plugins I probably wouldn’t build a new site without.
plugin  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
Custom Classes: WordPress Plugin
For a recent project, I needed a way to add custom post and body classes on a per-post basis. Sure, I could have used a category or tag to style each post, but I hate creating custom categories and tags for the purposes of styling a post. So, I created a small plugin to let me add custom classes for individual posts.
body_class  post_class  plugin  CSS  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
Handling Plugins Options in WordPress 2.8 with register_setting() « planetOzh
In the upcoming WordPress 2.8 there's an interesting function set meant to help authors manage their plugin custom options. In a nutshell: whitelist your options, define how you want them to be validated, and just lean back and rely on the API to handle everything for you. Your new best friend is function register_setting(), and I'm going to recapitulate how it's supposed to be used.
options  plugin  wordpress  Resources 
february 2012 by aldolat
WordPress CMS Plugins | Digging into WordPress
To make room for new content for the DiW 3.3 update, we’re “excerpting” this section into its own blog post. Here you’ll find an extensive round-up of CMS plugins for WordPress. Includes CMS plugins for better admin functionality, user-role management, custom content display, e-commerce & shopping carts, forums, newsletters, and more.
plugin  cms  wordpress  Resources 
january 2012 by aldolat
WPCandy's Completely Unofficial Guide to Plugin UI | WPCandy
I’m writing this guide to outline a (completely unofficial) set of best practices for implementing settings pages that is consistent and current with the native WordPress administration user interface. I’ve based these guidelines on my observations and experiences with using plugins in WordPress.
wordpress  plugin  ui  Resources  letture 
january 2012 by aldolat
The Most Valuable WordPress Tool You’ll Use This Year Has...
For those of you who haven’t guessed what it is yet, or have been hiding under a rock for the past year or so, I am talking about ManageWP.
management  wordpress  Resources  letture 
january 2012 by aldolat
New High-Quality Free Fonts (2012 Edition) - Smashing Magazine
In this selection, we’re pleased to present Homestead, Bree Serif, Levanderia, Valencia, Nomed Font, Carton and other quality fonts. Please note that while most fonts are available for commercial projects, some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such in their descriptions. Also, please read the licensing agreements carefully before using the fonts; they may change from time to time.
typography  fonts  Resources 
january 2012 by aldolat
WordPress constants overview - WP Engineer
In the backend of WordPress you don't have an input field for each possible modification. Some are only available via an action or a filter and for some changes you need to define or change a PHP constant.
In this article I have listed all constants which WordPress has by nature (except the deprecated ones).
constants  wordpress  Resources 
december 2011 by aldolat
Come lavorare a distanza con WordPress: un’idea per piccoli team – WordPressMania.
Il risultato? Una specie di “Twitter privato” che permette a ogni componente del team di inviare brevi messaggi, allegare immagini, slides e altri documenti, mantenendo le informazioni ordinate e disponibili nel tempo.
p2_theme  wordpress  team  Resources 
september 2011 by aldolat
Ubuntu Font Family
The Ubuntu typeface has been specially created to complement the Ubuntu tone of voice. It has a contemporary style and contains characteristics unique to the Ubuntu brand that convey a precise, reliable and free attitude.
typography  fonts  ubuntu  Resources 
september 2011 by aldolat
Useful Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel Templates
I believe one prominent feature that most Microsoft Word & Excel users really missed out, is the ability to use template. Template, such as budget planner, provides you a complete platform to key in the budget rather than building everything from scratch, thus allowing you to invest more time on planning kick-ass budget plan.
microsoft  resources  templates 
july 2011 by aldolat
Free WordPress Themes: 2011 Edition - Smashing Magazine
We spend a lot of time researching, collaborating on and writing these round-ups. In fact, it is a Smashing Magazine tradition to publish the top 100 WordPress themes from the previous 12 months (this is our fifth edition).
wordpress  themes  Resources 
july 2011 by aldolat
Academica: Free WordPress 3.0 Theme For Educational Websites - Smashing Magazine
In this post we release a yet another freebie: Academica WordPress Theme, a free WordPress theme designed specifically for educational websites such as universities, schools etc. It’s a flexible and versatile free theme that can be easily customized and branded for any university, academy or non-profit organization. The theme is designed by ProudThemes and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is free to use in private and commerical projects.
wordpress  themes  education  university  Resources 
july 2011 by aldolat
CodePoet is a directory of WordPress consultants, web designers, and developers brought to you by Automattic, the company behind
wordpress  freelance  jobs  consultants  Resources 
may 2011 by aldolat
Powering Your Design With WordPress | ThemeShaper
Can you use WordPress to power your web design work? Of course you can. But how? That was the subject of a talk I gave at the 2011 Future of Web Design conference this May in London. If you missed FOWD you missed a great time and some awesome presentations but you didn’t miss everything. I’m going to share some of the ideas I brought up in my talk right here. Including a free custom theme for you to use in your own projects.
wordpress  themes  Resources 
may 2011 by aldolat | Real-time comments built for the social web
Get real-time comments built for the social web and bring the conversation to your content
wordpress  comments  social  Resources 
may 2011 by aldolat
Stockfresh / Royalty Free Stock Photos, Graphics and Vector Illustrations
Looking for high quality stock photos and graphics? You're at the right place! We have an ever growing collection of amazing stock images for all your design and publishing needs, at affordable prices. Thousands of new files added every week!
photo  resources 
may 2011 by aldolat
Professional WordPress Plugin Development
Professional WordPress Plugin Development is the ultimate WordPress development learning tool, taking budding PHP developers, advanced users, and professional programmers through the steps of creating quality plugins.
wordpress  plugin  development  book  wishlist  high  Resources 
april 2011 by aldolat
WordPress theme function files
By following this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create beautifully-coded, logically-sound function files for your themes. You’ll also learn how to overcome a major “issue” present with the way WordPress loads parent/child theme functions files.
wordpress  functions  tutorials  Resources 
december 2010 by aldolat
Twenty Ten Weaver | Wordpress Weaver
Welcome to the home page of WPWeaver's Twenty Ten Weaver (and equivalent 2010 Weaver) WordPress theme. As implied by the name, Twenty Ten Weaver is a child theme of the new WordPress 3.0 default Twenty Ten theme. Important Note: Twenty Ten Weaver and 2010 Weaver are functionally identical. 2010 Weaver is the main version found at themes. For the user, there is no practical difference between the two themes. Twenty Ten Weaver allows you to tweak almost everything. You can change colors, fonts, sidebar columns, header size, and more. This theme also includes several new theme looks for an easy start. Just for example, this site is running on WordPress 3 and uses the "WP Weaver" sub-theme as its own theme.
wordpress  themes  webdesign  Resources 
december 2010 by aldolat
Free Wordpress 3.0 Theme for Portfolios and Magazines: JournalCrunch - Smashing Magazine
In this post we release a yet another freebie: JournalCrunch WordPress 3.0+ theme, a theme for magazines or portfolios with an integrated journal. The theme was designed by Site51 and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.
wordpress  themes  free  smashing-magazine  Resources 
december 2010 by aldolat
Sight: Free WordPress 3.0.1-Ready Theme For Magazines and Blogs - Smashing Magazine
In this post we release a yet another WordPress theme: Sight is a powerful WordPress 3.0.1-ready theme which will work best for magazines and blogs. The theme was designed in modern minimalistic style and has two views: the standard blog view and a grid view. A big image slider on the top gives you extra ability to show the most important content. The theme was designed by WP Shower exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.
wordpress  themes  smashing-magazine  Resources 
november 2010 by aldolat
10 Innovative WordPress Themes That Show Off WordPress’ Flexibility - WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress plugins, themes, news and help –
There are some themes that are more than just themes. They demonstrate how, with a talented and imaginative developer, WordPress can be so much more than a blogging platform, and so much more than an out-of-the-box CMS.
wordpress  themes  special  Resources 
november 2010 by aldolat
Desktop and @font-face fonts | Fontspring
OpenType for your desktop and webfonts for your sites.
typography  fonts  @font-face  webdesign  Resources 
october 2010 by aldolat
DevPress | WordPress Themes & Plugins
We are designers and developers with a common interest, tic-tac-toe playing with WordPress. Working together to build smarter themes and plugns, DevPress is the result of our collaborative effort.
wordpress  development  themes  plugin  Resources 
september 2010 by aldolat
100 Free High Quality WordPress Themes: 2010 Edition - Smashing Magazine
Today, we present a fresh collection of useful WordPress themes. Please notice that some themes are a bit older, but they are included because we haven’t featured them last time. This round-up picks up where we left off last year: most themes below were released between June 2009 and August 2010. We’ve also split this collection into the following categories: gallery and portfolio themes, themes for bloggers, e-Commerce WordPress themes, clean themes, magazine-style themes, minimal themes, mobile themes; pre-launch themes; and finally “Themes That Take WordPress Beyond.”
wordpress  themes  templates  free  Resources 
august 2010 by aldolat
Fonts for Scholars: the Cardo Font
Cardo is a large Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists. Since it may be used to prepare materials for publication, it also contains features that are required for high-quality typography, such as ligatures, text figures (also known as old style numerals), true small capitals and a variety of punctuation and space characters. It may also be used to document and discuss the features of Unicode that are applicable to the these disciplines, as we work to help colleagues understand the value (and limitations) of Unicode.
fonts  typography  cardo  openfont  Resources 
june 2010 by aldolat
Your First WordPress Plugin: Simple Optimization | Nettuts+
WordPress is the largest blogging platform available on the internet today; and with the official release of version three just around the corner, it’s only going to get bigger. As such, over the next few self-contained tuts, we’re going to learn the ins and outs of WordPress plugin development, starting with the creation of our first simple plugin, “Simple Optimization.”
wordpress  plugin  plugin_howto  Resources 
june 2010 by aldolat
Google Font Directory
The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers.
google  fonts  css  @font-face  Resources 
may 2010 by aldolat
Best practices for WordPress coding
Coding a WordPress theme or plugin can seem to be an easy task at first, but if you want to produce work that is more professional, you have to worry about things such as internationalization and security. In this article, I'm going to show you the best practices I have learned in 3 years of developing with WordPress.
wordpress  code  Resources 
april 2010 by aldolat
SP Courseware « WordPress Plugins
ScholarPress Courseware enables you to manage a class with a WordPress blog. The plugin give you the ability to ad and edit a schedule, create a bibliography bibliography and assignments, and manage general course information. Designed primarily for use in higher ed courses, but could easily be adapted for other uses.
wordpress  plugin  school  education  Resources 
april 2010 by aldolat
Book | Digging into WordPress
Digging into WordPress is now updated for WordPress 3.1. This is the book’s 8th major update, with new material for WordPress 3.1 and extensive revisions throughout. Without a doubt, Digging into WordPress is more focused and current than ever before.
wordpress  books  wishlist  Resources 
december 2009 by aldolat
85 Free High Quality Silhouette Sets | Graphics
Modern designers use silhouette to create dramatic effect in many art works because silhouette emphasizes the outline and view of an object. The mystery of silhouette objects create a space for viewers’ imagination. Apple’s iPod advertisement is a successful example of using silhouette.
design  resources  silhouette  shapes 
august 2009 by aldolat
Creative Photoshop Brushes
Ottimi set di pennelli gratuiti per Gimp e Photoshop
gimp  photoshop  brushes  resources  textures 
april 2009 by aldolat
Emma Alvarez Site: 50 Free Photoshop Pattern Sets
Photoshop patterns are often used both in graphics design as well as in digital art. They allow you to repeat patterns and fill the areas that you like quickly and easy. In this list, you can find patterns of fire, Christmas, floral, Saint Valentine, stone... and many more.
photoshop  resources  patterns  textures 
september 2008 by aldolat
Emma Alvarez Site: 50 Free Photoshop Gradient Sets
Light and shadow effects improve your graphics and make them look more realist. Gradients have this function too. Using gradients in some areas can turn a simple graphic into a 3D one, and they also break the monotony. In this list you will find many gradient sets of high quality. They are 50 sets, and they are free, but remember to read the license terms before using them.
photoshop  resources  gradients 
september 2008 by aldolat
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